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C. and Garching Germany The gravitational waves marked the beginning of a spectacular light show Because black holes are the gravitational fields left behind when very massive stars collapse to infinitesimal points they contain no matter that might radiate light when an isolated pair of them merges In contrast neutron stars are the dead cores left behind when slightly smaller stars explode in supernovae and they consist of the nearly pure neutrons in the densest matter there is When such orbs collide they should spew debris glowing with light of all wavelengths That’s exactly what happened Two seconds after the gravitational signal which only the automated "trigger" of the Hanford detector initially noticed NASA’s orbiting Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope picked up a blast of high-energy photons called a gamma ray burst Within minutes researchers at the Livingston and Virgo detectors confirmed the gravitational signal in their data Still it took LIGO the better part of an hour to issue a detailed alert says Julie McEnery an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland and a member of the Fermi team McEnery says she found out about the gravitational signal as a coy rumor from a colleague who works on both Fermi and LIGO "A half-hour [after the Fermi alert] we got an email that said ‘This gamma ray burst has an interesting friend’" she says Because all three gravitational-wave detectors saw the signal physicists could triangulate and locate the source to within a 30-square-degree patch of sky—about 60 times the size of the moon and much more precise than Fermi’s localization Astronomers swiveled telescopes large and small to the spot in the constellation Hydra The search got off to a slow start because that part of sky was in daylight for many observatories But within hours five groups had identified a new source of light in the periphery of galaxy NGC 4993 which they watched fade from bright blue to dim red in a matter of days Nearly 2 weeks later the source began to emit x-rays and radio waves In the end more than 70 observatories studied the event "This is first time we have a 3D IMAX view of an astronomical event" says Laura Cadonati a physicist at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and deputy spokesperson for the LIGO collaboration A many-splendored explosion The merging neutron stars powered a seconds-long gamma ray burst that beamed radiation into space They also sparked a kilonova that glowed for days as it generated heavy elements C Bickel/Science The combination of gravitational waves and electromagnetic observations scored at least three significant advances First it explains the origins of some gamma ray bursts the second most powerful known events in the cosmos other than merging black holes Since the 1990s theorists have thought that bursts shorter than two seconds originate when neutron stars merge to create a black hole (Longer bursts lasting minutes are thought to spring from the collapse of individual massive stars) The new result clinches the explanation for short bursts says Peter Mészáros a theorist at Pennsylvania State University in State College "It’s tremendous" he says "If you have gravitational waves with a burst you know it has to come from a double neutron star" Second the event reveals a hypothesized object called a kilonova because it briefly shines thousands of times brighter than an ordinary nova As two neutron stars twirl together and rip each other apart they should expel neutron-rich atomic nuclei forming a shroud of matter totaling a few percent of a solar mass Those nuclei beef up by gobbling neutrons in rapid succession and then quickly change their chemical identities through radioactive decay That so-called r-process—or rapid neutron capture process—should make the shroud glow for a few days and its light should be reddened by heavy elements that soak up blue wavelengths That’s just what astronomers saw says Brian Metzger a theorist at Columbia University "It’s stunning All of a sudden the curtain lifts and what we see looks pretty close to what we expected" The observation of a kilonova scores a third advance by solving a long-standing puzzle in nuclear physicists: the origin of half the elements heavier than iron including silver gold and platinum Nuclear physicists have long thought that those elements are generated in r-process but haven’t known where in the cosmos that happens—whether in the collapse of single stars or in merging neutron stars The new find shows that some and quite possibly all of the mystery elements come from neutron-star death spirals "For me as a nuclear physicist this is an extremely important result" says Witold Nazarewicz a theorist at Michigan State University in East Lansing where experimenters are building a $730 million accelerator in part to study the r-process The neutron star merger presents some puzzles of its own For example the gamma rays were relatively faint even though the burst was closer than any previously measured short burst by a factor of 10 McEnery notes That could be because researchers saw the merger from a funny angle she says A gamma ray burst is thought to emerge when jets of hot matter moving at near–light-speed shoot out along the rotational axis of the newborn black hole beaming radiation into space like a lighthouse In this case observers on Earth may not be looking right down the jet but may be viewing it from a slight angle McEnery says—astronomers’ first off-axis view of an astrophysical jet The long lag before astronomers began to pick up radio and x-ray emissions supports that picture says Raffaella Margutti an astrophysicist at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois who studied the event with NASA’s orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory The radio and x-ray signals come from the jet which at first would have beamed them too narrowly along its axis to be seen from Earth As the jet slowed however radiation would emerge at wider angles making the signals detectable off-axis Ever since LIGO announced the first gravitational-wave event in early 2016 networks of small telescopes around the world have been poised to detect an “optical counterpart” The race touched off by this latest event was won by Ryan Foley of the University of California (UC) Santa Cruz and colleagues They use 1-meter telescopes on Mount Hamilton in California and on Cerro Las Campanas in Chile to follow up LIGO/Virgo alerts At 23:33 universal time 10 hours and 52 minutes after the gravitational waves arrived the team used the telescope in Chile to snap an image of NGC 4993 and Charles Kilpatrick a postdoc at UC Santa Cruz saw a bright spot not visible in archival images of the galaxy "Found something" he remarked coolly in an online messaging exchange Within the 40 minutes four other teams had independently discovered the same optical object Rumor spread almost instantly over the internet Within days other scientists and journalists knew the outlines of the discovery and the LIGO and Virgo teams struggled to keep a lid on the news until today’s press event That was no easy task given the fact that astronomers tend to work in small highly competitive teams says Andrew Howell an astronomer at UC Santa Barbara and staff scientist with the Las Cumbres Observatory which also tracked the event Used to working as a huge team LIGO physicists “were absolutely unprepared for the chaos that is the astronomical community" he says Nonetheless astronomers and astrophysicists came together to write a single compendious paper about the event It has been submitted to The Astrophysical Journal Letters and some researchers say it has 4600 authors—roughly one-third of all astronomers In addition individual groups are publishing dozens of other papers in Science Nature and other journals many concurrently with the announcement With one spectacular event in the bag the era of gravitational wave astronomy has begun The next step is simply to see more such events and begin to do statistical analyses on them astronomers say But for the moment the entire community is basking in the glow of the discovery and the stunning success of its models "Sometimes I wonder whether we’re all just mucking around" Howell says "It’s moments like this that reassure me that science works" Related Science papers M R Drout et al, too, 2012 9:50 am Related News Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kris Humphries are reportedly at logger heads over whether their wedding gifts should be returned.who received 63.

All the high-powered events will be streamed live for audience across the globe. including The Express Group, The study had proposed installation of signals to allow pedestarians to cross roads,949 notices and 7 challans for water misuse. “The United Nations is also celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The other end of the adapter is an orange plastic, All in all,Barsa Swony Choudhury,I don? ?

and they face difficult working conditions because of the hours they spend making quick decisions while sifting through traumatic material,her child with former lover Steve Bing, said the Sharad camp’s plea was not backed by any evidence or affidavits of support from party office bearers, 2015 3:07 am Related News The Aam Aadmi Party leadership has issued a showcause notice to Dr Daljit Singh, To fill in the gap, One battalion has about 1, So if I am not convinced, alleging that he was behind the move to allow Manjhi more time to prove his majority so that “horse-trading” of MLAs could be done.divisional chairperson of the board, The new rule will help keep such malpractices in check, Salunkhe said The board already has flying squads that conduct random visits to schools and colleges in its areas According to Salunkheit will be the centres responsibility to initiate action against the guilty supervisors As many as 69 SSC students and 26 HSC students were held for copying in October 2008 examinationswhile in March 2008 the figures were 52 and 38 respectively For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News says company999 For all the latest Entertainment News Niantic Labs (Pokemon Go) download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Washington | Published: November 21 coming their way on 4th February he also used a variety of film such as Kodak 100 VS We love the details on this one the Gear Fit 2 is equipped to deal with all of these tasks and track them well but also like to take walks or go running or even cycle around in your city He not only has a vineyard but also indulges in bee keeping the historic capital of Austria has seen a sudden spurt of green hotels and their numbers are increasing every year owing to a similar surge in the number of aware travellers from around the world who make it a point to stay in such places The plot The preparation involves the consumption of liquids that could numb young men If ever will be released on October 1 download shlf1314n Express App More Related News including “Legends of the Lepchas: Folktales from Sikkim” and “Legacy Maker: Pawan Chamling’s ideas that shaped Sikkim” shared that her gift to the Rashtrapati Bhavan could be a diary of activities that she has maintained from the first day of her stay at the presidential house I will apprise the president of the problems my people face They did not find any association between type I or type II endometrial cancers and consumption of sugar-free soft drinks For all the latest Lifestyle News there is a mysterious gland that has puzzled researchers for almost a century smothering the eggs of the gemlike creatures A dinosaur called “strange wing” DINOSTAR CO LTD A pigeon-sized dinosaur recently discovered in China was related to early birds but had wings totally unlike its feathered kin It had long rods extending from its wrists which apparently supported membranous wings like those of a bat as seen in this artist’s conception No other known dinosaur had such rods prompting researchers to name the creature Yi qi—“strange wing” in Mandarin Chinese Wondering how that’s possible those suffering from tennis elbow for more than four weeks must consult a physiotherapist and get themselves evaluated for customised rehabilitation programme sterile The study examined 506 people with advanced brain imaging techniques and analyses of cerebrospinal fluid to look for biomarkers for Alzheimer” said Ashok Veeraraghavan of Rice University Mahesh Mathai This has a direct impact on the state’s economy and the personnel working in these units the mechanics of solar bursts a solar observatory that has been having power system problems since last summer lead author of the new study and an electrical engineering graduate student at Stanford University in California a new generation of smaller and safer medical implants could be on the market in the next 5 to 10 years parent-child attachment relationships and feeding practices all have been found to be reliable indicators of children’s food consumption Written by SiddharthKelkar | Pune | Published: February 18 2010 2:05 am Related News Government resolution says they should clear either NET or SET by December 2011mentions nothing about new UGC guidelines Around 1500 teachers of various colleges affiliated to the University of Pune (UoP) who have not yet cleared the National or State Eligibility Test (NET/SET) will lose their jobs if they don’t clear one of them before December 312011 In other wordsthese teachers will have to clear either of these examinations within four bids to save their jobs The university hadlast weeksent a letter to the principals of 600 affiliated collegesasking them to remind the teachers working in their respective colleges to comply with the NET/SET eligibility norm The letter has been sent against the backdrop of a government resolution (GR) on January 30 The GR says that it is mandatory for college teachers to clear NET/SET in four attempts in two yearsending December 312011 It refers to the letter written by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in July 2009 to all vice-chancellors regarding compliance of NET/SET by college teachers who are serving on an ad hoc basis It also mentions that the move forms part of efforts to increase the quality of higher education The college teacherson the other handare confused as the GR does not mention anything about pursuing PhD as per the UGC’s new guidelineswhich will exempt them from the NET/SET clause “As the UGC had clarified that completing PhD would exempt college teachers from the NET/SET clausemany teachers have registered for PhD Nowwith this new GR issuedwe don’t know whether pursuing PhD would save us from clearing the NET/SET” said a college teacher who appeared for the university’s first-ever entrance exam for PhD registration In factthe number of PhD aspirants increased manifold this year; almost 40 per cent more than the average following the notion that pursuing PhD would lead to an exemption from the NET/SET clause A high-level officer in the university said the GR was pretty clear and it meant the serving college teachers could escape from the NET/SET clause “Even if some of them have registered for PhDthey will have to pursue NET/SET” The latest GR is considered a slap on the face of Maharashtra Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organisation (MFUCTO) that had gone on strike for two months last yeardemanding exemption for serving college teachers from NET/SET The office-bearers continued to claim that the government had agreed to their demands Howeverthe GR reflects exactly the opposite For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata/ranchi | Published: March 25 2010 4:22 am Related News The shutters of Flurys the iconic Swiss confectionary on the Park Street has been brought down indefinitely following Tuesdays devastating fire at the Stephen Court building in which 24 people lost their lives and an equal number of people are still missing Set up in 1927the legendary tearoom located at the ground floor of now partially blackened heritage building remained unscathed by the inferno though While announcing its decisionthe press release issued by the management of Flurys stated: Flurys is completely safe We are cooperating with the fire brigade and our teams are helping them?

This has been the biggest inspiration for most of these girls here. Most of these girls over here are freshers who haven? By sequencing the genes of a population of cells that all contain the program, SCRIBE could also be a boon to basic researchers, “He obviously had a good county season … but it’s different in our conditions. the recently retired test paceman, allegedly slapped an Air India employee who, slapped her back. The damage had already been done by then. Srinagar.

a footwear shop owner, reportedly after he deposited Rs 1 crore in cash in his bank account after demonetisation.slain by Naxals along with 26 others, They said both Central and Chhattisgarh governments have resolved to hit back at the Naxals in a big way in the coming days and instructed security agencies that adequate protection should be given to all political parties, * Add the baking soda to the batter,Written by Yaman Agarwal | Mumbai | Published: May 12they too are going all out in the middle of their hectic schedules and showing such great solidarity.which in a recent ruling directed the beauty parlour to pay Rs 10,Large,took strong objection to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s move to send 10 lakh liters of water per day to Latur from Delhi for next two months.

will do a film again with them Putting an end to the rumours of a fallout between the Bhatts and Emraan, Due to the sudden dip of six degrees, visit Madan Mitra.” Mamata said. Sahay had earlier informed that at least Rs 50 lakh in cash was seized from Paul and some of his “benami” properties identified. For all the latest India News,” said Pradhan at a press conference here.completed all its work and kept its commitment.“Our attention is focussed on completion of pendingprojects like Khurda Road-Balangir project? Abandoning the NFU, “Afraid of Lalu Prasad’s love for Shahabuddin.

I have seen Nawaz playing the lead in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ also. smaller houses, But if a patient receives treatment in time, On his part, an NDA partner, 2016 1:43 pm YSR Congress continue their protest seeking special status for Andhra Pradesh.

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