Spurs star Kane booed at NFL London clash… at his own HOME stadium

first_imgKane, who is a big NFL fan and supports the New England Patriots, was pitch-side for much of the game and was even invited to the traditional coin toss.But as his name was read out over the PA system, the 26-year-old was roundly booed.Kane was well off colour as Spurs were walloped 3-0 away at Brighton a day earlier.But it would still come as a shock if it was his own fans booing him and not the NFL supporters having a bit of fun.And the action at the stadium will have brought a smile to Kane’s face after the toils of 24 hours later.Oakland were seemingly down and out, falling 17-0 behind.KANE WANTS NFL CAREERThey incredibly turned it on its head to go 21-17 up before late heartbreak and a 24-21 triumph for the Bears.SunSport reported how England captain Kane has hinted he wants to finish his sporting career playing American Football.Kane, 25, is a huge fan of the US sport and even has his own limited edition NFL jersey – released by Tottenham thanks to the club’s close connections to the American league.And the Spurs ace revealed he could see himself making his NFL debut one day as a kicker.Latest Tottenham NewsHARRY ALL FOUR ITKane admits Spurs must win EIGHT games to rise into Champions League spotGossipALL GONE PETE TONGVertonghen wanted by host of Italian clubs as long Spurs spell nears endBELOW PARRSpurs suffer blow with Parrott to miss Prem restart after appendix operationPicturedSHIRT STORMNew Spurs 2020/21 home top leaked but angry fans slam silver design as ‘awful”STEP BY STEP’Jose fears for players’ welfare during restart as stars begin ‘pre-season’KAN’T HAVE THATVictor Osimhen keen on Spurs move but only if they sell Kane this summer3He told ESPN: “That’s real. Something that in ten or 12 years I definitely want to try.”It goes back to that drive to be the best. Even if I download a game on my phone, can I be the best in the world?”If you play in the Premier League and the World Cup and you then play in the NFL, would you then be considered one of the greatest sportsmen ever?”3 Oakland Raiders won a real ding-dong battle at the Tottenham Hotspur StadiumCredit: Getty Images – GettyKane booed at Tottenham’s stadium. These NFL players ain’t playing lol— TiriForry (@MangoCoconutNG) October 6, 2019 Mauricio Pochettino insists he will not run away ‘like a kid’ despite bad losses against Bayern Munich and Brighton Harry Kane guest NFL captain just got booed in his own stadium.As if I couldn’t love the Bears and American football more.— Matt Williams (@frolicols) October 6, 2019center_img TOTTENHAM striker Harry Kane was BOOED when his name was read out – at his own stadium.The England star was a special guest for last night’s NFL clash between Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.3 Harry Kane was a special guest as NFL arrived at the Tottenham Hotspur StadiumCredit: Rex FeaturesHarry Kane booed out of building at coin toss. You love to see it #nfluk— Luke King (@Coolhandluke_25) October 6, 2019last_img read more

Budgeting Basics: How to Save on Inconsistent Income

first_imgThe views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or view of Intuit Inc, Mint or any affiliated organization. This blog post does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation. If you aren’t able to automate your savings based on percentage, commit to doing it manually. For instance, at the end of each month I’ll sock away a percentage of all the income that came in for estimated taxes. I’ll divvy up the remainder for my savings goals—retirement, a “fun” fund, an art fund (to buy art and for my own personal projects), emergency fund, and a fund for gifts (holiday spending stress is no joke).   Research says “set and forget” money management is the best way to achieve your financial goals. However, it’s tough when your income fluctuates wildly. One easy way to avoid this is to set up an automatic saving withdrawal for the times when you do have extra money. For instance, auto transfer when you get paid, suggests Kristen Berman, co-founder and principal of Common Cents Lab.“It’s even better to withdraw a percentage of your paycheck versus a fixed amount,” says Berman. “This means that that money will only be taken  if you have money, and leave the rest for you to spend.” For instance, instead of committing to $500 each paycheck, set up an auto transfer of 10 percent of each paycheck. Apps such as Qapital have the “Freelancers Rule,” where you can set up a percentage of each paycheck to go toward your savings.   If you work a bunch of side hustles and get paid every Friday or every other Friday, there are two months of the year where you get an “extra paycheck.” While tempting, avoid spending this money on today’s wants, suggests Berman. Instead, spend it on tomorrow’s needs.” Put the extra money toward paying off your credit card, going to the dentist or into your car repair rainy day fund,” says Berman.  You’ll want to make sure it’s going toward something intentional that will help you in the long run. One thing I’ve tried to do as a freelancer is to “get ahead by one month.” So by the end of November, I’ll have enough cash in the bank to cover my living expenses for the following month. So guess what you can do with those two extra paychecks each year? That’s right, it can go toward your “get ahead” fund.   Contribute Annually   Save for Estimated Taxes   Saved Based on Percentage  If you’re having a hard time making contributions regularly, try to do so every few months or once a year, recommends Pamela Capalad. “If you don’t make more than your minimum expenses are a given month, don’t feel pressure to save,” says Capalad. “If you try to save in a low earning month, you may end up putting expenses on a credit card or trying to catch up on expenses in a high-earning month instead of saving it.”  Contribute to savings, retirement and other long-term goals on your flush months. Or opt to contribute to a retirement account once a year instead of every month so you know exactly how much you can afford to contribute, says Capalad.  While budgeting on inconsistent income will forever remain a challenge, keeping these pointers in mind will help you live within your means, and have some money saved up for the future.   Post navigation Save When You Get Paid   Map out your projected income for the year and do a 12-month cash flow to see what your actual peaks and valleys in income are, suggests Pamela Capalad, a certified financial planner and founder of Brunch & Budget. “Often freelancers live month to month because income feels ‘unpredictable,’ but you’ve been freelancing for a while, you will have seasons of income, explains Capalad. “Being aware of when those are will give you an idea of how to plan for the low- and high-income months.”  To drum up a budget, try to calculate what earn yearly, suggests Berman. Research conducted by Common Cents reveals that looking at your income on an annual basis will help you make decisions for your future. “For example, instead of thinking about yourself as making $15 an hour, think about yourself as making $30,000 a year,” says Berman. “This annualized number makes saving a little bit for retirement feel more in reach.”  To figure this out, track how much you’ve made on average in the last three months, or the last six months. If you’ve been freelancing for more than a year, you can base your yearly income from last year’s. I know it’s not a perfect science, but it gives you something to work off of.  center_img Anchor Yourself on Your Lowest Paycheck  While an emergency fund is an essential part of any budget, how much should you save when you experience variable income? The general rule of thumb is three to six months of living expenses. When you have to deal with peaks and valleys in your cash flow, you’ll want to keep a robust rainy day fund as possible. I aim to have at least six months of living expenses, more if I can swing it.  Besides an emergency fund, having a buffer fund to get you through any gaps in income will help you pay your bills on time. I aim to keep about one month of living expenses in my savings account. That way I can transfer money directly to my checking and access money if possible. While the freelance life commonly touts flexibility and greater earning potential—cue the Instagram photos typing away on a laptop in an exotic locale—there are also financial downsides. A major one? Struggling with variable income. For freelancers, artists, and other members of the gig economy, it’s awesome sauce when you experience a spike in your income one month, but pretty terrible when your income drops the next. And as a lot of common budgeting advice is based on the assumption that one gets a steady paycheck, how can you come up with a spending plan? One that helps you not only stay afloat but where you can make steady progress on your savings goals?  Here are some tips on how you can budget when you deal with inconsistent income:  First things first. Here are parts of a budget that day-jobbers don’t normally worry about:   When your income fluctuates from paycheck to paycheck, depending on how many sources of income you have, try basing your budget on your lowest paycheck. For instance, if you are a rideshare driver and rake in about $800 a week, but also work part-time as a virtual assistant and make $250 a week, create a budget based on the $800 a week as a driver.  “It may be tempting to tell yourself you make $600 a week, but if you’re only making that every other week, you’ll end up overspending,” says Berman. “When you anchor yourself on your lowest paycheck, you’ll feel better. Plus, all the additional money that comes in on good weeks will feel like a bonus!”  Because I don’t have much of a regular income, I personally give myself a minimum income goal each month, and base my budget off of that. And if I surpass that goal, the rest technically can go toward my savings goals. Plus, I learn to keep my expenses low, so I don’t struggle with financial stress when I have a lull, which is inevitable.   Make the Most of “Extra Paychecks”   Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) RelatedHow to Make a Budget Using the 50/20/30 Budgeting RuleJuly 20, 2016In “Saving”Freelancer Money Woes: How to Beat ThemApril 24, 2019In “Early Career”Budgeting 101: How to Create a BudgetAugust 19, 2019In “Budgeting” Total Up Your Income  Keep a Robust Rainy Day Fund   One of the many joys of freelancing (not) is to pay Uncle Sam every quarter for estimated taxes. If you’re not saving consistently, this could blindside you. In turn, you may be left owning a lump sum at the end of the tax year, or incur late penalties. Instead, you’ll want to sock away each paycheck toward estimated taxes. I know, it hurts to see a portion of your income get devoured each month by the government. But not doing so will just lead to panic down the line.  I get it. All these extra financial considerations is a tall order, especially when you’re just trying to get your rent and bills paid on time each month. Here are a few tips and tricks for budgeting on inconsistent income:  last_img read more

In 20 Days Of March Tesla Delivered Over 2500 Model 3 In

first_img Tesla Is #1 Selling Brand In Europe’s Electric Car Race In February Musk Says Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 Could Arrive In UK By June Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on March 20, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle News Tesla Model 3 sets new sales record for electric carsTesla further increased it already fast pace of Model 3 deliveries in Norway, reaching a level of over 2,500 new registrations within the first 20 days of March! Together with the Model S/Model X, Tesla registrations exceed 2,800.The previous best for new EVs was 2,172 set by the Nissan LEAF in March 2018, when Nissan launched deliveries of the second-generation version in Europe.Now, the new record holder is the Model 3, and with 11 more days to go, there is a huge chance to achieve more than 3,000 registrations, maybe even more than 3,500.Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Flood Norway: Video With such strong results, Tesla is expected to take #1 among models and one of the first spots among brands, which we will check on during the first days of April.Overall, it seems also that despite no big rush for other EVs (Nissan LEAF registrations are at around 450 in 20 days), March could be a new record month in Norway.Source: teslastats.no Source: Electric Vehicle Newslast_img read more