first_img:08 Here’s why you can’t trust “Them”! When Plaxico Buress went to jail for shooting his own leg, “They” said good. Then “They” said his career was over and he would never play again. And then when he got out of jail “They” said no one would touch him with a 10 foot pole. Now “They” are mad because he didn’t sign with the Steelers…C’mon man, “You guys” can’t have it both ways. You know who “you” are!!!:07 It’s Steeler Timer…Let’s get ready to RRRUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE! I guarantee we will be back in the Super Bowl and remember, “Revenge is best served cold!”:06 I don’t know the name of the old worst movie of all time, but the new worst movie of all time is “Cowboys versus Aliens.” You know I keep you posted on what to see. Please, please, please, please, in the name of the late great James Brown (The Godfather of Soul for you suburban readers) do not, I repeat, do not go see this movie! They took pieces from Alien I, II and III, the Magnificent Seven and any James Bond and Star Wars movie, shook it up in a Hollywood bag and threw it at the screen. (No not L.C. Greenwood “Hollywood Bags” you nitwit).:05 I know you all don’t really care, at least you pretend that you don’t, but Hines Ward and Kym Johnson, his Dancing with the Stars partner, are hooked up. She’s been in Pittsburgh way too much. That show’s been over for two months. She’s got the boy driving and drinking. You know that’s love…take it to the bank.):04 Best weekend ever? The Connie Hawkins Middle School Boys Tournament and Championship won by Imani Christian Academy over Pittsburgh Pressure and the Champions! Armon Gilliam Memorial Youth Summer Basketball Camp, over 200 outstanding young people in total. It was fantastic. (Details on both programs coming next week.):03 Next up, The Champions Mixed Doubles Celebrity Tennis Tournament, Labor Day Monday, at the Highland Park Tennis Courts. All combos welcome. Call The Champions to register. 412-628-4856.:02 If it’s First Friday, it’s old school par-tay time at the Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville. This Friday, Aug. 5 (That’s right. It’s August already.) Starring the Diamond Models, The Legendary Truly Yours Models and D.J. MeanGee. And on top of all that, it’s Renea and Foxy Roxy’s birthday. You missed the par-tays all summer. Don’t miss this one. Call Five Starr Corp. for information at 412-628-4856.:01 Pittsburgh Pirates listen to me and listen good. Do not go into a slump when the Steelers get it crackin…These make believe fans will leave you faster than “JLo” left Mark Anthony. How do you cheat on Jennifer Lopez! I don’t get it!?!?DOUBLE OVERTIME:00 Big, Big Shout-out to the Champions crew for this past week of basketball history. Alia Carter and the girls, Alex, Anthony, Coach Warren Wilson, Coach Gene Wilson, Coach Ben, Coach D.J., Coach William Burgess, Coach Mike and huge props to Jay and the fabulous Penn Hills YMCA and their tremendous staff. HOO-RAH!!!GAME OVER BILL NEAL :10 Randy Moss says he’s done. I don’t believe it…I think he’s testing the money waters and staying out of pre-season training camp. But if he does retire, he will be a first-round Hall of Fame lock and will finish as one of the 10 best wide receivers of all time.:09 Speaking of 10 best of all time…and I was, I saw the great Lynn Swann recently. Old school knows him as one of the top ten wide receivers of all time, if not top 5, but young folks know him as the owner of the Pittsburgh Power Arena Football team and “that guy” that ran for governor. Hey young folks, check your virtual history and you’ll find that Swann was, in fact, the greatest Super Bowl receiver of all time and by the looks of him, he could still turn in a Super Bowl performance!! Jerry Rice who?last_img

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