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Inside The App Stores: Apple, Android & The Hottest App You’ve Never Heard Of

first_imgRole of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement How To Make $$$ Developing AppsFor now, Distimo’s report suggests this: The odds of striking it rich as a mobile app developer are tiny, and the safest bet is to design either a game or a productivity app for the iPhone. There’s also one other thing to consider, that Distimo doesn’t: Draw Something shot to fame, as customers downloaded it 50 million times in 50 days. But the dropoff was almost as sharp. Today, it’s down to about 2 million monthly users. And Line Pop’s Google Play page shows the same sharp downward trend. App fame is fleeting, and users are always on to the next big thing. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … What app broke through to become one of the most popular in 2012? If you live outside Asia, chances are you’ve never heard of it: Naver’s Line Pop, a matching game that an analyst report this week estimated at 1.75 million downloads in just over 72 hours.Line Pop’s success overshadowed the success of Draw Something, 2012’s other most-talked about app. Draw Something reached 1 million users in 9 days early in 2012, and was instrumental in convincing Zynga to spend $180 million to acquire developer Omgpop.The report this week by Distimo attempted the chart the success of apps residing on the two most popular platforms: Google’s Android app store, Google Play, and Apple’s iOS App Store. Unfortunately, the year-end look didn’t touch on smaller, less popular app platforms such as RIM’s BlackBerry Store or Amazon’s own powerful rival to Google Play. (Although one can dismiss BlackBerry’s waning influence, and the nascent Windows Phone/Windows 8 stores, it would have been interesting to see how Amazon influenced Google Play, and especially how its store affected downloads and revenue for the Android platform.)But the report does lay out an interesting smorgasbord of data that developers should digest over the holidays, including one worrying trend: Fewer apps are generating more revenue, meaning that the bulk of app store revenues are consolidating within fewer and fewer apps. That’s great news if you have one of the few hits, but a real challenge for everyone else.The report indicates that both Google Play and Apple’s iOS are growing strongly, though Apple’s iOS platform still generates more revenue. Distimo also showed that some countries heavily skew either toward or away from tablets.Google Play Still Trails AppleBoth Apple’s App Store and Google Play now have about the same number of apps, roughly 700,000, but Android smartphone penetration is much higher: 52.5% of all U.S. smartphones, according to comScore, versus 34.3% for Apple.Distimo’s report also shows that daily revenues from Google Play are on the rise, increasing 43% over the last four months, an impressive figure for any company. During the same period, Apple’s App Store grew only 21%. But Apple’s app-store revenues started from a much stronger base; while the Distimo report doesn’t mention specific numbers, Apple claimed in January that revenue from the App Store and its iBookstore business hit $2.03 billion. Since January, Apple’s app store revenues alone grew 51%, Distimo said.On a typical day in November 2012,  Apple App Store revenue exceeded $15 million, Distimo found, while in Google Play the revenues were just below $3.5 million, measured across 20 of the largest countries in both app stores. The U.S., Japan, the UK and Australia generated the most app revenue.The implication is clear: although Apple’s market share is smaller than Android’s, app developers still make more money developing for the iOS platform. Hit-Driven App Consolidation That doesn’t mean that app developers will find guaranteed success in any one store, however. Distimo found that just seven hit applications earned 10% of the revenues in November 2012 in the Apple App Store for iPhone, which is a “significantly lower number of applications than in January 2012.” With the iPad, just six apps were responsible for 10% of the revenues, while in Google Play only four apps generated 10% of the revenue. Clearly, the window to make it big is shrinking – even as the rewards for do so continue to grow.Before (and presumably after) Apple launched its free iOS Maps service, navigation apps pulled in an average of $11.56 apiece on the iPad, and $7.25 on the iPhone, the most revenue per app any category made. On the iPad, business and productivity apps followed closely behind, while the same categories clustered together on the iPhone, with news and travel apps in the mix. Overall, however, games were the clear winner, sucking up a third of the downloads and even more of the revenue across both Google Play and iOS combined. The second-place category, widgets, was far behind at 8%. markhachman Related Posts center_img Tags:#Apple#apps#Google#iOS 6 Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Interestingly, Distimo found that the average price for an app was higher on Google Play than on iPhone-specific apps. And how did developers make money? Looking at the Apple app store alone, Distimo found that in-app revenue grew from 53% to 69% from January to November. The exceptions were developers that could convince buyers to purchase apps up front: games, for example, like “Minecraft: Pocket Edition.” Apple, the most popular publisher of apps on the iOS app store by download, chose this route with apps like GarageBand. Russia Loves Tablets, Japan Doesn’tPerhaps reinforcing the stereotype that the Japanese prefer small, dainty objects, Distimo’s geographic breakdown of app purchases provides new insight on how various country view tablet apps. The country with the highest tablet proclivity is Russia, where 46% of all iOS downloads were on the iPad, followed by The Netherlands and Finland with 38% and 35%, respectively. Japan is the country with the least tablet proclivity, as only 7% of all iOS downloads are iPad apps, Distimo wrote. But the firm also ranked Japan second in terms of the growth seen in purchasing iPad apps, at 112% over the last four months. Some 24% of the apps Americans purchased were for the iPhone, versus the iPad, Distimo found. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

You Versus the Status Quo

first_imgYou bring disruption. The Status Quo brings stability.You bring the possibility of improvement. The Status Quo brings the safety and security of the present results.You offer ideas that will help to move the business forward. The Status Quo offers the security of business as usual.You require that investments be made, that money be spent. The Status Quo eliminates the need for investments.You require that choices be made, that priorities be determined and pursued. That Status Quo removes the need for choices to be made or priorities to be set.You have the support of a few stakeholders. The Status Quo has deep organizational support.You require that commitments be made, that action is taken, that new outcomes are pursued. The Status Quo protects from commitments, from new actions, and ensures the existing outcomes remain.You bring the need for cross-functional communication and cooperation. The Status Quo ensures that the silos remain in tact.You bring the possibility that power shifts within the organization. The Status Quo ensures that power remains where it presently resides.None of your competitors are more entrenched in your dream client’s company or more powerful than the Status Quo. There isn’t any competitor with the support of more stakeholders. There isn’t a single competitor that is more of a threat to your opportunity. Work and sell like this is true.QuestionsWhat is the most dangerous threat to your opportunity?Why does the status quo feel safer than your new initiative?What actions do you need to take to flip the balance of power away from the status quo? Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

An Inbound Marketer’s Introduction to Twitter Lists

first_img , soldering list on Twitter, your business will have one more way get found by prospects. lists. Watch For example, say you’re interested in following the people at HubSpot. There are over 100 of us here now, so it’s a lot of work to follow us all individually. Now, instead of following each of us, you can go to our HubSpotters list page  — Inbound Marketing Stars Lists are collections of Twitter users that you can follow all at once, instead of one by one. They’re Employees lists are great places to find out more about HubSpot. In case you missed the news last week, Twitter solder paste (1) Start following a few popular lists. , –Lists are a new tool. They’re going to evolve, and the best practices for using them as marketing tools will also evolve. In order to get the most out of them you should keep trying new ways of using them. Customers and the one we’ve setup at HubSpot . .  ? Once you’re created a few great lists, share them with your network. Post them on Twitter. Post them on Listorious. Post them on your blog. When you share your list, make sure you share your list page. The URL should look something like this:  Inbound Marketing News Watch this free webinar to learn everything you need to know about marketing with Twitter Lists. You’ll find out how Twitter list can be useful to marketers and how to get started with them. There are lots of ways to become a thought leader, and lists augment them all. If you sell soldering supplies and you set up Lists will help companies solidify thought leadership. THE  A key part of marketing today is using search, social media and content to establish yourself as the thought leader in your industry — whether it’s  — and follow us all at once. (4) Keep experimenting with lists. is a great place to browse Twitter lists. I’m also a fan of why should you or any other marketer care What have you learned about Twitter lists? Let us know in the comments below. Lists will make companies more transparent. , the internal conversations of your company will become more transparent. That will give prospects another way get to know your company and to build trust, which will leads to more sales. One last note: Keep in mind that lists aren’t perfect right now. It’s very hard to add people to them. You can’t change the names. It’s hard to browse a lot of them. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore them. They represent a significant change in the way Twitter works — and, increasingly, that means a significant change in the way marketers do their jobs.  Successful inbound marketers know that transparency builds sales. It builds trust, which makes deals easier to close. Here’s how: Go to your Twitter home page. In the right-hand column, about halfway down the page, you should see a “New List” option. Click this and you’ll see instructions that will help you create a new list. Try to create a descriptive, unique name. And make sure you select the “Public” option. changing the way people use Twitter Partners Our If your company sets up a list of all employees using Twitter like  (2) Start building your own lists. New York Times lists Twitter Marketing Topics: golf training How to Get Started With Lists ,  (3) Share your lists. — Listorious Once you’ve create the list, start adding people to it. This can be time consuming. Right now the best way is to go to the profile of the user you want to add, then click the white lists tab above the user’s updates. You’ll see your new list in the pulldown.  or something else.  What’s a list — and  Once you take a look at few lists, jump in and build your own. . Don’t share the page you use to manage your list. and Free Twitter Lists Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Lists announced a major new feature: , and they’re set to become an important new tool for inbound marketers. the free webinar now There are at least two ways that lists will become important tools for marketers: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack list are great places to find out more about inbound marketing. The fencing Originally published Nov 2, 2009 10:08:00 AM, updated October 20 2016last_img read more

3 Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Increase Search Engine Traffic

first_img help control where your content appears faster First add your site and verifythat you are indeed the owner or at least have access to managing it. Once logged into Google Webmaster Tools you will have access to three primary areas for review – site configuration (managing your website), your site on the web (how Google sees you), and diagnostics (where Google is getting stuck). Date & Time: own website your site is the more likely crawlers are to go through more of your content. note Want to learn more about your website – Is it set up for success? Is it being crawled by search engines? Is it site too slow? How can I tell? your latest content ( In summary, these tools are helpful because they show you a lot about your site that you would otherwise not be able to track, and it helps troubleshoot – as a bonus this is a great way to be a hero with IT or just take some control back over your Originally published May 13, 2010 11:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 2. Managing Geographic Targeting: This is something that can easily be controlled via your site configuration > settings. Note that this is a little like playing with fire and you wouldn’t want to disqualify your content from being displayed to Europe unless you are truly only selling to the United States. However, if you have multiple websites or subdomains which are diagnose if something is wrong SEO Resources To diagnose potential issues, troubleshoot or determine if there is even an issue at all, refer to crawl errors and stats which show you that information. What do you do with this information? It will help you . Topics: : not all content that gets crawled gets indexed, because the harsh truth is that not all is index worthy). then this will be a must for you tocenter_img . Having one and submitting it via webmaster tools allows you to politely nudge 1. Submit a Sitemap: and ultimately work to improve site performance. If there are no errors, then no worries. If yes, then you will want to take action and most often they will actually give you suggestions on what to do next. The crawl stats will also show you how much time is spent loading a page. This is extremely useful for large sites that are looking to do advanced optimization or any site heavily using images, dynamic URLs etc. The Photo Credit: Google to crawl This is not the public sitemap that you use as an index for your content, but rather a dynamically built sitemap which updates on a regular basis to include your most current pages of your website as you create them. This may sound complex – not at all. You can build one yourself through any free “.xml sitemap generator tool” out there or just ask your webmaster to add one. How do you know if you have one? Most are set up to be found at Kinologik Submit your site now 3. Crawl Errors and Site Speed: Free tools like Google Webmaster Toolsprovide you detailed reports about your pages’ visibility in Google, and registration is simple – and did I mention free. You should actually register your site with Yahoo Site Explorerand Bing Webmaster Centeras well. ( note: this post is specific to tips within your Google account and can be applied across the board.)  for optimization by HubSpot Experts! (2 will be selected) . Live Website Optimization: Using Website Grader For Marketing Success targeting foreign countries Join HubSpot Experts for a live session for website review and optimization, providing tips for getting found online. Every Tuesday at 1:00pm ET Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

3 Problems with Inbound Marketing

first_img However, Inbound Marketing is hard. Creating content isn’t easy for every business and ROI results varify based on the time commitment and expertise of the individuals within the company. – But seriously, SEO does take time but you can ensure a high ranking by having a lot of quality links, keyword optimization and by genuinely having the best content for that subject. In the long-run, quality will always win over. You need to make sure that your SEO strategy is multi-dimensional and that you aren’t just doing only link building, only keyword optimization or only content creation. – While you can’t really influence your users to create a website or blog and link to you, there are some other niche bloggers who can stumble upon the website and might do concept or product reviews. You can also submit the items for sale on your website to comparison shopping sites (while most would be ‘nofollow’ links, you get the benefit of more distribution!). @dharmesh – Most people are not patient and it is uncertain where you will be ranked when enough time has elapsed for the rankings to readjust on a more secure basis. You could be chasing a carrot on a stick forever without increasing your rank significantly (there is the possibility your ranking will drop too). Another issue is that you might be pursuing a vertical SEO strategy that might not work and you won’t know that for a few weeks or a few months, at which point your competitors will have increased their rankings or will have improved the ‘barrier to entry’ for the top rankings. HubSpot 3 Problems with Inbound Marketing 3 Resolutions to My Problems with Inbound Marketing 2. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait . – Your average shopper does not have a blog nor are they interested in blogging, though in a few niche communities like haute couture and streetwear, many shoppers have their own blogs. Even if your visitors are really engaged with your site and its content, shoppers aren’t going to start a blog just to buzz about their amazing experience with you. For the most part, you have to outbound links through Blogger and Media Relations. Anyone have other resolutions for these Inbound Marketing problems? Originally published Jun 30, 2010 11:30:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Free Download: Marketing Data: 50+ Marketing Charts and Graphs because he can take it? The following is a guest post by – You still have to allocate time towards inbounding traffic, users and customers. That time has an opportunity cost associated with it, and if you’re more than a bootstrapped startup, you pay salaries which go towards paying for your time, and so the time spent on Inbound Marketing costs money for the company. , the co-founder of Blank Label, an ecommerce startup specializing in 1.  E-commerce Companies Have Trouble Building Inbounding Linkscenter_img Download the ebook now! to have access to these charts for use in your own presentations custom men’s dress shirts Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Inbound Marketing Danny Wong – Evaluate the customer acquisition cost (including salary) for both the Inbound and the Outbound campaigns – if of course the Inbound campaigns take much more time than the Outbound. Clearly, if they took the same amount of time, the customer acquisition cost from Outbound would be higher since same time and same employees equals the same cost, but Outbound has the added cost of the campaign budget itself. Hunterrrr Photo Credit: 1. Influencers Matter HubSpot has compiled over 50 original marketing charts and graphs on topics including Lead Generation, Blogging and Social Media, Marketing Budgets, Twitter and Facebook 3. Inbound Marketing is Not Entirely Free has made a really compelling point that Inbound Marketing is important, and that it is definitely is something all businesses should practice because the ROI higher than other forms of marketing. 3. Nothing Is Free 2. Search Engine Optimization Takes Time Anyone else have gripes with Inbound Marketing? Perhaps something just to telllast_img read more

When Technology Goes Wrong: How to Respond to Your Audience

first_img We’re going to have a follow-up Review the webinar video recording and slides. Originally published Jul 1, 2010 12:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 – Check if presenters are muted, either on your phone or via the webinar controls. Check that attendees’ phone/computer lines are not muted. live Q&A session with our webinar speaker, Dan Zarrella Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. Ealier this week, we hosted our largest webinar yet, The first few times we hosted a live webinar, we practiced numerous times beforehand. We tested the technology, the presenter practiced their presentation, we made checklists to make sure we hit every task. Make sure that you choose a date and time that would work well for your audience (consider their time zone, for example) and plan ahead with your webinar service provider to make sure the event is setup to provide the technology you need (any combination of phone, streaming audio, slides, video). Review all the Stay Calm. Watch for Common Mistakes and Simple Solutions. There’s an ebook, a webinar, some other awesome stuff. All free, no registration required. Please just enjoy. , for anyone who couldn’t join the webinar or didn’t get their questions answered. It will be 30+ minutes solely of answering your questions. And hey, Attendee dropping sound – Have a second computer that has control over slides as backup. Log in early and practice advancing slides. Have a printout of the slides so that you can keep talking even if the presentation is frozen. video and slides for download on our website Photo credits: Katlin Lewis Slides not advancing for presenter In addition to joining the webinar as a presenter/organizer, I also always log in as an attendee (on a separate computer) to best experience exactly what attendees are experiencing. This is a way to stay on top of issues as soon as they happen, whether it’s audio dropping out or screens freezing or anything else. This also helps you respond to attendee questions about how to interact and how to deal with technical hiccups. . – Could be that the webinar platform does not work on the attendee’s browser. Suggest that they try joining the webinar in another browser. Have a way for attendees to test their browsers ahead of time (many webinar providers have a way to do this). The Science of Facebook Marketing with Dan Zarrella Apologize. slides on SlideShare I’ve been doing webinars long enough that I know that technology never works 100% of the time. The HubSpot marketing team has hosted over 50 webinars this year and every time, even in our seasoned age, something always goes wrong. It’s a painful experience, of course, as a marketer to never have a program just work. But technology isn’t perfect (at least when it’s run by humans!) and the lessons we learn are what to do when technology goes wrong. I’m certainly not promising or expecting to not have any technical issues ever again. I’m just committing to doing my best to figure out why the issues happened and what we can do about it. We’ve met with the webinar provider and discussed the issues and possible solutions. In the end, it was a problem with the configuration for our particular event. We discussed what should have been changed and how to make sure a future event would not fall victim to the same issues. Offer a Make-Good. Before the presentation, give registrants a way to contact you (for us, they can reach us by email by just responding to their webinar confirmation). During the webinar, if there are any issues, make them clear in any and all ways possible. Sometimes we do this by audio (“We are experiencing some technical difficulties – the presentation will begin shortly! We apologize for the delay.”) but don’t rely on audio, since the technical difficulties may actually be impacting it. Answer email inquiries and submitted questions via the webinar Q&A console. anyone’s welcome to join we said. Communicate.center_img No sound from presenter Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack – Possibly due to internet connection. Suggest that they connect to a hard internet line. Event Marketing for everyone to enjoy and also posted the – Usually an issue of an attendee’s internet connection. Suggest that they connect to a hard internet line. Topics: Constanza , , with over 13,000 registrants and experienced among our worst technical difficulties. We owned up to it. We apologized sincerely to all of our attendees, both on the webinar and in our follow up. We could not be more sorry for all the aggravation and disrupted presentation. Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and save people the aggravation of attempting to join a frozen webinar for 20 minutes. , Make sure it doesn’t happen again. Here are some free resources. But here’s what we’ll do, The last thing you want to do is alarm the presenter or attendees or anyone else. Stay calm and in control (even if you don’t feel it!) because panicking will derail your entire presentation and delay you from overcoming an inevitable hiccup. No matter how experienced we are, we all make mistakes with technology. Having some issues? Here are some of the common mistakes and simple solutions: Attendee unable to enter presentation Becky Wetherington In the end, it is an outright miserable situation to be in when technology impedes your ability to deliver quality programs to your audience. But hopefully you can develop a human relationship with that audience, offer your apologies and your plan to improve, and move forward. , That’s not enough. webinar presentation best practices We successfully recorded the presentation and sent it out to all of the registrants. We also posted the Slides not advancing for attendee . . Pseejunkie Get Into Your Attendee’s Shoes.last_img read more

Why Content & Curation is Critical to Business with @CC_Chapman [@InboundNow #14]

first_img For the full transcript of the show and the audio, head over here: Offer Something of Value on Your Site , joins us for another episode of of inbound marketing success and we cannot stress that enough. ! Far to many people wait strive for absolute perfection when creating content. C.C. is the founder of, a marketing consultant and frequently speaks at industry events on the topic of content marketing. This is a Content Creation C.C. Chapman, author of Thinking about what content you are going to produce doesn’t have to be rocket science. Start with a big idea and break it into smaller chunks Your brochure-ware website will not cut it anymore. You need a site that is the hub (no pun intended) of your industry that keeps prospects and customers coming back into your site. Content Rules Metrics For Content?Emily Evelina: Could you ask how to measure content value when clients are so hooked on SEO metrics? You talk about this in the book, what are some core metrics to keep an eye on? How to use content marketing and curation for your business The Shift Provide useful and valuable information that answers questions your would be buyers are searching for. Pulling together the top resources from your industry can be a great way to supplement the content you are producing. Originally published Mar 31, 2011 11:15:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Content Rules Remember, content curation is not a replacement for content creation Make sure you are linking back to the originals and by all means try and add in your 2 cents as to why you are sharing the content. This is both to avoid penalties from Google and to add value and context to whats being shared. How curating content can be a powerful way to help supplement your content creation efforts and share valuable information with your community. Why producing content for your market is more important than ever. Perfection Is The Enemy of Shipping For more about the book see: This drags out blog posts, puts off that video being produced 8 months into the horizon, and nothing gets shipped. Not every piece of content will be the Mona Lisa, especially when starting out. These imperfections and rough spots when first getting into producing a piece of content helps share your companies authenticity with the world and shows a more human side to your business.center_img How Do Your Customer Consume Content? Creating (Good) Content Is Hard “The hardest thing is you really need to figure out what you want to create. Because let’s face it, content is a beast. Once you start doing it, to do it right, this is not a one and done thing. This isn’t, oh, we’re going to set up the website and then forget about it. This is something that has to become part of your core DNA, that you keep doing on a regular basis” How to get started in the content marketing game. In the show we talk about: “One of the first rules we laid out was you need to embrace that you’re a publisher.” OR start with smaller ideas and piece them together into something bigger. Creating content has to become a major part of your company and it’s not a one off project. It’s a continual process that you can refine over time. Repurposing content is key. Ask yourself “What else can we do with this?” Do a content audit of the pieces of content you have right now and tackle the beast one way or another.  “The key part is figuring up front how you’re going to measure. Say, for the next three months, we want to increase . . . one of the things I say is don’t say we want more views. Say we want to increase our viewership by 10,000 or whatever the number is. Pick the number that’s right for you. But then you can look at it and do it short term, look at three months. We want to increase our readership by X. Then you can look and go, “Did we hit it or did we not? How can we ramp it up even more?” “Oh, look we did do this with like no budget. What if we add some budget, what could we do then?”Content takes a while to get going. Connect with CC Online The content that you are creating online is what is going to bring in more organic traffic and help build your companies position as thought leaders in your space. Topics: ! and you can tweet him Content Curation Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack “Content curation is a great way, especially for small businesses or companies who don’t think they have the time to create all their own content, to pull together relevant content and share it with your community” Inbound Now How does your target audience consume content? In what scenarios do they commonly find themselves in? Do they typically have a long commute? Does your content need to be snack sized or can it be consumed in a longer time frame? critical piece Companies need to start thinking about themselves as content publishers. Reimagine Don’t Recycle @cc_chapman Ask yourself this question before you being creating different pieces of content. CC blogs regularly over onlast_img read more

3 Social Media Marketing Lessons from Comedians

first_imgThe line between the two professions is blurry indeed, and we shouldn’t be surprised that comics like Jimmy Carr and Tim Sidell (aka @badbanana) had prior Social Media Marketing Originally published Jun 17, 2011 11:15:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Marketing Takeaway: Apply that principle to your social media strategy by including videos, pictures, surveys, and other types of dynamic content. Linking to website content is great, but text is one-dimensional and can get boring for folks following your social media strategy 2. Use Props  You should likewise always keep a hand on your audiences pulse.  Be cognizant of what they like – doing so will help you avoid posting content that gets crickets, as they say. Hecklers make stand-up comedy a full contact sport. In smaller clubs, where patrons set their drink on the edge of the stage, back and forth with audience members is almost always part of the act.  And it doesn’t go away on bigger stages, either. I saw Jerry Seinfeld at Foxwoods a couple of weeks ago, in a massive ballroom, and he lambasted a heckler who was sitting at the back of the 2nd balcony, at least 70 yards from his mic stand. Detouring out of rehearsed material and into a conversation with a heckler is in a comic’s blood, and it should so too be part of how you use social media. Marketing Takeaway: . They likely learned a lot from us! But now it’s our turn. Here are three important principles to bolster your Photo Credit: as often as you can, and use that data to inform what you share next. 3. Know Why They Laugh brand on places like Facebook and Twitter You can schedule posts all you want, but a truly remarkable social media strategy is steered by someone who can go “off-script” to respond to unsatisfied customers or brand detractors. Doing so on thecenter_img Marketing Takeaway: .  Videos and imagery of you doing what you do, will enrich and deepen thier understanding of who you are. open and transparent forums careers in marketing and advertising Measure interactions and traffic from social media , extracted from the tips of the stand up trade.  1. Engage Your Hecklers will go miles to repair relationships, as well as increase the confidence of onlookers. What other comedic lessons have you put to work in your maketing strategy? ~*Gillian*~ Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: George Carlin was a philosopher for the damned.  Bill Cosby satirized the nuclear family. Sam Kinnison shocked audiences with screaming serenades to ex-girlfriends.  They knew what chords they struck with their audiences, and wrote and performed material with those chords in mind. Whether they did ‘focus groups of one’ by the bar after the show, or measured reverb on the laugh-track machine – we’ll never know – but they knew what they were doing.  Who remembers Gallagher? He was a standup in the late 80’s and early 90’s who made a name for himself by smashing watermelons with sledgehammers on stage (talk about remarkable!).  Folks with front row seats to his shows typically found rain coats waiting for them on their chairs, like they were opting for the “Splash Zone” at a Sea World show.  His use of props and penchant for liquid explosions added a dimension to his jokes, persona and performances that other comics didn’t have.last_img read more

4 Digital Event Marketing Lessons From the Ames Straw Poll

first_img targeted marketing efforts Many candidates used display ads on the [free] Ames Straw Poll website to grab the attention of undecided voters. Bachmann used strong call-to-action links on the site asking visitors if they wanted to take part in her entertainment events in Ames, which linked to landing pages with forms asking for support. When possible, always remember to take advantage of the larger event’s website reach and other ways to appeal to the majority of the audience. The larger event will most likely draw new and , which focused on encouraging Iowa residents to attend the event to vote, was the key to her success. In terms of marketing, many agree that the Ames Straw Poll showcases the organizational and marketing strengths of each candidate. What sets it apart from other contests along the road to the White House is that there is a stronger focus by the candidates on grassroots, Marketing Implications of the Ames Straw Poll social media 4. Use friendly competition and incentives to spread awareness and increase engagement. In order to be successful at the Ames Straw Poll, candidates’ marketing skills are put to the test, as they must locate legal residents of Iowa and then convince these voters to 1) support them, 2) purchase a $30 ticket to attend the Ames Straw Poll, and 3) show up on the day of the event. If candidates can do this with enough people, they’ve demonstrated their organization’s grassroots marketing skills and organizing efforts. Therefore, the efforts that some candidates take to achieve success at the Ames Straw Poll provide helpful insight into grassroots event marketing. Below are some digital event marketing lessons marketers can learn from the Ames Straw Poll. qualified leads for your business , so think of it as yet another qualified channel to generate more leads! Bachmann set up a strong presence in Iowa with her digital team to generate buzz about the Ames Iowa Poll. Instead of focusing on a “Vote for Bachmann” message, the digital team focused its marketing on the candidate’s events associated with the poll. If you are new to industry in which you’re marketing, promote your event in a way that positions exciting news or value relevant to your event, rather than focusing your marketing on what you’re hoping to achieve with the event (in Bachmann’s case, votes). If your goal is to get discovered, be creative with how you attract your audience. Once you gain a following and generate buzz around the event, you can market yourself later. Did you follow the Ames Straw Poll? What other event marketing lessons can you share? as opposed to traditional, wholesale media campaigns, primarily because there is an established audience upon which to focus. Only die hard, well-informed and passionate ‘politicos’ are interested in attending the Ames Straw Poll. 1. Make the event the focus of your marketing push. One of the biggest challenges for candidates in the Ames Straw Poll is attendance. Candidates need to generate interest in the event, but they also need to ensure voters actually attend to cast their vote. Most candidates created online platforms for their voters to RSVP or register for a bus ride to the event. For your own events, consider using a platform like Eventbrite so people can RSVP and see who else is planning to attend. Creating a sense of a ‘team’ by allowing attendees to see that they’re not alone generates excitement about you and the event. By creating multiple platforms for your attendees to actively commit, you can secure a more accurate count of the day’s attendees. Think of enticing ways to generate multiple forms of commitment from attendees to be sure you’ll attract a strong showing.center_img 3. Make it easy, and get people to commit. This past Saturday, the Ames Straw Poll was held in Iowa, which is the first test of the Republican candidates’ organizational strength in their quests to gain the Republican Party’s nomination for president. The event takes place each summer before the year of the presidential election. The winner of this year’s poll was Michele Bachmann, and many believe her 2. Use the larger event platform to generate leads. Prior to the poll, candidate Tim Pawlenty motivated supporters by creating a competition to take action through Digital Event Marketing Lessons From the Ames Straw Poll Topics: set up a Facebook Page Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack to spread awareness. He Originally published Aug 17, 2011 3:05:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 that linked supporters and awarded points to supporters for completing specific tasks such as posting Facebook messages to promote his candidacy. Top performers were awarded prizes. The key takeaway here is to leverage your existing supporters or customers to spread the word to their own networks. Have loyal customers? Find ways in which you can get them to promote your event throughout their own networks. Make sure you motivate them appropriately, and thank and reward them for their efforts. internet marketing strategy Event Marketinglast_img read more