Hazard and Asensio are unexpected signings in Madrid

first_imgThe Mallorcan is in the final stretch of his recovery. He hasn’t started working with the group yet, but since he does, it won’t be long before he’s available to Zidane. He went through the OR on August 7 and on paper a recovery like his is completed, according to the doctors, in eight or nine months. It is plausible to think that it will be available in mid-May and throughout June. Looking at the star Belgian, who underwent ankle surgery on March 5 in Dallas, should start her field work with the rest of her colleagues in early May. and be ready for competition in the middle of that month. Therefore, in both cases, that of Asensio and Hazard, would be ready for the last month of competition. Everything will depend of the decision that UEFA makes on Tuesday and of the own evolution of the pandemic. At the institutional level, the situation has also been reset. The sports management in charge of planning the squad was already working on the next season, it is obvious, but now it has been possible to make a more in-depth analysis of what the equipment may be lacking. The efforts are being focusing on how to bring more goals to the squad. This is what is most needed in the short term although it is also considered that Hazard and Asensio’s prolonged casualties have subtracted a lot of potential from the current project.Definitely, This stop by the coronavirus has been raised in all levels of the entity as a step backwards, but only to gain momentum, and the future is seen with optimism again. Beyond the possibility of recovering injured from a lot of weight in the squad, he works hard these days Zidane and his coaching staff to find a formula that gives the team more solvency. These are hard days for Bettoni and his assistants, who are busy studying videos of the last games and scrutinizing the statistics to hit the key. Inertia is no longer negative, as before the moment of stop, remains optimistic in the League and dreams of the European feat. The concern of Gregory Dupont is on how to counter the effects of quarantine. Madrid is not being able to work as a group and, to date, Manchester City is because no case has been declared in their squad. When the quarantine is over, the possibility is studied, even that the staff has to be divided into several groups and alternated in staggered work, for avoid to spread the spread of a possible contagion. DAILY AS & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Asensio, recovering.DAILY AS (DAILY AS) The closure to international football came at a time of sports crisis for Madrid, who had just lose the league lead to Barcelona and what has going uphill to the Champions League quarterfinals after losing at the Bernabéu in the first leg (1-2) against Guardiola’s City. Hazard recently operated on his damaged ankle, Asensio still finalizing his recovery after the important knee injury he had in the preseason, Marcelo Y Courtois, confirmed casualties for that round that had to be played in Manchester this Tuesday … Now, from all levels of the entity, sports and institutional, it has been possible to take a certain distance on the problems that affected the daily work and activity reset has been performed.At the sports level, Zidane is accounting for the most feasible scenario when activity resumes. As has transpired from the Spanish Federation, and in the absence of the final (telematic) meeting between all the federations that make up UEFA and that will be held next Tuesday, there is a good chance that the Euro Cup will move the following summer. In this stage, the League and the Champions could occupy part of the dates available in June and early July. This would suppose that the French coach could have two fundamental pillars for the final part of the season: Hazard and Asensio.PEPE ANDRES & nbsp; (DIARIO AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>José Ángel Sánchez and Zidane, this summer.PEPE ANDRES (DAILY AS)last_img

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