The Third “Tour de Igman“ held

first_imgThe third in a row “Tour de Igman 2015“ was held two days ago in the organization of MTB Club.About 200 registered amateurs and professionals from BH cycling, started through the charted recreational bicycle route approximately 30 kilometers long in the Veliki park on Ilidza – Velika Aleja – Jasike – Stojcevac – Kovaci – Osmica – Sajina Kuhinja – Lasicki stan – crossroad (War mosque – Veliko polje) – Mraziste and the finish was Veliko Polje on Igman. Flowers were laid and tribute was paid to the victims at the memorial  in Veliki park.Attendees were addressed by the president of the club Trek Team Sarajevo, Senad Beckovic and Zlatko Berbic, president of the Cycling Association of B&H, who thanked at the big response and wished participants a good ride to Veliko Polje and the secure return to their homes.On this way, the aim of the project that connects the important historical places on Ilidza and Igman, and at the same time promotes ecology and health through sport, especially cycling, was supported. Hanging for all participants with lunch and drinks of a large number of sponsors who supported this year’s Tour de Igman, was organized.(Source: Photo:

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