Boston Marathon bombing suspects Rolling Stone cover prompts anger questions over photo

Boston Marathon bombing suspect’s Rolling Stone cover prompts anger, questions over photo AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Leanne Italie, The Associated Press Posted Jul 17, 2013 5:19 pm MDT NEW YORK, N.Y. – Sultry eyes burn into the camera lens from behind tousled curls. A scruff of sexy beard and loose T-shirt are bathed in soft, yellow light.The close-up of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone to hit shelves Friday looks more like a young Bob Dylan or Jim Morrison than the 19-year-old who pleaded not guilty a little more than a week ago in the Boston Marathon bombing, his arm in a cast and his face swollen in court.Has the magazine, with its roundly condemned cover, offered the world its first rock star of an alleged Islamic terrorist?The same image of Tsarnaev was widely circulated and used by newspapers and magazines before, but in this context it took on new criticism and accusations that Rolling Stone turned the bombing defendant into something more appealing.“I can’t think of another instance in which one has glamorized the image of an alleged terrorist. This is the image of a rock star. This is the image of someone who is admired, of someone who has a fan base, of someone we are critiquing as art,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a communications professor and the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.Public outrage was swift, including hard words from the Boston mayor, bombing survivors and the governor of Massachusetts. At least five retailers with strong New England ties — CVS, Tedeschi Food Stores and the grocery chain the Roche Bros. — said they would not sell the issue that features an in-depth look into how a charming, well-liked teen took a dark turn toward radical Islam. Stop & Shop and Walgreens followed suit.Tsarnaev is not referred to as Tsarnaev in the article. The magazine uses his playful diminutive instead in a headline: “Jahar’s World.” With cover teasers for other stories on Willie Nelson, Jay-Z and Robin Thicke, it declares for the Tsarnaev story: “The Bomber. How a Popular, Promising Student was Failed by His Family, Fell Into Radical Islam and Became a Monster.”Rolling Stone did not address whether the photo was edited or filtered in any way in a brief statement offering condolences to bombing survivors and the loved ones of the dead.“The fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is young, and in the same age group as many of our readers, makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happens,” the statement said.That’s little consolation for James “Bim” Costello, 30, of Malden, Mass., who needed pig skin grafts on most of his right arm and right leg after the bombing. His body was pebbled with shrapnel, including nails he pulled out of his stomach himself. Three of his close friends lost legs that day and others suffered serious burns and shrapnel injuries.“I think whoever wrote the article should have their legs blown off by someone,” struggle through treatment “and then see who they would choose to put on the cover. “The accompanying story, he said, “just seems like a cry for attention” from Rolling Stone.Lauren Gabler had finished her fourth Boston Marathon and was two blocks from the finish line explosions that April day. At first she thought the Rolling Stone photo, released on the magazine’s website and Facebook page, was of a model or a rock star.“All of a sudden you realize that’s the Boston bomber,” said Gabler, who lives in the Washington, D.C., area. “The cover almost tricks you into what you’re looking at. I haven’t read the article yet, and I know it will probably be quite in-depth, but my initial reaction is that the photo that’s being used almost makes him look like a good guy.”Rolling Stone said the cover story was part of its “long-standing commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of our day.” And the magazine has had plenty of covers featuring people outside the realm of entertainment, from President Obama to Charles Manson.Putting criminals and alleged criminals on the covers of major magazines is justified if they are major news figures, said Samir Husni, a journalism professor who heads the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. It’s digitally manipulating a photo that never is, said Husni, reached by phone on vacation in his native Lebanon.“They’ll probably regret it later,” he said of Rolling Stone’s handling of its cover. “Even if it wasn’t doctored it’s going to bring those negative reactions.”Hundreds of Facebook and Twitter commenters condemned the magazine. Many cursed. Others expressed sadness and still more vowed never to read or purchase the magazine again.Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino spoke for them in a letter he dashed off to Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner accusing the magazine of offering Tsarnaev “celebrity treatment” and calling the cover “ill-conceived, at best,” in that it supports the “terrible message that destruction gains fame for killers and their ’causes.’”The letter goes on to call the cover an obvious marketing strategy and concludes: “The survivors of the Boston attacks deserve Rolling Stone cover stories, though I no longer feel that Rolling Stone deserves them.”What does the controversy say about the culture today? It’s a culture that has already produced an online fandom for the attractive young bombing suspect, including young girls calling him “hot” and promising to help clear his name. At his hearing last week, a dozen or so girls wore T-shirts and stickers bearing his face.Jamieson had this to say on that score:“If you took that picture and you walked into an audience three months before the bombing and you said, ‘Here, this is a cover of Rolling Stone,’ what would people say? They’d say, ‘Ah, a new artist emerges on the national stage and Rolling Stone is doing a cover. What is his name? Well I guess it’s Bomber.’”___AP writers Cara Rubinsky, Steve LeBlanc and Bridget Murphy contributed to this report from Boston. David R. Martin contributed from New York.___Follow Leanne Italie on twitter: read more

Insurance for drivers of ridehailing services approved by Ontario regulator

TORONTO – Ontario’s insurance regulator has approved coverage for drivers using ride-hailing services such as Uber, even as the province’s legislature has yet to decide if such services are legal.The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the new insurance offering is the first coverage of its kind in the country.The Financial Services Commission of Ontario gave Aviva Canada the green light to offer coverage for drivers carrying paying passengers in their own vehicles.Aviva says it is fulfilling a clear customer need.“There are a lot of people out there trying to make some extra money, and that’s a great thing, but they’re doing it without the appropriate coverage for themselves and for their passengers as well,” said spokesman Glenn Cooper.But at the moment such drivers are also doing it outside the confines of the law.The Ontario legislature is set to consider a bill that would make Uber, AirBnB and other services in the so-called sharing economy legal. Progressive Conservative Tim Hudak’s private member’s bill passed second reading in the fall but has yet to go before committee to be studied.Hudak called the insurance an exciting step and said it’s important for the province to be a leader on this issue.“The longer we delay on an overall ride-sharing legislative framework the less help it is for cabbies, for Uber drivers, for customers and I’m worried that situation, that tension, is going to escalate if the province does not act,” he said.Finance Minister Charles Sousa said Aviva’s offering “is a step in the protection of consumers and that’s not a bad thing,” but more has to be done to ensure consumers are protected and businesses have a level playing field.Municipalities such as Toronto and Ottawa are also re-examining their own taxi bylaws.Toronto recently gave Uber a taxi brokerage licence for its taxi service that connects riders with cab drivers in the city through a mobile app, but the move did not affect the company’s controversial cheaper service, UberX, that connects riders with drivers not licensed as taxis.The taxi industry — which has staged many protests against Uber — says the ride-hailing company is operating illegally and therefore those drivers shouldn’t be able to be insured for that activity.“We are very concerned that an Aviva announcement that ‘an approved product exists and is available for purchase’ will be misconstrued by politicians to mean ‘20,000 illegal UberX drivers are now insured,’ Toronto Taxi Alliance president Gail Souter and Canadian Taxicab Association president Marc Andre Way wrote in a letter to Aviva.Aviva’s coverage is an addition to its personal auto policy and will be available to drivers licensed for at least six years, who spend up to 20 hours a week participating in ride hailing, and for a maximum of eight occupants. The policy will cover drivers from when they initiate looking for passengers through to collecting and dropping off those passengers.Aviva says it will be working with regulators across the country to make this insurance available in other provinces.Edmonton just approved a bylaw to allow companies like Uber to operate legally.Uber Canada said it hasn’t reviewed Aviva’s policy, but it is encouraged to see interest from insurers.“Uber and Intact have been working with provincial regulators for a number of months and Intact has completed their full submission for approval,” said spokeswoman Susie Heath. Insurance for drivers of ride-hailing services approved by Ontario regulator by Allison Jones, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 2, 2016 12:18 pm MDT Last Updated Feb 2, 2016 at 2:24 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Ban appoints Rwandan General as military chief of UN integrated Mali mission

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Major General Jean Bosco Kazura as Force Commander for the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). Major General Kazura, of Rwanda, is to assume command on 1 July, when, in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 2100 (2013), and subject to review by the Council, the transfer of authority is to take place from the African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) to the UN multidimensional mission. Mr. Kazura has over 24 years of national and international military experience, as well as command and staff experience. Until this most recent appointment, he was the Commandant of the Rwandan Defence Forces Combat Training Centre, an appointment he took up in December 2011.From October 2010, Mr. Kazura served as Principal Staff Officer (J3) in the Rwandan Defence Force Headquarters in Kigali. He previously held brigade and division-level commands (1998-2003), following which he served as the Deputy Force Commander and Chief Military Observer of the African Union Mission in Sudan. Mr. Kazura has also held staff positions at formation-level headquarters, and also served as Senior Military and Security Adviser to President Paul Kagame of Rwanda (2009-2010). In April, the Security Council approved the 12,600-strong MINUSMA to take over from the African-led mission in Mali, authorizing the blue helmets “to use all necessary means” to carry out security-related stabilization tasks, protect civilians, UN staff and cultural artefacts, and create the conditions for the provision of humanitarian aid.MINUSMA’s core task is to support the political process in Mali, in close coordination with the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). read more

Chernobyl nuclear disasteraffected areas spring to life 33 years on

Sixty per cent of Homiel’s produce – comprising meat, dairy products and handicraft – are exported to neighboring regions and countries while the region attracted $17.7 billion worth of domestic and foreign Investment between 2011 and 2017, representing just over 15 percent of the country’s total direct investment during that period.A ceremony marking International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day was held at UN Headquarters in New York on Friday. While the Soviet Government only acknowledged the need for international help to mitigate the disaster in 1990, that same year the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for more international cooperation.Stigma is still pervasive, but the economic revival is visible UNDP’s Zachary Taylor, BelarusA Chernobyl Trust Fund, managed now by the humanitarian affairs coordination office, OCHA, was created by the UN in 1991, and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) became involved in 2002, when the Organization announced a new focus on longterm development. The agency and its offices in the three countries affected, have taken the lead in that area, ever since.  “In the 33 years since that tragic night, there’s been a re-thinking of the way local populations in southeastern Belarus have handled themselves”, said Zachary Taylor, UNDP’s Deputy Resident Representative in Belarus. “Stigma is still pervasive, but the economic revival is visible. This is a fertile and productive region and its people are open, resilient and resourceful.”#FBF to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster 33 years ago. The women, men & children affected by radioactive contamination must never be forgotten. More on Friday’s Remembrance Day:— United Nations (@UN) April 26, 2019 37,000 small- and medium-sized businesses now operate in the areas directly affected by the disaster, up from only 2,375 in 2002.“But let’s not rest on our laurels. There’s much more that needs to be done to bring the area back to its full potential. We need to keep investing in training, safety, long-term development planning, new technologies, including tourism and organic farming. This is an area that’s been left behind for too long. Let’s double our efforts to make sure it catches up,” said Mr. Taylor.The disaster affected Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Around 470 small towns and villages have been destroyed in Belarus alone, with 138,000 people unrooted from their homes.The disaster still represents a huge financial burden. In Ukraine last year, 5 to 7 percent of the national budget was still dedicated to Chernobyl-related recovery activities. In Belarus, the overall economic loss is estimated at $235 billion. Missed profits and investment opportunities alone are estimated at $13.7 billion.UNDP has been working with the rest of the UN system and international partners to help Chernobyl-affected areas in Belarus and Ukraine move from recovery and humanitarian support, to creating new jobs, strengthening social services, improving infrastructure, business and increasing investment opportunities. read more

Campus Brainiac wins Monster Pitch

Brock University students Madi Fuller and Harrison Olajos know they have a monster of an idea in their tutoring app Campus Brainiac.The two students impressed the stars from CBC’s Dragons’ Den and were rewarded with a cash investment last week during Monster Pitch. They were the winning team among one of the strongest pitch presentations celebrity venture capitalist Jim Treviling has seen.Their innovative idea is a web platform and mobile application that simplifies peer tutoring. Using aggressive timelines and big thinking, they are set to launch at four universities – Brock University, OCAD University, Western University and University of Toronto – this week, with a bigger launch set for the fall of 2016.“I’ve been watching Dragons’ Den since it started,” said Fuller, a third-year political science student. “So to meet these people and get feedback from them on our business was a surreal experience.”Both Fuller and Olajos competed at last year’s Monster Pitch with a different venture, so they have ample experience pitching business ideas. At this year’s competition, they took their business idea to a new level, as they are in the final stages of getting the business off the ground.Having sharpened their pitches with the help of BioLinc, Brock’s business incubator run by the Goodman School of Business, they won $2,000 in cash and $500 worth of services from Brand Blvd. at the Monster Pitch competition.I had a great time. The pitches — we saw five different pitches — unbelievable.The judging panel consisted of Treliving, one of five judges on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, Bruce Croxon, co-host of BNN’s The Disruptors and CEO of Round 13, Deborah Rosati, corporate director and co-founder of Women Get On Board, and Jason Sparaga, co-founder and co-CEO of Spark Power Corp. and founder of Spara Capital Partners.“I had a great time. The pitches — we saw five different pitches — unbelievable,” Treliving said.He said the pitches have come really far since the first ones he saw on Dragons’ Den and also at the first Monster Pitch at Brock.“I think the professors here are showing the kids what they should be doing and what they have to do to make a pitch, and that’s really, really important,” he said. “That’s really how they get into being great entrepreneurs.”The annual Monster Pitch, hosted by Goodman student club Brock Innovation Group and sponsored by Spara Capital Partners and Meridian Credit Union, had all the polish and panache that a proper pitching competition should have. Held at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, Monster Pitch was a fully produced show with the lights, the cameras and the action. Five student teams took the stage and presented innovative business ideas, ranging from digital archiving services to ridesharing applications and a custom clothing platform.The community within BioLinc has grown steadily since it started at Brock and they are successful in fostering a community of entrepreneurial spirit on campus.The judges were duly impressed with all five presentations, and commented several times about the high quality of pitches this year’s competition was seeing, a testament to the integral role BioLinc plays on campus in supporting entrepreneurial students in all the right ways.Fuller and Olajos credit their progress to BioLinc, which brought the two of them together and has provided them with support and guidance along the way. Olajos has been involved with BioLinc since his first year at Brock and he has noticed big changes.“The community within BioLinc has grown steadily since it started at Brock and they are successful in fostering a community of entrepreneurial spirit on campus,” he said.Monster Pitch was preceded by Innovation Matters, a public panel discussion organized and hosted by the Goodman School of Business, featuring the Monster Pitch judges talking about today’s entrepreneur and innovations happening in Canada. read more

Opinion LeBron James is the most valuable player overall but Russell Westbrook

LeBron James is 25.7 points, 7.3 assists and 5.9 rebounds per game for the 2nd place Cleveland Cavaliers.Credit: Courtesy of TNSLeBron James is the most valuable player in basketball, but that shouldn’t make him the 2014-15 NBA MVP.Would the Cleveland Cavaliers have locked up their first playoff appearance since James took his talents to South Beach if Akron’s prodigal son hadn’t returned? Obviously not, and Kevin Love wouldn’t have joined the Cavaliers either.But for as good as James has been in his first season back in the Buckeye state — he’s averaging 25.7 points, 7.3 assists and 5.9 rebounds per game — Cleveland wouldn’t have any excuse to have a record worse than its 48-27 mark. In general, James, Love and All-Star guard Kyrie Irving have been healthy this season and the Cavaliers’ only major injury hit was to center Anderson Varejao.But even when Varejao went down, the Cleveland front office responded by bringing in Timofey Mozgov as a more than capable replacement.Then there were the issues with Dion Waiters being, for lack of a better word, a pill. His attitude didn’t fit what James and the Cavaliers wanted to do, so they sent him to Oklahoma City and brought in J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert.James is in the midst of his eighth season with Cleveland, but this is the first time the franchise has truly built a winner around him. That’s why he isn’t the season’s most valuable player, even though the value he brings to any team would surpass all others.James should certainly still receive consideration, but in all honesty, the Cavaliers have been only as good as, if not slightly worse than, was expected. Each bump along the road has been smoothed out for the team, and Cleveland will be streaking into the playoffs with a great chance to win its first NBA Championship.To do what is expected, or even just below expectations, isn’t an MVP-winning performance. It can still be a great performance and make you a contender, but James hasn’t carried his team in the same way NBA MVPs typically do.Enter Russell Westbrook, who has put up other-worldly numbers in recent weeks in order to keep the Thunder — minus superstar Kevin Durant for much of the year — in the playoff hunt.Westbrook himself has missed 15 games this season, but behind him and with Durant out for all but 27 contests, Oklahoma City doesn’t have a lot going on.The UCLA product’s recent triple-double outbursts have been historic, but his contributions are having an effect well beyond the numbers. It would’ve been hard to blame Westbrook had he more or less thrown in the towel on the season and simply started jacking up ill-advised shots and refusing to pass.Instead, he’s answered the call and become the clear leader for the Thunder down the stretch, forcing it into the eighth playoff spot in the Western Conference. It’s no guarantee just yet that Oklahoma City will end up in the postseason, but if it does, then Westbrook deserves the credit.Yes, James deserves his share of credit in Cleveland, but to take a team with a questionable supporting cast — including the Cavaliers’ outcast Waiters — and keep it in the hunt in the much-tougher Western Conference is a true MVP run.Is James still the most valuable player you can have on a basketball team? Of course. But that’s not what the NBA MVP is for. read more

The charts that show the state of Britains prisons

first_imgAndrea Albutt, president of the Prison Governors Association (PGA), today launched a blistering attack on the Ministry of Justice, saying its members had been left “devastated at the complete decline of our service”. Her open letter was published as riot officers were called to a prison for a second day to HMP Mount in Wiltshire. Inmates took over a wing twice in just 24 hours over Monday and Tuesday. Prisons in England and Wales have come under renewed scrutiny this week, after the head of the body representing governors warned that prisons were in crisis after “perverse” Government reform and a “toxic mix” of pressures.center_img And this incident is not isolated. Ministry of Justice data shows how the…last_img

New Donegal centre hopes to tackle mental health issues and rural isolation

first_imgA NEW COMMUNITY Mental Health Service building is to be built on the campus of Donegal Community Hospital in Donegal Town.This €2 million development will deliver a modern centre for Community Mental Health services in the South Donegal area.The issue of mental health and suicide in rural areas in Ireland is something that has been raised time and time again, which is why John Hayes, the HSE Area Manager for Donegal says investment like this is what is badly needed in mental health services in Ireland’s countryside.The construction of a new purpose-built Mental Health and Child and Family Services building on the Donegal Community Hospital campus will replace and enhance those services currently provided from a number of different locations within Donegal Town.Mental health servicesThe 680 square metre two storey building has been designed as a modern, well equipped, accessible premises which is user friendly and will accommodate the needs of those availing of Mental Health services.The new centre will provide the consultant-led medical services for Adult Mental Health, Child and Family Mental Health, outpatient clinics, clinical nurse specialists, visiting psychiatry of Old Age Services amongst others.The annual report from the National Office of Suicide Prevention states that the suicide rate in the Dongal region has fallen over the past few years, but increasing numbers of suicides have been linked to rural isolation, with many campaigns beginning to target certain areas.Speaking to, Mr Hayes said that ever since the closure of large scale mental health instiutuions there has been a number of mental health initiatives launched around the region of Donegal, but he said the ideal is to have all them together, rather than have them dotted aroundJust an illness “By having our mental health services on the same campus has the regular hospital, it removes the stigma of mental illness, it can be seen as what it is – just another illness, no different,” he said.“Clearly, Donegal is an area where deprivation is high. There is high unemployment rate and there is a high medical card holders rate – about 58 per cent of the population. People in Donegal could be experiencing mental health issues because of rural isolation. You have to look at it in terms of limited services – there is a lack of public transport, therefore there can be a barrier to social supports. While others may have a lot of contact and support from others, people in rural areas can simply find it difficult to reach those supports because of where they live,” he said.“Donegal, like many other areas in Ireland has experienced suicide. In Donegal we had the suicide of the two young sisters, Erin and Shannon Gallagher. It was very difficult for the family and the community. What we have to aim to do is improve services so that they are accessible to everyone,” he said.Mr Hayes said that despite cutbacks there were a number of new initiatives launched in the last few years, such as Jigsaw, a youth mental health initiative that has been in operation for just one year.Young peopleHe said that the issue with young people and mental health problems is they don’t talk about it and they don’t want the fuss of looking for support. “The Jigsaw initiative has been hugely successful in the area. The service aims to bring young people to the service without stigma. Since it has been launched, more than 200 young people have accessed the service,” he said.Jigsaw is an initiative with no barriers, explained Mr Hayes, who said that young people can either be reffered to the service by their GP or they can self refer. “Often children and young people are wary, afraid or embarressed about going to their family doctor. This way, young people can just walk in and have a consultation with a trained consultant. The young person is offered one to six sessions free of charge. Of the 200 that have accessed the service, 50 per cent had self reffered, which just goes to show how important it is to remove the barriers and red tape to mental health services,” Hayes said.He added that he hoped this centre would become a “one stop shop” for mental health in Donegal.Column: Facing the fear – over half our population drinks in a high-risk way>Column: Budgeting our depression? Funding cuts are disastrous to mental health>last_img read more

The 5 at 5 Wednesday

first_imgEACH WEEK DAY EVENING brings you five things you should know before you head out the door for the day1. #ABORTION: A senior Cabinet minister involved in discussions about the proposed legislation for the X Case has said that six consultants assessing the suicide risk in a woman is “clearly too many”. Children’s Minister Frances Fitzgerald has told that she wants legislation to be sensitive, reasonable and meaningful.2. #PUBLIC SECTOR: The rejection of the Croke Park II deal on public sector pay cuts means that workers are no longer entitled to an automatic protection against mandatory redundancies, the Taoiseach has said. His comments come amid ongoing uncertainty about how the government intends to cut €300 million from public sector pay this year.3. #SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN: The latest tranche of reports from the National Board of Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland has found that there have been abuse allegations against three active priests in the Diocese of Galway while there were unacceptable delays and unsatisfactory responses to abuse concerns in Clogher.4. #SCRAPPED: A mid-sized town in Ireland will host a pilot scheme on abandoning the use of 1 cent and 2 cent coins later this year, the Central Bank has said. In the National Payments Plan published today, the CBI also committed to ending the use of cheques in the public sector at some point next year.5. #SUAREZ: The Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been banned for 10 games by the Football Association in England after he bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic in Sunday’s Premier League clash at Anfield. The Uruguayan will now miss the rest of the season and the start of next season.last_img read more

He ended up in an induced coma Matt Dawson on his sons

first_img‘He ended up in an induced coma’: Matt Dawson on his son’s meningitis battle Dawson and Rory Best are teaming up to raise awareness about the condition. Apr 24th 2017, 8:30 PM IT’S EVERY PARENT’S worst nightmare, watching your child go from healthy to seriously unwell in a matter of minutes.Any parent whose child has contracted meningitis knows how quickly they can deteriorate and need urgent medical help.Meningitis is the swelling of the lining around the brain and spinal cord, while septicaemia is blood poisoning caused by the same germs. They can occur together or separately.The conditions can kill within hours, making it vital to be aware of the symptoms and act accordingly.In February 2016, Matt Dawson’s son Sami (then two years old) contracted W135, a rare strain of meningitis. Sami Source: Matt DawsonHe ended up in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where he was placed in an induced coma.Dawson recalls: “From a morning where we thought he was a little bit poorly and probably had a fever it progressed very, very quickly into ‘We need to get him down to A&E’.“By the end of the day he was in an induced coma and rushed off to Great Ormond Street and there for two weeks, it was all a little bit of a blur. 22,273 Views Source: Short URL Share35 Tweet Email3 It puts into perspective not only how important your family are, but what you can do to assist in those types of times because I wouldn’t say for a minute that my knowledge of meningitis was particularly high at that time.Dawson, a former England rugby union captain, has been raising awareness about meningitis since Sami’s battle with the illness.Today he was in Dublin with Ireland captain Rory Best to promote Tackle Meningitis, a campaign aimed at increasing people’s knowledge about the condition, its symptoms and strains. Dawson and Best Source: Nicky Ryan/TheJournal.ieA new survey conducted by GSK to mark World Meningitis Day, which is happening today, found that 44% of Irish parents think a distinctive rash is the first symptom of meningitis, despite the fact it often appears after other symptoms or not at all.This was the case for Sami, Dawson tells “Half of parents would think that you get that red rash on the body, put the glass on it, if it doesn’t disappear, ‘Oh, it could be meningitis’ – well, we didn’t even get to that stage, myself and my wife.“It was more that we knew, our gut instinct was that there was something wrong…The symptoms could be as obvious as feverish, a little bit grumpy, would be sort of cowering away from bright lights, cold hands and feet even though the body would be really hot and feverish, nausea, diarrhoea, all of a sudden when you add some of those together that’s before you even get to the rash.“He was in ICU for just over a week and then was in a kidney rehabilitation unit – he went through several dialysis treatments and a blood transfusion, there was a lot of strain on his kidneys and his main organs.”Dawson recalled how difficult it was to watch Sami in the induced coma, telling us: “There was no reaction, he was there just sort of motionless.“It’s the worst thing for a parent when you’re stroking their forehead and telling them stories and they’ve just got their eyes closed, in a world of their own, and you don’t know from one minute to the next if you’re going to see them again.“It’s an incredibly difficult thing to take on board and to compute.”Various strains There are several strains of meningococcal bacteria with the main groups being A, B, C, W, X and Y.Vaccines are available to protect against some of the strains, however, no single vaccine protects against all of them. Sami had received the meningitis C vaccine. Sami Source: Matt Dawson“Nowadays actually in Ireland you would get B and C [vaccination publicly] which is great news but there are other strains … We had the men C vaccine, we thought ‘Oh, it can’t be meningitis because he’s had the jab’.“Again there are plenty of parents out there who wouldn’t necessarily know that there are lots of other strains even though you’ve been vaccinated,” Dawson warns.‘Trust your gut’Best, also a father-of-two, said he was happy to team up with Dawson to raise awareness, noting he was one of the parents who thought a rash was the first thing to look for in terms of identifying meningitis.“The most important thing in the world to you are your kids, you don’t really realise it until you become a parent.“The thing that I wasn’t aware of is that there are so many strains, you know, you just assume ‘They’re vaccinated for meningitis, they’ll be fine potentially’, but that’s not the case.Then to realise that minutes, 10, 20 minutes at that stage can make a massive difference, and to know what those early signs are and to be able to go, even to check the website, phone your GP, get to A&E and trust your gut on it a bit because at that stage it can be critical to get help as soon as possible.“It’s only whenever something happens or you hear of something happening to somebody else, that’s when it really hits home, how devastating this disease can be, but also how precious your kids are.” Sami and his older brother Alex Source: Matt DawsonSami, now three, is thankfully back to full health.Dawson tells us: “He’s great, he’s a normal three-year-old lad playing with his older brother, scrapping, cuddling, kissing, poking each other’s eyes out, normal sibling rivalry, very fit and healthy, very sharp.”SymptomsMeningitis is usually bacterial or viral, and occasionally is due to fungal infections, although almost any microbe can cause it.Viral meningitis is almost never life-threatening and most people quickly make a full recovery. Bacterial meningitis is more serious and can be caused by a range of different bacteria.Symptoms can include fever, vomiting, headache and feeling unwell. Limb pain, pale skin and cold hands and feet often appear earlier than the rash, neck stiffness, dislike of bright lights and confusion. Source: Meningitis Research Foundation/YouTubeMost cases in Ireland and the UK are caused by meningococcal bacteria.There are about 200 cases of meningitis in Ireland every year. The Meningitis Research Foundation notes that about one in 10 people who contract it die as a result.One in 10 survivors will end up with a disability such as brain damage or hearing loss or need an amputation, while three in 10 survivors will have side effects such as psychological disorders and a reduced IQ.If you suspect someone may have meningitis or septicaemia, seek medical help immediately.For more information and support visit the Meningitis Research Foundation and ACT for Meningitis. Read: ‘From 10am in the doctor’s surgery to noon in the hospital, my baby was gone’Read: Matt Dawson shares images of two-year-old son battling meningitis to raise awarenessRead: ‘It robs you of your very being’: Life with the invisible illnesscenter_img By Órla Ryan 5 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Subscribe for more videos Monday 24 Apr 2017, 8:30 PMlast_img read more

Austerity delays exacerbate Greek recession

first_imgThe extended wait for the latest package of austerity measures, which has lasted from the formation of the coalition government in June to date, has had a clear negative impact on the broader economy as it has put a damper on the post-election euphoria and has seen consumers revert to pessimism, a survey has found. The September data in the monthly economic climate survey by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE), released on Thursday, showed the economic climate index at 76.1 points, the same level as in the previous survey in July. Worse still, consumer confidence in Greece has declined significantly owing to the negative expectations for household finances and to a lesser extent for the fiscal situation, while hopes of boosting bank savings in the next 12 months appear smaller than in July. Furthermore, the improvement in forecasts regarding the unemployment rate in July proved temporary, giving way to a fresh and intense deterioration in September, the IOBE survey data showed. The improvement in business expectations for industry and services in September was offset by a deterioration in the construction and in retail commerce sectors, as well as a drop in consumer confidence, the foundation estimates. In the same vein, Alpha Bank said in a report published on Thursday that Greece’s international creditors – the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, collectively known as the troika – are “putting Greece through a stress test” by delaying their verdict on the progress of the Greek economy and the disbursement of the tranche of 31.5 billion euros. Alpha adds in its report that the delay is unjustified, as the budget execution has clearly improved and the government has stated its intention to pass austerity measures worth some 13.5 billion euros. It concludes that the country has been pushed to a situation that is strongly reminiscent of October 2011 – which brought about the crumbling of the George Papandreou government – and is certainly leading to an even deeper recession. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Marco Reus Patience was the key for Dortmund win over Monaco

first_imgBorussia Dortmund forward Marco Reus feels that remaining calm and sticking to the plan was key to their 3-0 win over AS Monaco in the Champions LeagueThe Germany international was among the goalscorers in the second-half as Dortmund claimed another win to retain top spot in Group A with youngsters Jadon Sancho and Jacob Bruun Larsen grabbing the other two goals.“Monaco did very well in the first half, and at times they moved the ball around well. We had some problems creating chances to score, but we didn’t become nervous,” Reus told the Bundesliga website.“We had a good gameplan, wanted to play patiently and already showed that Monaco were slightly vulnerable in defence. In the second half, we played better from the back and created more gaps ahead of us.”The 29-year credited new head coach Lucien Favre for their unbeaten start to the season with Dortmund the new leaders of the Bundesliga.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“I know what our coach can do and what kind of philosophy he has, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me,” said Reus.“We certainly won’t beat all our opponents easily, but the way we’ve been playing – especially in our past two or three matches – makes me feel very positive and we know we can always score. There’s still a lot to do, though.“Monaco also had two or three really good chances on the break. If they’d done better with those, it could have been really dangerous for us. We currently have momentum on our side, but we still have to work hard for that.”Dortmund will next face FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga on Saturday.last_img read more

Facebook Paying for News Shows From ABC News CNN Fox News Univision

first_imgPictured above: CNN host Anderson Cooper Facebook has committed to funding some of the news programs for at least one year (a rep says the deal terms vary in length), but the parties aren’t disclosing what the company is paying for them. The shows will be available in an exclusive window on Facebook Watch. An exec at one partner said the company was quick to approve to their budget request for one of the shows. “They are willing to pay more to work with partners they trust,” said the exec, who requested anonymity because terms of the deals with Facebook are private.Over the years, Facebook’s relationship with publishers has been prickly, including recent frustration with its changes to News Feed to deprioritize content from media partners in favor of users’ friends posts. Rupert Murdoch earlier this year complained about the company’s approach to news specifically, saying Facebook should pay content providers in the way cable TV companies pay networks.“It was important to us that there was a fair value exchange, which there hasn’t always been,” said Andrew Morse, CNN’s EVP and GM of CNN Digital Worldwide.CNN’s original program for Facebook Watch, “Anderson Cooper Full Circle,” will go live weekday evenings at 6:25 p.m. ET. Broadcast from the “AC360” newsroom in New York, the program will feature the CNN host delivering a daily news dispatch, and engaging Facebook users directly through live polls and integrated conversations. The plans also call for Cooper to interview newsmakers live on the show.Morse declined to discuss CNN’s financial arrangement for the show, but he said, “Facebook has made a serious commitment, and they have made a significant minimum guarantee. For us to produce a program with Anderson Cooper every day brings tremendous value to their platform.”Also bullish on Facebook’s new push is Jason Ehrich, Fox News’ senior VP of audience development and partnerships. The news channel is launching “Fox News Update,” a twice-daily news report that Ehrich said will be fast-paced, with each segment running 3-5 minutes. “This feels like the natural evolution” of FNC’s partnership with the company. “They seem very committed to making Watch a success.” The Facebook-funded news announcement also comes after it has been accused failing to do enough to stop the spread of “fake news” — particularly during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, when Russian-linked disinformation campaigns used Facebook to target American voters. This week, Facebook is in the process of shutting off the Trending news topics section that has appeared in the News Feed. The company said the Trending feature had low usage, but it also drew criticism of political bias.“We’ve talked a lot over the last six months over the quality of news on Facebook,” Brown said. “This is another investment in quality journalism on Facebook.”Brown characterized the news programming for Facebook Watch as an “experiment”: “They don’t know if it’s going to work, we don’t if it’s going to work. We’re going to find out together.” She emphasized the news organizations will have “full editorial control” over the content.In picking the first seven partners, Brown said the goal was to get a diverse set of viewpoints and a range of formats. “Given this is our first step into this, we wanted to have a diverse slate of shows that could deliver different things,” she said. Brown expects Facebook eventually to fund more than a dozen news shows.For now, the Facebook-funded news initiative is focused on U.S.-based news outlets. That’s driven by the fact that Facebook Watch is currently available only in the U.S., stocked with hundreds of scripted and unscripted shows (some paid for by the company).There will be ad breaks in some of the news programming on Facebook Watch. “Over the long term, we’d love to get these shows to self-sustainable levels,” said Brown.In the past, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has remarked that Facebook is a technology company — not a media company. Asked whether Facebook is now in fact a media company, given that it’s paying for a growing slate of content, Brown responded, “Having worked for big media companies, I don’t think Facebook is a media company. But are we responsible for the media on Facebook? Yes.” Popular on Variety After going through the fake-news wringer, Facebook is shelling out money on original news content. The strategy is partly aimed at driving up viewing on its Facebook Watch platform — but it also is supposed to demonstrate the social-media giant’s commitment to funding trustworthy journalism.The initial shows, fully funded by Facebook, come from seven partners: TV news orgs ABC News, CNN, Fox News Channel, and Univision; local news publisher Advance Local; and digital media companies ATTN: and Mic. They’re slated to roll out on Facebook Watch this summer. The mix includes live breaking news, daily news briefings, and weekly, longer-form series.The initiative is led by Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of global news partnerships, a former CNN host and NBC News reporter who joined the company in January 2017. “They’re not just cutting up TV and putting it on Facebook,” Brown said. “This is to engage people around news, taking advantage of Facebook’s features.” ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Here’s an overview of the initial funded news shows for Facebook Watch:ABC News “On Location” (working title): Daily news show with reports from correspondents worldwide and top headlines. ABC News live news streams also will be featured in a breaking-news area of the Facebook Watch news section.Advance Local “Chasing Corruption”: Weekly series from Alabama Media Group, hosted by Ian Hoppe and’s Reckon team, who speak with investigative journalists who have uncovered stories of conspiracy, bribery, fraud and other crimes.ATTN: “Undivided ATTN:”: Weekly explainer breaking big topics in 3-5 minute episodes hosted by a rotating cast of social influencers.CNN’s “Anderson Cooper Full Circle”: Daily briefing on weekdays featuring Anderson Cooper and a roster of guests.Fox News “Fox News Update”: FNC chief news anchor Shepard Smith will host each weekday afternoon and Carley Shimkus will present the morning segment, while Abby Huntsman will deliver the headlines once each morning over the weekend.Mic “Mic Dispatch”: Twice-weekly show will profile “the underrepresented, the problem-solvers and the provocateurs.” Each episode will include two field-reported dispatches of 5-6 minutes each.Univision “Real America with Jorge Ramos”: In the weekly show, the anchor will travel across the U.S. to speak with immigrants of diverse backgrounds, targeted not only at Latinos but mainstream English-speaking audiences. Univision will also broadcast “Noticiero Univision Edición Digital,” an interactive Spanish-language news broadcast at noon ET daily on Watch.In other news-related features, Facebook is testing a “breaking news” label with 80 publishers across North America, South America, Europe, India and Australia along with breaking-news notifications. It also has a beta version of a dedicated section on Facebook called “Today In” to provide news from local publishers and updates from local officials and organizations.last_img read more

HOOQs Hotstar Deal Puts Spotlight on Divergent Strategies in Asian Video

first_img CREDIT: Courtesy of HOOQ Popular on Variety Within some of the world’s most populous nations cooperation, rather than outright competition, may be the best route to success in the streaming video sector.That principal was neatly illustrated by the recent deal to integrate Asian OTT player HOOQ into the lineup of Indian OTT giant Hotstar. The “seamless” connection between Hotstar’s Premium tier and HOOQ has been live for a few days, and was unveiled officially on Monday.It is strictly a business deal based on mutual interest, and does not involve any equity investment. But, overnight, the move expanded the potential Indian audience for HOOQ by several multiples. And in a market like India, where all the pay platforms aggregate a largely similar roster of channels, HOOQ’s strength in localization of Hollywood content helps Hotstar cement its market lead. Together, they boast of being the “Home to Hollywood” in India. Whether, in the long run, the Chinese players will turn out to be collaborators, competitors or corporate investors, remains to be seen. For the moment, Bithos says: “We’ve learned a lot from them, such as the combination of (advertising-supported) and subscription video.” While HOOQ and regional rivals like Iflix, Viu, and Catchplay may be able to outsmart Netflix and Amazon, a more nuanced picture emerges with the giant Chinese video groups. They are not only geographically closer, they are culturally closer. And for iQIYI, Tencent Video and Youku, expansion outside China in the video sector, would logically follow their parent companies’ Southeast Asian and Indian land-grabs in sectors such as groceries, taxis and online ticketing.center_img “Hollywood content needs to be appropriately localized. ‘Supergirl’ may never have screened in Kannada- or Telugu-language versions,” says HOOQ’s CEO Peter Bithos. “Localization is not just about sub-titling. Dubbing creates exposure at a different scale.”Hollywood content has been slowly but surely growing in India over the past decade. Accountancy firm Ernst & Young and trade association FICCI recently reported that Hollywood is now earning 13% of India’s theatrical box office, up from low single figures, a decade ago. That has been achieved by Hollywood distributors going further down the localization route than almost any of Indian cinema’s strictly regional film businesses had done ever before – and by Indian audiences’ increasing familiarity with overseas content, due to travel and the Internet.HOOQ’s India strategy emerges from a recent pivot, to focus entirely on the English-language sector in the world’s second most populous nation, and to take the linguistic localization effort further. “We are playing the OTT channel strategy in India,” says Bithos. HOOQ was already carried on Airtel and Vodafone, but Hotstar, backed by 21st Century Fox’s conventional pay-TV leader, has grown beyond all expectations, and now has over 150 million subscribers.Bithos also claims there is “almost no overlap” between its HOOQ’s 6,000 hours of Hollywood content, and Hotstar’s existing supply deals. Hotstar previously offered HBO Showtime and some of the Disney lineup. HOOQ brings with it swathes of Miramax, BBC, Starz, Endemol Shine, PVR, Turner, Mattel and Lionsgate content in addition to films and shows from HOOQ shareholders Warner Bros. and Sony.The two Hollywood majors bought in to a venture initially backed by Singaporean phones and TV group Singtel. They were last reported as having stakes of 17.5% each.While HOOQ is still at the loss-making, development stage, and could do with a couple more strategic investors, it represents a smartly differentiated play that contrasts with the strategies of the global players. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Netflix and Amazon are both believed to be making only modest headway in the parts of East Asia situated between Australia (one of Netflix’s best international success stories) and Japan. With their model of monthly subscriptions and developed market price points, the pair are not as nimble or within financial reach of the region’s 1.8 billion population, as native Asian OTT services.“South East Asia takes a lot of innovation, you can’t just apply the made-in-California model,” says Bithos. HOOQ, for example, has struck co-op arrangements with dozens of telcos and payment facilitators in its other business in South East Asia, and offers single day, full access subscription for as little as $0.25 per day.The business plan in its four South East Asian territories – Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand and, since 2016, Singapore – is distinct from its India strategy. It seeks OTT market leadership through localization and adaptation.The company claims to be the OTT leader in Indonesia and to offer “the best of local” film and episodic TV content. That has meant moves into original production, something it does not do in India. It has backed shows such as “On The Job” from The Philippines and movies such as “Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts” from Indonesia. Low-budget, telenovela-style series that run for hundreds of episodes are the staple in much of the Southeast Asia. “We aim to bring to market the golden age of TV. There was nothing like (a local equivalent of) ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘The Sopranos’, quality, binge-worthy content,” says Bithos.last_img read more

Glittering book launch

first_img‘Illuminating Indian Classical Dances Through Yoga’ (co-authored with Anita Dua, and Padma Shree Shovana Narayan and published by Shubhi publication) was unveiled by Shyam Jaju, National Vice President, BJP. It was followed by a panel discussion, which was moderated by Vinita Dawra Nangia, and included eminent personalities like Pawan Varma, Anita Dua, and Padma Shree Shovana Narayan. Afterwards, a beautiful Yog Nritya performance by Shvani Varma Satish and Ratan was also

Gay porn star hits back at criticism of use of nword

first_img#okurrrA post shared by Menah (@bernal.freud) on Apr 26, 2018 at 9:42pm PDT The 31-year-old from Brazil initially caused offence by using the term to describe his African American barber.In an Instagram story posted on Monday 23 July, he wrote: ‘Worse thing in life! Barbers that don’t fuck shup [sic] up talking with this n**** accent.’His followers were quick to call him out on his use of the word, with one saying ‘that’s racist mate’ and another adding ‘You’re a fucking ignorant racist cunt.’‘My current boyfriend is black’Bernal then addressed criticism of his language in another Instagram story, saying: ‘My first boy friend was black, after I had another black ex boyfriend, then I had sex with a few black guys and my current boyfriend is black. If I was racist I don’t think it would be happing [sic] so frequently.‘I like black culture and I don’t discriminate anyone by their race but you are fucking ghetto and don’t even use properly a normal vocabulary because you think is cool talk like a black ghetto person that just came out of prison what you want me to say? WHATEVER don’t like! Unfollow + block.’ eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) GAYSTARNEWS- Gay porn star Bruno Bernal has defended his use of the N-word, saying critics should ‘grow a thicker skin and be less sensitive.’ Bruno Bernal | Photo: Twitter/brunobernal Further responding to criticism, he later posted two notes to Twitter.He first shared a message he received from a black fan, which reads: ‘Not sure if you actually read these but I heard about you today in an article saying how racist you were so I read the words you actually wrote. As a black man I can tell you, you’re not racist, at all, like not even a little. I only use n**** to describe ignorant black people and I don’t like them either. I don’t like ignorance. Had it been any other race, I don’t think you would have gotten any backlash. Anyway, just thought I’d share my 2 cents. Have a good one.’ Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . ‘I would apologize but…’Bernal the posted another note responding to the fan. In it he said: ‘Bro! You came with the perfect words to describe what I was saying. IM NOT RACIST AT ALL. If those stupid blogs and couple people want to say that I’m racist, fine I won’t five a fuck because I don’t care about them. Is this minority of weak people that are making a big deal about it, because actually my black friends are giving me support and they understand what I was saying.’He furthermore added: ‘If by using the word n**** I offended anyone I would apologize but also in the context of how I used it I would appreciate if those who got offended grow a thicker skin and be less sensitive, and for all those stupids people and negative unnecessary blogs using “my name” to create drama I have nothing else to say other than fuck off.’Bernal previously made news for starring in Raging Stallion’s Gun Show film. In it, Trump supporters approach him, tell him how sick they are of ‘f*ggots’ in their country, and force him into a threesome.See also:7 absurd precedents set by gay porn Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Less than half the stars on new black gay porn site Noir Male are blackMy sketchy experience emailing this anti-LGBTI authorBurmese actor comes out as gay, shares cheeky kiss with boyfriendRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Día de las CulturasColumbus Day a brief incomplete guide

first_imgRelated posts:Día de las Culturas/Columbus Day: a brief, incomplete guide Costa Rica prepares for first visit by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Guatemalan rapper sued for racist Twitter post about country’s genocide Community managed forests protect against climate change, study finds HappyDía de las Culturas (Cultures Day), Columbus Day, Día de la Raza (Race Day, loosely translated), Indigenous Peoples Day, Day of Indigenous Resistance, Day of the Americas or whatever you may call Oct. 12. The holiday is observed in Costa Rica today, Oct. 16, this year.It is, perhaps, the most disputed holiday — by the largest number of nations and people — in the world.In Costa Rica, where the holiday is officially Cultures Day, banks, government offices, schools and some private businesses will be closed. But few celebrations are planned.We have made progress from the days when, at least in the United States, school kids dutifully colored cutouts of the Nina (actually la Niña), Pinta and Santa María and came away thinking that Columbus was an undisputed hero. Among the educational Columbus Day resources suggested by the National Education Association, the teachers labor union, are an essay by the American Indian Movement’s Russell Means and Glenn Morris on why Columbus Day should not be celebrated.Over recent years, more and more U.S. cities have begun recognizing Oct. 12 as Indigenous Peoples Day along with Columbus Day, thanks to a concerted push by Native American activists.In Costa Rica, the legislature changed Oct. 12 from Día del Descubrimiento y de la Raza (Day of the Discovery [of the Americas] and Race) to Cultures Day in 1994. When the former was declared a national holiday, in 1968, the legislature said the holiday should commemorate “the spiritual community that links the nations of Latin America, the ties of a single religious faith [Catholic], the same historical and cultural traditions, common biological roots and identical aims of defending Christian civilization….” Ehem.The 1994 law, on the other hand, says the day should “extol the pluricultural, multiethnic character of the people of Costa Rica.” (The nation’s constitution was changed in August 2015 to recognize that pluricultural, multiethnic character.) The law also says the day will commemorate the historic arrival in the Americas of Christopher Columbus. It goes on:The indigenous, European, African and Asian values that make up the idiosyncrasy of Costa Rica will be exalted in the commemorative acts of Cultures Day. We will remember, on this day, the historical and cultural ties that bind the nations of Latin America. We will also stimulate the recovery of the aforementioned values.Seems like a good start.This piece is a adapted from a version originally published in Oct. 2015.Read more about Costa Rica’s fascinating international mix of cultures in our special feature, “There’s no such thing as a ‘pure Costa Rican.’” Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Californias Home Sales Net Mixed Reviews in September

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Realtor Association Service Providers 2011-10-18 Abby Gregory Share In California, home sales were down during September, but data from the month still represents upward movement year-over-year for the third consecutive month. The recent findings from the “”California Association of Realtors”” puts the state at what the organization calls a “”stable level.””[IMAGE]Closings for escrow sales of existing, single-family detached homes in California transitioned downward to a seasonally adjusted total of 487,940 for September, representing a loss of 2.1 percent from August. Compared to the same month during 2010, the sales figure demonstrated a rise of 4.1 percent, up from unit closings of 468,700 for the same period one year prior.Statewide median pricing for existing, single-family detached home sales stood at $287,440 for September, showing a decline of 3.2 percent compared to August numbers. More importantly, the current median price statistics represent an 8.3 percent drop year-over-year, based on last September’s recordings which found the sector’s median pricing at $313,460.The state’s Unsold Inventory Index for existing, single-family detached homes was even with August’s findings, clocking in at[COLUMN_BREAK]5.1 months, demonstrating some downward motion year-over-year, based on a September 2010 total of 5.9 months. Thirty-year fixed-rate mortgages carried an average interest rate of 4.11 percent for September, off of 4.35 percent last year during the same month. Adjustable-mortgage interest rates stood at an average of 2.84 percent, dropping from 3.46 percent one year prior. Single-family homes in California stayed on the market for an average of 54.4 days for September, rising from 50.3 days year-over-year. Addressing the state’s recent results, CAR’s president Beth L. Peerce said, “”September’s sales decline was not a surprise, given the run of economic events that occurred during the time these sales were initiated, such as the debt debate, weakened stock market, and pending changes to the conforming loan limit. This heightened uncertainty, coupled with the lower conforming loan limit, which some large lenders began implementing in early July, had an adverse impact on September sales.””Continuing commentary from the organization, Leslie Appleton-Young, CAR’s VP and chief economist, noted, “”While the median price declined in September, we’ve seen nominal month-to-month changes in the statewide median price since February, indicating some stability in home prices. Additionally, September home sales remained on track with expectations for this year, and sales for all of 2011 should be about even with last year, slightly above 490,000 units.””To evaluate the “”statewide market””:, CAR examined more than 90 local associations of realtors throughout California to determine statistics for existing single-family detached homes. Data recorded is typically seasonally adjusted, with the exception of county sales numbers, and the group notes that, in some areas, statistics for median pricing will appear more volatile that is accurate due to low sales volume in June of this year. October 18, 2011 455 Views center_img California’s Home Sales Net Mixed Reviews in September in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technologylast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Comments   Share   Top Stories Playing at home should help.Peterson said “everything is against you” on the road, where “games are going to be called a little tighter” against the visiting team.“I have to continue playing my game within those rules,” he added. “If they call it, they call it sometimes. I’m playing football. At the end of the day, I just have to — for the most part, I have to make sure I keep my hands off these receivers, make sure I play within the five-yard rules (and) we’ll see what happens.” The Giants scored on the very next play to take a 14-10 lead.“I thought it was probably his poorest game since I’ve been here. He got frustrated and let the referees get to him,” Arians said.Peterson did not disagree.“I let the refs get to me. I didn’t compose myself throughout the game,” he said. “But after that series, that bonehead series on my behalf — me being selfish, not thinking of the team — that’s probably the poorest he’s seen me.“[However] I felt my technique in the game was solid. I gave up that one play (in the second quarter). I was looking for the back-shoulder and he threw it over (the top). Eli (Manning) made a nice throw and it was a great catch (by Rueben Randle). I’m still hurting over that. But I’ve got to move forward.”A new challenge awaits Peterson and the Cardinals secondary this week against the San Francisco 49ers, a team that lines up Michael Crabtree on one side, Anquan Boldin on the other, and features new additions Stevie Johnson and Brandon Lloyd. And don’t forget about tight end Vernon Davis.“These guys have weapons everywhere,” Peterson said, “so as a secondary we just have to make sure we’re going in fundamentally sound and making sure that we understand the assignment and what we have to do to slow these guys down.” TEMPE, Ariz. — According to Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, the referees called “a heck of a game” Sunday in New York.He may be in the minority in thinking that, at least among fans and particularly those who make a living playing defense against wide receivers.The new NFL, if you will, is geared toward more offense and more scoring, meaning less grabbing and less holding by defensive backs.center_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires It was a point of emphasis in the preseason, and the edict has shown no signs of slowing down through the first two weeks of the regular season. Take the game Sunday, where the Cardinals and Giants combined for five illegal contact penalties, five defensive holding calls and two pass interference penalties.No one appeared more frustrated by the yellow laundry on the field than Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, who found himself on the wrong end of the whistle a couple of times.“The refs are calling the game correctly for the most part,” he said Wednesday. “But as DBs, we’ve just got to make sure we play within the rules. Keep our hands off them, play within the guidelines and practice that habit.”On the Giants go-ahead scoring drive in the third quarter, Peterson and Jerraud Powers were both penalized for defensive holding, though Powers’ call was declined. While pleading his case, Peterson pumped field judge Jon Lucivansky. There was no flag and subsequently no fine, according to Peterson, who three plays later received his second pass interference penalty after he intentionally grabbed Victor Cruz in the end zone to prevent a touchdown pass. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

News podcast UNHCR representative talks about World Refugee Day

first_imgThe Cyprus News Digest, in collaboration with the Cyprus Mail, brings you an in-depth analysis of some of the latest developments in local and international – in audio form.Presented by Rosie Charalambous, this week:As World Refugee Day approaches, we talk the UNHCR representative in CyprusWe hear about the opening of a new centre where refugees can meet and interactFrom next week all newborn babies in Cyprus will be offered free hearing testsFor more, visit: You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more