New Shenmue 3 footage shows off gorgeous environments

first_imgMost of us can still recall that magic moment during the PlayStation E3 2015 Press Conference when Shenmue 3 was revealed. This is a title many (myself included) have waited nearly 15 years for, and the excitement and enthusiasm for the game has only gotten stronger during that time. It’s been over half a year since the announcement, and news since then has been minimal at best. Thankfully, a bunch of new screenshots and some shaky-cam footage has surfaced, which assures us (or rather, re-assures us) that Shenmue 3 is in fact real and is coming along marvelously. 1/5Gorgeous tree, but no forklift? 1/5A rustic desk. 1/5A tranquil forest walk, probably? 1/5A pretty pumpkin patch. 1/5Blue skies, fresh air. <>center_img Series creator and industry legend Yu Suzuki was at the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences to give us some new drool-worth Shenmue 3 material. We see what appears to be an autumn setting with lush vegetation, a highly detailed farm with fields, a barn, a house, and even some farm animals. Thanks to a deeply orange hue one would expect to see from a sunset, it would seem the game either has seasons, or takes place entirely in the fall.As great as the game is progressing, we should keep in mind that it’s still a work-in-progress. Shenmue 3 is slated for release in December of 2017, so there is still a long way to go before we see anything final.Still, what we have even at this early stage gives us hope that we’ll finally get the game we’ve been waiting for. With that said, anything can happen between now and the end of 2017, so it’s best to keep cautiously optimistic about this project until we can actually play it.last_img read more