FIFA medical legacy leaves an imprint

first_imgFIFA has provided ($US250,000) worth K793, 650.77 of financial support to the Papua New Guinea 2016 Local Organizing Committee for the provision of medical services and additional medical equipment throughout the tournament.In practical terms, that has meant an increased level of preparation, equipment for the touchline medical teams, as well as the medical points for the VIP’s and in the player’s medical rooms throughout the tournament.The financial support has also catered for the ambulance services, hospital services, and the renovation of the Emergency Department of the Port Moresby General Hospital during the tournament.However, there were equipment available during the tournament; this will now be distributed to the regional football associations and public hospitals, some of which are reachable only by air or boat.These life-saving equipment will have a resounding effect on communities across the nation as the tournament leaves a lasting impression in Papua New Guinea.last_img read more

Nazi innovations: five great advances that changed the world forever

first_imgSome intervals attain so deep that they find yourself altering historical pastThey have been accountable for atrocities and assaults on human rights Picture: Gettyimages Rocket System ImprovementWernher Von Braun, considered one of the brightest scientists of the 20th century, collaborated with each Germans (his nation of origin) and with United States (at the finish of the struggle) in the improvement of the fuel-powered rocket. What was initially an important industrial improvement for Nazi pursuits on the battlefield, ended up changing into the germ of the complete subsequent American area program. Von Braun’s biggest contribution underneath the umbrella of NASA was the improvement of Saturn V, which might lastly take man to the Moon in 1969.Picture: GettyimagesMotion in opposition to tobaccoRegardless of the sound of a current motion, very current at the finish of the 20th century and the starting of the 21st century, the campaign in opposition to smoke and people who smoke was taken very severely in Nazi Germany. Throughout the 30s and 40s, smoke was banned in hospitals, eating places or public transportation, along with proscribing promoting to a big extent. For the Nazis, tobacco was a waste of cash and a few German organizations already associated the hurt of tobacco to well being, for instance in pregnant ladies.Animal conservationAt present we see as one thing frequent and established the conservation of native species, the regulation of searching seasons or the variety of specimens that could be sacrificed. On this novel apply the Nazis have been pioneers once they received energy in 1933, introducing it via the so-called Nationwide Searching Regulation, which might later be prolonged to different states. Volkswagen, the city automotiveAs many will know, Volkswagen actually means “the folks’s automotive.” All a part of the introduction of the Beetle (in whose design Hitler’s personal recommendation was taken into consideration), a hit in Germany in the 1930s for its design, price and reliability. Its worth, similar to that of a small bike, made it very accessible for the overwhelming majority of Germans.center_img Some intervals of struggle attain such a depth that they find yourself altering the historical past of mankind forever. One in all the ones that has had the biggest affect on our lives is World Struggle II, a worldwide struggle interval that drove, for higher and worse, some unbelievable advances by the belligerent powers in the battle.The Nazi regime was accountable for numerous atrocities and assaults on human rights that will forever be marked black in historical past. Nevertheless, considered one of the most horrible regimes in the historical past of mankind, was additionally capable of promote not solely essential industrial advances targeted on navy use, but in addition a number of achievements and improvements that resulted in a direct enchancment of well-being, each for German society of the time as for the later western society of the twentieth century.These are just a few examples of great Nazi advances that reworked society:Nationwide Freeway CommunityAutobahn, the freeway system devised by the Nazi regime to attach all of Germany was a revolution for the time. Additionally a option to modernize the nation and provides work to a whole lot of 1000’s of staff in full financial restoration. The fashionable idea of the nationwide freeway communication system was subsequently emulated by powers similar to the United Kingdom or the United States.last_img read more

The Espanyol of the derby was already the Alavés de Abelardo

first_imgThe other offensive bulwark of Alavés 2018-19 with Abelardo was speed: it was the LaLiga team that spent less time in the attacks that ended in goal, only 7.3 seconds. Y that is how the final 2-2 arrived in minute 87, work of Wu Lei, in a clearing of the Chinese after an exquisite in-depth pass by Matías Vargas. The technician entered both the final section, precisely looking for that effect.With the right pieces, both the stopped ball and the rapid transitions will be the mark of the house of the new Espanyol. It’s not obviously casual the 4-4-2 that Abelardo likes so much, that he exploits the arrivals by the bands, centers, attention to rejections and second moves as a great resource to make the attack the best defense. Definitely, the speed above possession. And the effectiveness. In it the Espanyol faltered until now. It will try to be right in the lineups and, of course, in this winter market already underway. Will face this Wednesday Abelardo Fernández his ninth session in front of Espanyol. Taking into account that the first two were recognition, Saturday to stretch hours before debut and Sunday, recovery, so far the coach has only had four workouts, counting this Tuesday afternoon, to implement your idea in the template. However, and in record time, in the derby the work and the seal were already seen of the new parakeet coach.Abelardo’s hallmarks were seen incredibly embodied in the two goals of Espanyol against Barcelona. Specifically, the ones that last season could take root in the Alavés, on that occasion with a whole pre-season involved and having already addressed the Basques for much of the previous year. The Alavés of the previous course was the First team that scored so many strategy (excluding penalties, that is, following a foul or a corner), 17, matched with Barcelona and Levante. Y that’s how the 1-0 arrived by David López, head-on after a lateral foul thrown to the millimeter by Marc Roca. It took 22 minutes to show a feature that Pablo Machín also had, but that dissipated very soon.last_img read more

Rivaldinho: “Carrying my father’s name is a burden”

first_imgMany years have passed since you were a star in Spain with the announcement of Cola Cao …It’s true … (laughs) Many, many years. It was a lot of fun to make that announcement and I’m very fond of him. I remember that when I went out with my father, people asked to take pictures with him, of course, but also with me. Mainly the children. I think I was a child minicelebrity in those times …What was it like growing up in Barcelona with a superstar like his father?It was wonderful. I am privileged to have a father who was number one, one of the best in history. And it is also a great padrazo. Growing up in Spain has given me a different view of the world, I have a head and a European mentality. I met different cultures and it was something that helped define my personality, the man I am today.As a child, he came to play in the Barça quarry …Yes. He was the youngest boy in the club, he was about seven years old and trained with the children of nine. Messi, Iniesta, Cesc Fàbregas, Víctor Valdés were older than me but we were training in the same field. Of course, nobody imagined that they would end up becoming what they are, but it is a story that I like to remember, that I have trained with them.Do you remember Messi of those times? Was it already a small show?I do not remember. He was too young. But I do remember people talking about him. That there was this Argentine boy who was a phenomenon.Have you always wanted to be a footballer?When you have a father who is famous, you see people asking for autographs and photos, you want to be like him. So I always wanted to be like my father. Be a footballer I have grown up in large club locker rooms, interacting with great players. It all seemed incredible. He wanted to feel the same sensation as they did when they scored a goal and the stadium shouted his name. And my father always supported me.I guess the thrill of playing next to him will have been indescribable …And it’s not like we’ve only played together. We scored both in the same game and won (for Mogi Mirim against Macaé in the second Brazilian division of 2015). It was the greatest emotion of my career, to be able to play next to my idol. How is it for the career of a football player who is looking for his own space to be his father’s son and bear the weight of his name?More than a help is a burden. It has the positive side, when I do something good, it affects the media because I am Rivaldo’s son. But in the end they always end up comparing you to your father. There is doubt that if you are by plug, by name. But I think I am demonstrating by my merits the quality that I have as a footballer. Something that I am getting by my own effort.An effort that took him to Romania where he is the idol of the Viitorul Constanta, of Hagi, a legend like your father …Hagi here is like Pele. But as a coach he is a close person, a true teacher who teaches you something new every day. Much of my evolution this season is due to Hagi. He bet on my potential. It gave me the opportunity I was looking for and the result is seen in the field.What is the biggest lesson Hagi has taught you?He is a very serious and dedicated guy. It is no accident that he won everything in Romania. His great teaching is the winning mentality. He always says that victory or defeat lasts one day. It’s what my father tells me. That what you did yesterday is no longer worth anything today. Worth what you will do tomorrow. What you evolve and learn after each training, triumph or failure is what remains. So I try to improve something every day.After two years of development in Romania, its name begins to sound for the five major leagues. But we are seeing younger and younger boys, such as Vinicius, Rodrygo and Reinier, making this transition to Europe. How do you see it?It is not ideal because you lose part of the training period. You do not arrive in Europe 100% prepared and when you are in a club like Real Madrid the pressure is tremendous. You have to contribute immediately and that is very difficult when your training is not complete. But Rodrygo is very good and I love Vinicius. The ideal is what Neymar did, endure in Brazil, evolve and come with more filming. But football has changed and I understand that, currently, it is almost impossible.last_img read more

Valladolid signs Sekou for lack of official status

first_imgSheikh’s intention was give it out in this same winter market and take out an important economic revenue for him, which would allow to extend the salary limit of Almeria. LaLiga has not allowed this operation and Valladolid has appeared as an important candidate To get your services. Said and done, the agreement is total and the officiality is a matter of time.El Rayo, main candidateWhile it is a fact that Sekou is going to sign his contract as a new Valladolid footballer, will not contribute to the attempt to save the pucelano team. It will be transferred and there are already several clubs that are interested in it. One of them is the Vallecano Ray, club in which he already played in 2015 as a subsidiary player. Sekou already knows what it is to wear the fringe, although he did not debut with the first team. One more reason for the Lightning to be interested in their services. Paco Jémez continues combing the market in search of a striker and the battering ram of the Almería totally fits in what you are looking for. Further, the relations between Valladolid and Rayo are fantastic, which greatly facilitates the operation. Sekou Gassama will be a Real Valladolid player in the next few hours. The Almeria striker, who has just signed next June, will arrive in Pucela transferred, but will not remain under Sergio’s orders. AS already announced last week that there was interest and can confirm that the operation is practically closed. The intention is give it up until the end of the season, so you can earn minutes and arrive in summer as a more shot soccer player. At 24, Sekou was named last September as the best LaLiga SmartBank footballer, but its performance has been declining as the weeks went by. He started as the undisputed holder, with Pedro Emanuel in charge, and He scored five goals in the first six days. Since then, only a bit as revulsive from the bench endorses him.last_img read more

Okay Yokuslu plays it all since the visit of his agent

first_imgThis Sunday Okay will start again against Seville and the ottoman revealed that he could change partners in the core. In yesterday’s session he formed a partner with Filip Bradaric: “It was the first time we played together and we did very well.” The one sacrificed for the Croatian’s debut would be Fran Beltrán.Improvement. “In the last two games I have been much better,” acknowledges the Turk, who before the Eibar and the Valencia It set two sensational performances. Despite the bad Celtic streak, Okay is also satisfied with the team’s performance: “In recent weeks we have played very well. We just need to score goals.”“I’m not a politician, I just want to talk about football”During his first campaign in Vigo the 25-year-old midfielder was only news for football reasons, unlike his countryman Emre Mor However, last fall two extra-sport episodes placed him in the eye of the hurricane. At the conclusion of the match played with Turkey in ParisOkay and his companions made a military salute in support of the bombings carried out by their country on Kurdish territory in northern Syria. “I am not a politician, I just want to talk about football. That is past,” he limited himself yesterday to answering the midfielder when he was reminded of that controversy. The Ottoman also had to face the question of why his photos with Celta had disappeared from his social networks during the weeks he did not enjoy minutes in LaLiga: “It was a reaction after a game, a personal reaction. I never stopped work. There were offers, although they were not official. I said no. Here I am happy. “ The pivot broke his silence yesterday and in his first press conference in Spanish he pointed out that his role change in the team was due to a talk held with Oscar Garcia: “The coach told me how I had to work.” At the beginning of December the season of Okay Yokuslu He lived a turning point. His agent visited the soccer player and the club in Vigo. Although the midfielder had not had minutes for a month and a half, his representative left the olivine city, assuring ACE that that week was going to be headline before the Leganés. Said and done. Since then the Turk has not missed a minute in The league and returns to be the leader of the center of the celestial field.last_img read more

Hazard and Asensio are unexpected signings in Madrid

first_imgThe Mallorcan is in the final stretch of his recovery. He hasn’t started working with the group yet, but since he does, it won’t be long before he’s available to Zidane. He went through the OR on August 7 and on paper a recovery like his is completed, according to the doctors, in eight or nine months. It is plausible to think that it will be available in mid-May and throughout June. Looking at the star Belgian, who underwent ankle surgery on March 5 in Dallas, should start her field work with the rest of her colleagues in early May. and be ready for competition in the middle of that month. Therefore, in both cases, that of Asensio and Hazard, would be ready for the last month of competition. Everything will depend of the decision that UEFA makes on Tuesday and of the own evolution of the pandemic. At the institutional level, the situation has also been reset. The sports management in charge of planning the squad was already working on the next season, it is obvious, but now it has been possible to make a more in-depth analysis of what the equipment may be lacking. The efforts are being focusing on how to bring more goals to the squad. This is what is most needed in the short term although it is also considered that Hazard and Asensio’s prolonged casualties have subtracted a lot of potential from the current project.Definitely, This stop by the coronavirus has been raised in all levels of the entity as a step backwards, but only to gain momentum, and the future is seen with optimism again. Beyond the possibility of recovering injured from a lot of weight in the squad, he works hard these days Zidane and his coaching staff to find a formula that gives the team more solvency. These are hard days for Bettoni and his assistants, who are busy studying videos of the last games and scrutinizing the statistics to hit the key. Inertia is no longer negative, as before the moment of stop, remains optimistic in the League and dreams of the European feat. The concern of Gregory Dupont is on how to counter the effects of quarantine. Madrid is not being able to work as a group and, to date, Manchester City is because no case has been declared in their squad. When the quarantine is over, the possibility is studied, even that the staff has to be divided into several groups and alternated in staggered work, for avoid to spread the spread of a possible contagion. DAILY AS & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Asensio, recovering.DAILY AS (DAILY AS) The closure to international football came at a time of sports crisis for Madrid, who had just lose the league lead to Barcelona and what has going uphill to the Champions League quarterfinals after losing at the Bernabéu in the first leg (1-2) against Guardiola’s City. Hazard recently operated on his damaged ankle, Asensio still finalizing his recovery after the important knee injury he had in the preseason, Marcelo Y Courtois, confirmed casualties for that round that had to be played in Manchester this Tuesday … Now, from all levels of the entity, sports and institutional, it has been possible to take a certain distance on the problems that affected the daily work and activity reset has been performed.At the sports level, Zidane is accounting for the most feasible scenario when activity resumes. As has transpired from the Spanish Federation, and in the absence of the final (telematic) meeting between all the federations that make up UEFA and that will be held next Tuesday, there is a good chance that the Euro Cup will move the following summer. In this stage, the League and the Champions could occupy part of the dates available in June and early July. This would suppose that the French coach could have two fundamental pillars for the final part of the season: Hazard and Asensio.PEPE ANDRES & nbsp; (DIARIO AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>José Ángel Sánchez and Zidane, this summer.PEPE ANDRES (DAILY AS)last_img read more

Valencia: diamond quarry

first_imgIt is said that there are two reasons for being an elite youth academy: nurturing the first team with footballers and / or being a source of income for the club. That of Valencia more than meets both premises. The cash register of the Paterna Academy was opened on June 10, 2000 by Farinós, when he went to Inter for 18 million euros, and Gaizka Mendieta overflowed it a year later after being transferred to Lazio for 48 million. Without them Valencia won two Leagues and one UEFA at the beginning of the 21st century and Paterna has never stopped being a diamond quarry.From 2000 until today, 66 footballers of the subsidiary have debuted in an official match with Valencia. Six of them are part of his current squad (Gayà, Soler, Ferran, Kang-in, Costa and Jaume, although the goalkeeper does not meet the requirements of UEFA to classify him as a youth player) and three are in his branch (Jiménez, Esquerdo and Guillamón). Obviously, there were occasional appearances (13 did it only the time of their debut) and others that ended up being for different reasons more testimonial than the club technicians expected (cases of Libero Parri, Aarón Ñiguez or Isco) or of what has become afterwards (Portu).CHEMA DIAZ & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Silva, Villa and Albiol were proclaimed champions of Europe with Spain.CHEMA DIAZ (DAILY AS) Eight of the 66 players who have debuted since 2000 arrived at the National Team, the door that Ferran calls But there are more that have had a relevant role in the recent history of the club. In addition to the current, 13 youth players who are no longer playing played at least 38 official matches (which would be worth a complete League). Thus, in order of number of matches, we find Raúl Albiol (179), David Silva (168), Pablo Hernández (158), David Navarro (146), Alcacer (124), Guaita (114), Jordi Alba (110), Bernat (74), Xisco (60), Michel (47), Cartabia (46), Lato (43) and graceful (41). Such figures have far exceeded them Gayà (223), the footballer who continued the lineage of international left-backs ‘made in Paterna’: Alba, Bernat and Pedreguer. Ferran and Kang-in they caught the witness of to usually do; how Gayà of the Albiol, Silva, Isco, Sunrise, Bernat or Alcacerheirs of Albelda, Angle, Farinos or Mendieta. The Valencia Academy is the cradle of talent (66 debutants in the 21st century) and source of income for the Mestalla club.center_img The ‘others’ of the ché schoolthe ‘others’ of the ché schoolIn soccer it is difficult to reach the elite but even more to stay in it. Examples, each with their circumstances, we find among the 66 players who since 2000 made their debut with the Valencia first team: All of them, except for the case of Borja Criado by personal decision, managed to make a living from football, although they did so in categories inferiors and his premieres with Valencia were his only contact with the professional and media front line.-Borja Criado played four games for Valencia, one in Mestalla against Barcelona. At the age of 25, after being positive for doping due to a hair growth (the sanction was reduced to a minimum) and negative experiences in Granada, he got fed up with football and became a notary.– Quique made debut at the same time in a match of Champions in Rome to three youth players: Insa (today in the Johor of Malaysia), Romero (retired in the Cullera) and David Córcoles (still plays in the Vilamarxant).-In the Neville era, the Malian Diallo and the French of Ivorian origin Zahibo debuted. Of the first, there is no news of his current location, the second emigrated to the United States. -The same day that Isco and Paco Alcácer debuted with Valencia, so did Iván Rubio, who for a few years has been a member of Conquense, the club in his city.Soccer players have also passed through Paterna in recent years who, without leaving their sports stamp (each one due to circumstances) or economic in Valencia, They have made a career in the elite: Nolito, Camarasa, Roger Martí, Rubén García, Nacho Vidal, Héctor Font, Javi Guerra, Pedro López, Sisi, Montoro or Robert Ibáñez.DEBUTANTS IN THE FIRST TEAM SINCE THE SUBSIDIARY OF VALENCIA SINCE 2000Date (Official Matches with VCF) Coach in his first match25.10.00 / Libero Parri (4) Super19.09.01 / David Navarro (146) Benítez04.10.01 / Javi Garrido (41) Benítez06.11.02 / Borja Criado (4) Benítez11.12.02 / Miguel Albiol (2) Benítez11.12.02 / David Sánchez (1) Benítez12/14/02 / Ximo Enguix (2) Benítez04/19/03 / Gavilán (25) Benítez06/21/03 / Pablo Redondo (1) Benítez06/21/03 / César Soriano (2) Benítez09/24/03 / Raúl Albiol (179) Benítez10/15/03 / Xisco Muñoz (60) Benítez14.05.04 / David Rangel (1) Benítez23.01.05 / Juanlu Hens * (5) Ranieri04.10.05 / Santacruz * (1) A. López05.15.05 / Pallardó (14) A. López05.15.05 / Manuel Ruz (4) A. López23.07.05 / Pedro López (3) Quique05/16/06 / Pablo Hdez. (158) Quique08/09/06 / David Silva (168) Quique10.25.06 / Aaron (3) Quique05.11.06 / David Cerra * (7) Quique05.12.06 / Natxo Insa (2) Quique05.12.06 / Vicente Romero (1) Quique05.12.06 / David Córcoles (2) Quique02/11/07 / Javi Guerra * (2) Quique10/31/07 / Ángel Montoro (6) Óscar F.12/15/07 / David Lombán (5) Koeman02.10.08 / Guaita (114) Emery29.10.08 / Míchel (47) Emery29.10.08 / Ximo Navarro (2) Emery11/12/08 / Arturo Navarro (1) Emery04.12.08 / Jaume Costa (19) Emery08/27/09 / Daniel Olcina (1) Emery08/27/09 / Miku Fedor (7) Emery09/13/09 / Jordi Alba (110) Emery08.03.10 / Joel Johson (1) Emery03/21/10 / Lillo (1) Emery11.11.10 / Isco (7) Emery11.11.10 / Paco Alcácer (124) Emery11.11.10 / Iván Rubio (1) Emery08/27/11 / Juan Bernat (74) Emery30.10.12 / Gayà (223) Pellegrino11/28/12 / Salva Ruiz (1) Pellegrino08/17/13 / Fede Cartabia (46) Djukic02/27/14 / Portu (2) Pizzi08/29/14 / Carles Gil (11) Nuno08/29/14 / Robert Ibáñez (6) Nuno03/20/15 / Carlos Tropi (3) Nuno09.12.15 / J. Domenech * (76) Nuno24.11.15 / Rafa Mir (8) Nuno02.12.15 / Ibrahim Diallo (4) Voro12/16/15 / Fran Villalba (4) Neville12/16/15 / Wilfried Zahibo * (4) Neville02/10/16 / Ibán Salvador * (1) Neville02/25/16 / Lato (43) Neville05/13/16 / Sito Pascual (2) Ayestarán10.12.16 / Carlos Soler (141) Prandelli01.03.17 / Javi Jiménez (2) Voro02/25/17 / Nacho Gil (12) Voro18.08.17 / Nacho Vidal (9) Marcelino11/30/17 / Ferran Torres (88) Marcelino10/30/18 / Kang-in (29) Marcelino30.10.18 / Álex Blanco (2) Marcelino11/30/19 / Esquerdo (3) Celades22.02.20 / Guillamón (1) Celades* They do not meet UEFA squad requirements as they were reinforcements made for the subsidiaryIn bold those who have become internationalSources: AS file, Cyberche and Transfermarkt The profitability of several of the mentioned footballers was also economic and gave the quarry prestige for their destinations (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, PSG, Liverpool, City, Dortmund …). Valencia, whose budget in recent years for the Academy is around 5 million euros, has entered 198 million from the sale of youth squads since 2000 (132 million excluding Farinós and Mendieta, youth workers from the 20th century). The club, therefore, assuming that since 2000 it had always invested five million per year (100 million in total), would have obtained a capital gain of 98 million only from transfers, to which should be added the sports profitability and economics of the matches played by the youth squads.Thus Valencia has made cash, between sales and subsequent income from training rights, for Alcacer (€ 31M), Silva (twenty), Sunrise (14), Albiol (15.4), Bernat (12.5), Isco (7), Pablo Hernández (7), Carles Gil (4.2), Hawk (3), Rafa Mir (two), Michel (0.6) or Miku (0.1). To such transfers must be added the more than 6 million entered by the departure of youth squads who did not even debut with Valencia: Sivera, Gonzalo Villar, Nabil, Antonio Martínez or Pedro Chirivella.last_img read more

Napoli take first winter title since Maradona’s days

first_imgROME (AP): Napoli are halfway to their first Serie A title since Diego Maradona led the club to the 1990 championship. Gonzalo Higuain scored twice as Napoli routed promoted Frosinone 5-1 yesterday to earn the southern team the Italian league’s symbolic “winter title”. Through 19 rounds of the 38-match season, Napoli hold a two-point lead over Inter Milan, who were beaten 1-0 by Sassuolo earlier with a last-minute penalty to surrender the lead. The winter champions have gone on to win Serie A nearly seven out of every 10 seasons. “We’re still not sure what we’re capable of,” Napoli’s first-year manager Maurizio Sarri said. The last time Napoli earned the mid-term honor came in 1990. “Being winter champion means nothing. It means something when you’re champion in May,” Higuain said. “We’ve got to stay calm now because there are still five months to go and we want to continue this way.” Fiorentina are third, three points behind, after losing 3-1 to Lazio on Saturday. Also yesterday, it was: Atalanta 0, Genoa 2; Bologna 0, Chievo Verona 1; Torino 0, Empoli 1; and Hellas Verona 0, Palermo 1. In an entertaining match at the San Siro, both Inter and Sassuolo produced numerous chances and goalkeepers Samir Handanovic and Andrea Consigli were superb. Inter threatened early with Mauro Icardi and Adem Ljajic, then Simone Missiroli and Nicola Sansone were dangerous for Sassuolo. Handanovic tipped a free-kick from Sansone over the bar and Consigli made an extraordinary diving save to swat away a shot from Ljajic before the break. Inter substitute Rodrigo Palacio had a clear look in the 79th, but his effort was cleared off the line by defender Federico Peluso. Miranda’s decisive foul came after an error by fellow center back Jeison Murillo. Berardi then calmly beat Handanovic, improving to a perfect 6-for-6 on penalties this season. Having been beaten by Lazio before the holiday break, Inter has now lost two consecutive home matches in Serie A for the first time since May 2013. Sassuolo are sixth, 10 points behind Napoli.last_img read more

Embracing fatherhood – ‘Family man’ Mattocks ready for commitment

first_imgHelping Jamaica to a 2018 FIFA World Cup berth may be high on his agenda, but Reggae Boyz and Vancouver Whitecaps striker Darren Mattocks has other things on his mind these days. Mattocks, a former schoolboy star with Bridgeport High School, is looking forward to becoming a first-time father. The 25-year-old, who is currently in Jamaica on a break from his professional duties in the Major League Soccer (MLS), beamed with excitement as he confirmed the news. He noted that he is anxiously awaiting the birth of his firstborn, expected to be delivered later this year. “The child is not yet born,” a smiling Mattocks told Saturday Sports during a Red Stripe Premier League match between his former local club Waterhouse and Montego Bay United earlier this week. Clearly in high spirits, Mattocks, who has scored 12 goals in 31 appearances for the Reggae Boyz, says he feels absolutely ready for the commitment. “I think from a young age, I have been a responsible person as I have been living on my own since age 18,” said Mattocks. “As I get older, there are different things I want in life, and this is one of them. I’m looking forward to being a father for the first time,” Mattocks noted, while sharing a bit about his relationship with his significant other. “I’m with a special female. She is a wonderful person, someone to spend my life with, so I’m really excited. I know that I’m going to do a very good job. I take care of my entire family, so this (baby) is an extension,” he said. Mattock is a graduate of Bridgeport High in Portmore and also spent two years at Akron University in the United States. He was drafted into the MLS in 2012 and has represented Vancouver Whitecaps based in Canada since. He has made 93 appearances and scored 19 times for the MLS outfit.last_img read more