Inuk woman with liver disease improves but family hopes for wider policy

first_imgTORONTO – The family of an Inuk woman struggling with acute liver failure is expressing optimism about her improving condition, while urging the rapid end of policies that deny transplants to alcoholics who haven’t abstained from drinking for half a year.Garrett Saunders said in an interview from the transplant centre at the University Health Network in Toronto that his older sister, Delilah Saunders, showed further signs of improvement over the weekend and on Monday.The 22-year-old said the family from Labrador is pleased with the 26-year-old woman’s progress and is increasingly hopeful she won’t require a liver transplant, though that is not yet definitely the case.Meanwhile, Saunders also read a statement from the family which says the Trillium Gift of Life Network, the organization that oversees organ donations in Ontario, needs to change the six-month abstinence rule.He said in the statement that the policy tends to be particularly harmful to marginal and poor groups and may be “preventing them from accessing life-saving care.”The family has said that Saunders, who is a prominent activist for Aboriginal women, was initially told that she didn’t meet criteria for a transplant because she drank within the last six months before she fell ill.A spokesperson for Trillium has confirmed the agency plans to launch a pilot project in August to suspend the six-month requirement and provide transplants to almost 100 patients with alcohol-related liver disease.Transplant physicians have said there is a critical organ shortage and research has shown both that some alcoholics resume drinking after a transplant, leading to liver failure.However, a lawyer who represents patients who have been denied liver transplants cited a University of Pittsburgh study that evaluated the prospects of alcoholics who received transplants. It found in the first five years their chances of survival were as good as patients suffering from non-alcoholic liver diseases, though lower in the longer term.— By Michael Tutton in Halifaxlast_img read more

Feds offer 158B in new ships to Vancouver Halifax while opening door

first_imgThe Canadian Press OTTAWA — The federal Liberals are shaking up the government’s multibillion-dollar shipbuilding plan, promising $15.7 billion in new work to the two shipyards in Vancouver and Halifax while opening the door to their bitter rival in Quebec City.During a news conference in Vancouver, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government will buy two more Arctic patrol ships from Halifax-based Irving Shipbuilding and 16 so-called multi-purpose vessels from Seaspan Shipbuilding in Vancouver.The ships will be built for the Canadian Coast Guard and aim to do two things: provide the coast guard with desperately needed new ships and prevent layoffs at Irving and Seaspan, which together have won billions of dollars in federal work since 2011.Yet Irving and Seaspan are unlikely to be popping champagne bottles: Trudeau also revealed the government plans to hold a competition to add a third shipyard to the shipbuilding plan.That opens the door to Davie Shipbuilding becoming an official partner in the strategy after years of intense lobbying, which Irving and Seaspan have long opposed for fear their Quebec City rival will steal work away from them.Today’s announcement in Vancouver, which was to be followed by similar announcements by ministers in the Halifax and Quebec City areas, comes only a few months ahead of the federal election, during which the Liberals will be looking to win or hold onto seats in all three cities.last_img read more

Canada may need higher carbon taxes to meet its Paris targets PBO

first_imgOTTAWA — Canada’s parliamentary budget watchdog says a higher price on carbon will be needed if Canada is to meet its Paris Agreement targets for greenhouse-gas emissions.A Parliamentary Budget Office report today says an extra price on carbon will be needed past 2023 to meet Canada’s targets, starting at $6 a tonne and rising to $52 by 2030.Combined with the current federal fuel charge, that would add up to $102 per tonne.Under current projections, Canada will reduce its emissions to 592 megatonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030, but the target is 513 megatonnes — a gap of 79 megatonnes.The PBO estimated an additional price on carbon after 2023 would cut emissions more and at a lower cost to the economy than the current fuel charge.The office notes that the estimates were made based on existing policies, and Environment and Climate Change Canada has said the effects of some new clean technologies have not yet been modelled.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Peter Mansbridge anchors his final edition of CBCs newscast The National

first_imgON 30-NOV-09, AT 7:08 PM, VAN DER VOORT, JANE WROTE: IMAGES OF PETER MANSBRIDGE FOR WEEKEND LIVING, “10-MINUTE INTERVIEW,” DEC. 5/09. THX. On 30-nov-09, at 7:08 pm, van der voort, jane wrote: images of peter mansbridge for weekend living, “10-minute interview,” dec. 5/09. Thx. Mansbridge, 68, said in an interview this week that he didn’t intend to make a big fuss of his last appearance on the flagship newscast as anchor. TORONTO — Peter Mansbridge ended his run as CBC’s main anchor Saturday saying he wasn’t a “fan of long goodbyes”, but was a “fan of long thank yous.” Mansbridge anchored CBC’s “The National” for the final time Friday, saying it has been “quite the ride.” “I have been extremely lucky over all this time to have worked in this place,” he said. “It has been just a fabulous experience.” “I thank the people that I work with,” Mansbridge said as he wrapped up CBC’s coverage of Canada 150 celebrations in Ottawa on Saturday. Advertisement Facebook Mansbridge revealed his retirement plans last year. The CBC has not yet indicated how it will replace him. Mansbridge has anchored the newscast since his predecessor Knowlton Nash stepped down in 1988. Twitter Earlier in the day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped by where Mansbridge was broadcasting in Ottawa and paid tribute to the veteran anchor. Login/Register With: Advertisement Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment “Thanks for watching all these years, it’s been quite the ride for me, but always a privilege to be a part of bringing the national story home to you from wherever that story may be,” said Mansbridge at the end of the hour-long show. “I can only hope you found it worthwhile, too. Goodbye.” “Thank you for being a steady hand and a steady voice for us always through the years, we’re going to miss you,” Trudeau told Mansbridge. The network ran a tribute to Mansbridge’s 50-year career in a segment broadcast on Thursday’s “The National” and has been paying tribute to him in some of its other programs during the past week.last_img read more


first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Facebook Advertisement Robbie Amell is coming back to Vancouver this Spring to film the new Amazon Prime series Upload.Filming dates: March 5th to May 10th.Upload is set in the future where humans are able to “upload” themselves into their preferred choice of afterlife. When Nathan (Robbie Amell) meets his early death, he is greeted by Nora in his version of heaven.center_img Advertisement Advertisement Twitterlast_img

Nothing short of a nightmare The Indigenous experience on campus

first_imgAPTN InFocusOn this edition to APTN’s InFocus, host Melissa Ridgen looks at Indigenous experiences on campus, from the perspective of educators and students.There’s no shortage of stories in the news or social media of incidents like the ‘Its okay to be white’ posters that were posted at the University of Manitoba, and left many Indigenous students feeling unsafe.Dr. Barry Lavallee of the University of Manitoba says it’s more than any one incident.“If you can’t see there is a wrong being done at the moment it’s being done, that is how racism looks,” Lavallee said.“I have never been taught as a teacher, to actually fill that void or support somebody to move forward.”“You have to think of Indigenous-specific racism as one of a panel of events that can occur in an institution including gender violence, homophobia, ableism — all those kinds of things. At the top of the hierarchy, are white heterosexual males, and as we move down you will find Indigenous people at the bottom.”Of course not all students experience racism on campus. But for those who do, it can negatively impact their studies.“Over the past six years I can only describe my experience as nothing short of a nightmare,” said McMaster University student Evan Jamieson-Eckel“You have a system that promotes individualism and what that does in our university, has Indigenous students fighting one another for positions, and to sort of gain fame behind their name. Then you also have the duel problem that our classrooms are more about coddling white guilt than being about Indigenous liberation.”last_img read more

Retail inflation inches up to 286 pc in March

first_imgNew Delhi: India’s retail inflation saw a marginal rise of 2.86 per cent in March on account of increase in prices of food articles and fuel, according to government data released Friday. The inflation based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 2.57 per cent in February this year. On yearly basis, it was 4.28 per cent in March 2018. The data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) showed that inflation in food basket rose to 0.3 per cent in March from (-) 0.66 per cent in the previous month. The rate of price rise was also higher in ‘fuel and light’ category. The inflation in the segment rose to 2.42 per cent as against 1.24 per cent in February.last_img

Liberia UNled team gives new hope for containing devastating caterpillar plague

A team of scientists has identified the caterpillars that swarmed across northern and central Liberia devouring crops and contaminating water supplies as an easier to control species than was previously thought, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) announced today.After a three-day fact-finding visit to seven of the areas affected by the outbreak, the FAO-led experts established that the insects were not armyworms, as had been reported, but larvae of another moth species, Achaea catocaloides rena.The caterpillar infestation swept across some 100 villages in Liberia and six communities in neighbouring Guinea, in some cases overrunning buildings and sending residents fleeing in panic, causing President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to declare a national emergency last week. According to Liberian authorities, the emergency involved about 500,000 villagers.It had been feared that much worse was in store as armyworms – one of the most destructive of insect pests – bore into the ground, out of reach of pesticides, form protective cocoons around themselves, waiting to re-emerge as moths able to fly up to 1,000 kilometres and lay 1,000 eggs.Achaea catocaloides rena, however, pupate on the ground under fallen leaves making it relatively easier to destroy the cocoons and limit further infestation.The four-man team, comprised of FAO experts from Ghana and Sierra Leone and two local entomologists, reported villagers destroying cocoons by stamping on them or collecting and burning them, which will not be enough to prevent their spread to plants and crops. The caterpillars have already polluted water bodies and damaged crops such as coffee, cocoa, plantain, bananas and wild flora, and large adult moth populations had also contaminated the environment with their powdery scales, which could cause allergies. Some staple food crops such as maize, rice, sorghum and millet, which are scarce during this dry season, had been left largely undamaged. The team said the caterpillars moved to other food sources after eating through the leaves of the Dahoma trees where they mainly reside. The experts warned that although it is positive news that these caterpillars pupate on the ground “emergency preparedness for secondary and tertiary outbreaks are not in place as a preventive measure.”FAO is in discussions with the Liberia Ministry of Agriculture and other partners on how to contain the infestation after confirmation of the identity of the caterpillars. The agency noted that this is also an opportunity to develop a better response system against migrant pests in the sub-region based on monitoring, early warning, bio-control, capacity building and contingency planning. 4 February 2009A team of scientists has identified the caterpillars that swarmed across northern and central Liberia devouring crops and contaminating water supplies as an easier to control species than was previously thought, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) announced today. read more

In week 5 of tsunami disaster UN help ranges from topography to

Beyond the immediate UN relief work of providing shelter, food and urgent medical and preventive care, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has prepared the Tsunami Atlas using satellite images collected from FAO data bases and completed by major spatial data sources on the web to assist in rebuilding lives and livelihoods.”The atlas shows the tsunami-affected areas before and after the disaster, thus helping experts in evaluating the damage and estimating reconstruction and rehabilitation needs especially in the agricultural lands, the mangroves areas, as well in the coastal infrastructure that is used by farmers and fishermen,” FAO remote sensing expert Dominique Lantieri said.The atlas is well advanced for Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the areas hardest hit by the 26 December tsunami, which killed at least 165,000 people, injured half a million others, left up to 5 million more in need of basic services and caused incalculable damage. FAO is also working intensively regarding others among the dozen affected countries.Meanwhile, the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has urged the Government of Thailand and its non-government partners to be extra vigilant in promoting HIV/AIDS prevention as it rebuilds its tsunami-stricken coastline.The main risk factors centre on an immediate lack of prevention resources such as condoms and education materials. Increased vulnerability is mainly due to people seeking unhealthy livelihood alternatives because their principal means of income generation has been destroyed.”Not just lives have been lost due to the tsunami, but livelihoods as well, most notably in fishing and tourism,” UNAIDS Country Coordinator Patrick Brenny said. “For this reason there is a critical need for prevention programmes and sexual health information among this population, not to mention getting people back to work and restoring their livelihoods.”For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that persons affected by a catastrophe like the tsunami are exposed to extreme stressors, such as personal danger and loss of kin, which represent risks of mental health problems. Most of the affected people live in resource-poor countries and this makes the task of providing assistance more difficult, it warns. read more

Viterra shareholders vote 998 in favour of Glencores 61B takeover offer

Viterra shareholders vote 99.8% in favour of Glencore’s $6.1B takeover offer by The Canadian Press Posted May 29, 2012 6:34 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email CALGARY – Viterra shareholders have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a $6.1-billion takeover of the Canadian agribusiness by a European commodities giant, the company announced Tuesday.It said 99.8 per cent of votes cast by Viterra shareholders were in favour of accepting $16.25 per share in cash from Glencore PLC, a Swiss commodities giant.The federal Competition Bureau has already indicated it doesn’t plan to intervene and the vote is one of the final steps before the deal is completed. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice is expected to rule after a hearing on Thursday.“We welcome the response of Viterra’s shareholders to the deal,” said Chris Mahoney, Glencore’s director of agricultural products, in a statement from Baar, Switzerland.“We look forward to becoming part of the agriculture industry in Western Canada and to contributing to the expansion of the grains and oilseeds sector in those communities now served by Viterra, in Canada, Australia and elsewhere.”The Glencore deal included a side agreement that will see a large chunk of Viterra’s business sold to two other Canadian companies.Viterra (TSX:VT) was formed several years ago after Saskatchewan Wheat Pool bought Agricore United. The company has since expanded beyond Canada.Glencore approached Viterra in March as it was preparing to benefit from the end of the Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly on the marketing of wheat and barley in Western Canada.However, a significant chunk of Viterra’s business will be sold to two other Canadian companies.Calgary-based Agrium Inc. (TSX:AGU) will pay $1.8 billion for the majority of Viterra’s retail business.Richardson International of Winnipeg will also acquire a 23 per cent share of Viterra’s grain handling assets in Canada, plus other North American assets.Glencore has also agreed to keep Viterra’s North American head office in Regina.A report by Informa Economics, commissioned by the Saskatchewan government, said the transaction is likely to improve Saskatchewan farmers’ ability to export their crops worldwide and cement the province’s reputation as being open for business.But its says the deal raises some concerns about competition for crop nutrients such as nitrogen.The effect on employment in the province is expected to be mixed and the impact on provincial coffers is expected to be modest.On Tuesday, Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said he expected shareholders would approve the deal but added he was “shocked” by the 99.8 per cent.“It’s pretty one-sided and I guess it shows that it’s a good deal for shareholders at least,” he said.The province gave the Informa report to the federal government earlier this month. It’s up to Ottawa to make the decision as to whether or not the transaction represents a net benefit to Canada.“We’re optimistic that it’ll be good in the long run,” Stewart added.“It’ll certainly be good if the feds ensure that Glencore establishes Regina as its North American headquarters and maintains at least, or maybe enhances employment in the field and increases capital by $100 million, like we’re asking, over five years in western Canada.”Viterra shares closed Tuesday at $16, down three cents, on the Toronto Stock Exchange. read more

Vamvakinou caught in factional crossfire in Calwell

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Bitter political infighting within the Labor party is the root cause of the challenge against Maria Vamvakinou for the ALP safe seat of Calwell. Mrs Vamvakinou is the only Federal MP being challenged at the preselection party vote that will be held on Sunday and next Monday, July 19 and 20 respectively. The challenger is Andrew Richards from the ultra left splinter group of the Metal Workers Union, The Workers First. Mr Richards was only recently elected at Geelong City Council but seems poised to abandon his home base for the electorate of Calwell. This move by Cr Richards has raised eyebrows within the party, including Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Senator Kim Carr. “This is purely and simply a power play from a small group within the Labor Party aimed at leveraging further concessions,” Senator Carr said to Neos Kosmos English Edition (NKEE). Senator Carr stressed the fact that Mr Richards as a Geelong Councillor is a long way from home seeking nomination in Calwell. The Rudd government Minister praised Maria Vamvakinou for her work in Parliament in general and in her electorate in particular. “Maria [Vamvakinou] is an outstanding Member of Parliament and she is the Chair of the House of Representatives Innovations Committee and I work very closely with her as the Minister.She has been critical in working closely with us in developing new programs for manufacturing and innovation… in the last 18 months she has attracted, $288 million worth of new investments to the electorate” Senator Carr highlighted. He reiterated that Cr Richards’ nomination for preselection is a manipulation of the system and a “nuisance nomination” and urged every member of the ALP party to “turn up and reject with their vote this kind of politics.” Meanwhile, members of Greek branches of the ALP are up in arms and express their frustration over the political argy-bargy. Stella Karyiofyllidis who is a member of the Anstey Greek branch of ALP for over 20 years suggested that the challenge against Mrs Vamvakinou was a “low blow” for Greeks.“I’m very surprised and shocked and very disappointed that they are targeting Maria who has worked very hard for her electorate and the Greek community in general.” Mrs Karyiofyllidis was the first Greek born woman to become Mayor for the City of Moreland where she continues to serve as a Councillor. She appealed to the party apparatus to support Mrs Vamvakinou’s nomination and called on the Greek members of the ALP to react to this challenge. “Enough is enough… we only have one Greek woman representing us and they are trying to take this away from us,” Mrs Karyiofyllidis stressed.The fact that a woman politician was targeted in this apparent power play angered Thekla Scarcella. Mrs Scarcella has been a member of the ALP Greek branch of Broadmeadows East for over 10 years. “This is outrageous because there aren’t many women representing us in politics as it is,” she said. Mrs Scarcella, a long time resident of the Calwell electorate highlighted that the challenger of Mrs Vamvakinou is not only an outsider to the area but more importantly has not even proven himself to the residents of the City of Geelong where he lives and was elected as a Councillor. “Maria knows the area and its problems. She has worked hard for its constituents,” stressed Mrs Scarcella.“In a multicultural area such as this, Maria has built bridges between the different ethnic communities and religions or the area” she added. Mrs Scarcella was adamant that the Labor party needed to stand behind Maria Vamvakinou, or else she cautioned “of electoral disillusionment with the ALP.”last_img read more

Green Mountain levy run a rare August bid

first_imgGreen Mountain School District would typically run a maintenance and operations levy in February when most other school districts tend to, but this year they pushed back the vote until August.That’s because the district went out to voters in November, who approved a capital levy that will pay the district $1.25 million spread out evenly to $250,000 a year for five years.“August is an unusual time for districts to go to the voters with a levy, but with our population up here, we thought we’d have a great shot to pass it,” Superintendent Tyson Vogeler said.It also gives the district a backup plan if voters come out against the measure. School districts can only run a levy vote twice in a calendar year. If the vote on Aug. 6 fails, the district can run it again in November.Vogeler is, of course, hoping it doesn’t come to that. This levy is a replacement three-year levy for educational programs and operations. The district estimates the tax rate for the levy will be $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value for all three years, bringing Green Mountain’s collection to an estimated $321,129 in 2020, $353,241 in 2021 and $388,566 in 2022.last_img read more

FW Partners with Opinion App Maker to Create Mobile Community

first_imgFor F+W, the objective is to create an art, design and photography community. “We’ve been looking at different mobile app proposals when Kurani approached us with this idea,” says Gary Lynch, publisher and editorial director for F+W’s design community, including the HOW, Print and I.D. brands.  “We liked that it was being created by designers for designers, the navigation was simple and intuitive and crowdsourcing is popular among our customer base.”Lynch says Kurani Interactive builds the app and manages the service while F+W’s design community attracts new users.  F+W markets the service to its audience and receives a share of revenue, which is split with Kurani. Advertising generally appears in the “results” section of the app.“What we get out of the deal is the opportunity to build our brand and the creation of a new revenue stream with little downside risk,” Lynch says.Since launching, Kurani says Opinionaided has received more than 4 million responses to more than 50,000 questions. He says users are spending an average of 40 minutes each week using the app. In a move to further integrate its vibrant arts community with the growing mobile world, F+W Media has struck a partnership with Opinionaided, a software company that helps users get and give opinions over mobile devices in real time.Incubated by Red Bank, New Jersey-based technology company Kurani Interactive, the Opinionaided application launched July 12 and allows users to ask a larger community of registered users their opinions on any topic of their choice. The free app currently is available on Apple’s iPhone and the plan is to extend the platform to Android and Blackberry soon. There also is a Web version with limited functionality that was created mainly so people can access to it from Facebook.After registering, users are able to post questions, answer other people’s questions, reply to and vote for the best responses. “Initially, we anticipated people would only vote, on average, about 10 times per month,” Opinionaided founder and CEO Dan Kurani tells FOLIO:. “Since we launched, we’re seeing that the average person votes on queries about 200 times per month. And instead of using it as a tool to ask a lot of questions it turns out people are using it as a tool to help other people.”The app, Kurani says, is built on a centralized database with a PHP-based back-end. In all, he says the mobile community consists of about 15 sub topics, including home and garden, fitness and gaming. Kurani says Opinionaided is looking to partner with publishers and other brands to build out those categories. “For publishers, it extends their mobile footprint at no cost and can be a valuable tool for developing their audience, and collecting data,” he says. last_img read more

Pentagon Reform Plan Would Prevent Future Savings Analysts Say

first_imgTwo analysts argue that House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry’s proposal to eliminate seven defense support agencies as part of an effort to cut $25 billion in annual spending from Pentagon overhead would have the paradoxical impact of hampering DOD’s ability to trim waste in the future. By shuttering the Office of Economic Adjustment, the plan would make it more difficult to close unneeded facilities, state William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, and Miriam Pemberton, a federal budgeting expert and an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, in separate op-eds.“Going after military waste, Rep. Thornberry wants to shut down the agency whose job it is to help the Pentagon get rid of expensive bases it doesn’t need or want. Tell me what sense this makes,” Pemberton says. OEA has helped communities convert excess military bases into new civilian uses while replacing most of the lost civilian jobs, both point out.“Eliminating the agency will enable waste writ large, on a scale larger than anything that might be saved by reducing bureaucracy alone,” Hartung says. He describes the proposal as “a faux reform plan that is the policy equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”DOD photo by Army Sgt. James McCann Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Budget to chart stock markets direction in actionpacked week ahead

first_imgAs fears of the demonetisation-led slowdown to the Indian economy eased and quarterly earnings of auto and certain FMCG companies seemed shrugging off any major worry from the demand perspective, stock markets rebounded sharply, with the benchmark indices BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty attaining pre-demonetisation levels last week. ITC, 30 other stocks hit 52-week high on Friday; is it pre-budget rally?The Sensex jumped 847.96 points, or 3.14 percent, to settle at 27,882.46, while The NSE Nifty 50 index rallied by 291.90 points or 3.50 per cent to settle at 8,641.25.As markets gained strength in the run up to a pre-budget rally, for the first time after the note ban on November 8 and Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election on November 9, foreign institutional investors (FIIs) were also seen convincingly buying Indian equities.However, the next lies an all-important action-packed week, which investors will be eyeing with bated breath. Budget 2017: On Wednesday (February 1), Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present his fourth Union Budget and on Tuesday (January 31), the Economic Survey will be tabled. Even though the consensus remains that it will be a populist Budget, markets do expect the finance minister to respect the self-committed fiscal deficit to GDP target of 3.3-3.4 percent for FY 2017-18.Among other measures expected from the Budget are an upward revision of the exemption threshold for personal income tax, as well as a reduction in corporate tax rates; a road map for the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST); an increase in capital spending and other steps to boost consumption. However, markets are likely to get unnerved if the government introduces or reclassifies the definition of long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax or increases the securities transaction tax (STT).GAAR clarification: On Monday, Markets are likely to positively react to the Central Board of Direct Taxes’ clarification that the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) will not be invoked against those foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) who can prove their main purpose is not to obtain tax benefits by locating in a certain jurisdiction. FOMC Meet: The two-day US Federal Market Open Committee (FOMC) meeting is scheduled for January 31 and February 1 and investors will be watching for the Committee’s outlook for the US economy and interest rates in 2017. At the same time, reactions to US President Trump’s decision to ban entry of citizens of seven Muslim countries into the US will be keenly watched. Facebook and Google CEOs have reacted adversely to Trump’s move. However, Indian IT companies are expected to be affected immediately.Additionally, the next round of corporate results will also decide the near-term trend of the markets. Heavyweights like Housing lender HDFC, Grasim, Tech Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, ICICI Bank and ONGC will come up with their quarterly numbers the next week.last_img read more

Kajal to be part of Hollywood crossover film based on true story

first_imgKajal Aggarwal.PR HandoutActress Kajal Aggarwal is all set to become a global star with her upcoming flick which said to be a crossover film. She is going international with an opportunity to pair up with Jeffrey Gee Chin, who is popular in Hollywood for award-winning short film Lil Tokyo Reporter. This film will be made in three languages – English, Hindi and Telugu and Kajal will be playing the leading lady. While Jeffrey will be seen in the English version, Manchu Vishnu will be seen in the Telugu version. The shooting for the three languages will begin on July 15.The film is a relationship drama and will feature many prominent Hollywood actors in the English version and several Indian actors across the country for Hindi and Telugu versions. According to sources, the film is based on a true story. It is more about a couple who are injured in an accident and the changes in their life after that. Hunting for the lead actor of the Hindi version is still on and in addition to Kajal, the film will have one more heroine.An official confirmation from Kajal Aggarwal about this project is awaited. Further details of the film will be announced soon, The Times of India reported.Crossover films are becoming popular nowadays and this is going to be the second crossover film from the Telugu film industry. Anushka’s Nishabdam tops the list and the shooting of the film has been going on in Seattle. This film has Madhavan, Shalini Pandey, Anjali and others too in key roles.last_img read more

Anisul terms CJs verdict observations vindictive

first_imgLaw minister Anisul Huq.The government has rejected the rationales cited in the Supreme Court’s verdict on 16th constitutional amendment, says law minister Anisul Huq.In his formal reaction to the SC judgement at a media briefing at Bangladesh Secretariat on Thursday, he said that a decision on whether the government will legally challenge the verdict would be taken after thorough scrutiny of the verdict text.Read more:CJ’s political remarks in 16th amendment verdict hurt, grieve, damage AL: Khasru“We’re still considering whether a judicial review [petition] should be filed,” he said.The law minister alleged that the arguments and observations made by the chief justice in the verdict were not based on “fact in issues”.“[Some of the] observations of the chief justice are simply not logical; they are emotionally charged and reflect a vindictive attitude,” said the law minister.Read more:‘No scope for debate on SC verdict in parliament’He added that the government would take initiative to expunge the ‘objectionable matters’ in the judgement.The minister, in response to a query, however, said the government would not use politics to counter the court verdict.He rejected the court’s arguments that the 16th amendment, which gave parliament the power to remove judges for any misconduct and incompetence, had in any way hampered the independence of the judiciary.Read more: AL in discomfort over court verdict, latest dev“Parliament was not in a power contest with the judiciary by making provision for the parliament to remove judges. Rather independence of the judiciary was strengthened,” the minister claimed.Anisul Huq also expressed reservations about chief justice SK Sinha’s observation that “no nation – no country is made of, or by one person”.“Although Bangabandhu was in the Pakistan jail, the war of liberation was fought under his leadership and thus the country became independent,” the law minister said.Read more:Not falling into govt or opposition trap: CJThe Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on 3 July this year scrapped the 16th amendment and restored the Supreme Judicial Council and the full text of the verdict was released 1 August, stirring a huge debate over which of the state organ is sovereign – is it the legislature or the judiciary.The AL-led 10th parliament on 17 September 2014 unanimously passed the Constitution (Sixteenth Amendment) Bill restoring its power to remove Supreme Court judges on the grounds of misconduct or incapacity, scrapping the existing constitutional provisions for the Supreme Judicial Council inquiry into such allegations.Read more: Judiciary’s arm can’t reach parliament: ALThe country’s main opposition political party – Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) – has hailed the court verdict and is accusing the ruling Bangladesh Awami League (AL) of standing against the judiciary.Earlier on Wednesday, the Law Commission chairman and former chief justice ABM Khairul Haque observed that the 16th amendment verdict has effectively removed the judges’ accountability to the people.Following the Supreme Court verdict that stripped off parliament’s power to remove judges, he said, it ‘seems to me that Bangladesh is no longer a People’s Republic’; rather it becomes a ‘Judges’ Republic of Bangladesh’.Read more:As if it’s judges’ Republic, says ex-CJ Khairul Haquelast_img read more

Secret of Mana available for iOS right now at 899

first_imgSecret of Mana, one of the finest RPGs released during the SNES era (Secret of Evermore FTW!), is available for iOS right now.Square Enix has released the game for $8.99, which is high for the app store, especially considering the tremendous proliferation of SNES emulators and the easy availability of ROMs, but it’s a great sign for RPG lovers and fans of 16-bit gaming. We should also keep in mind that SoM has yet to hit the Wii or Nintendo DS and original cartridges go for at least $40 so this actually could be a very good deal.AdChoices广告How great of a deal it actually is will depend on how well the game was ported to iOS. There are a number of issues inherent with porting a game this old to a new platform, let alone to a mobile phone and something without hardware buttons. RPGs (especially turn-based ones) tend to work better than actions games so let’s keep the fingers crossed.All the reviews seem to be relatively positive so far, though there are complaints about the price and the lack of multiplayer. Everyone else just seems thrilled to be able to play Secret of Mana on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.Pick it up at the App store.last_img read more

Pollution has rendered Ganga unfit for bathing says report

first_imgKolkata: Water in some stretches of the Ganga in Bengal is so polluted that it is unfit for bathing, owing to the growing level of pollution.A report prepared by the state Environment department says that the pollution level in more than 10 stretches of the Ganga spreading over five districts including Kolkata is so high that the water is not safe for bathing anymore. The revelation comes at a time when the Centre has claimed the success of Namami Gange project. Garden Reach in Kolkata is one of the affected areas, while the other affected stretches fall under the districts of Howrah, Hooghly, North 24-Parganas, Nadia and Murshidabad. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseThe Namami Gange Project is an ambitious project of the Centre which integrates the efforts to clean and protect the Ganga river in a comprehensive manner. The project is officially known as Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission project. An earlier report prepared by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) had revealed that apart from Bengal, the water of the river is also unfit for bathing in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. A senior official of the state Environment department said that Bengal is situated downstream and hence receives all the pollutants that flow along the river from the states that are located upstream. He also said that coliform bacteria, which is mainly found in sewage, is a major cause of concern. The bacterium is often found abundantly in the waters of Ganga. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataIt is often alleged that the most of the sewage treatment plants in Bengal do not have a proper mechanism to treat municipal waste water. Due to the non-functional sewage treatment plants (STPs), untreated wastewater of various municipalities gets discharged directly into the river. Such organic pollution in the river causes harm to both human beings as well as the aquatic life. According to a city doctor, untreated urban sewage contains pathogens that cause a variety of diseases, including diarrhea. The accumulation of organic pollutant stimulates microbial growth, leading to oxygen depletion and ultimately causing severe harm to the ecosystem of the river. Kalyan Rudra, chairman of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board, said that due to the growing level of pollution, Hilsa fish and dolphins are found in lesser numbers in the Ganga compared to previous years.last_img read more

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