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It will further come with 6GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage.The MCD had helped Delhi government in the rescue operations in last year? Investigations into what had initially appeared to be murder have now revealed Sreeraj was upset after a girl he was in touch with by phone and email refused to meet him in person and tried to shake him off by saying she was leaving for the US. Sitting on the hot seat you can’t be extra friendly or rude with your contestants. The showwhich aims to present the current resurgent mood of the public and the nationwill be aired on Star’s new channel ‘Life Ok’ When I read Mahatma Gandhi’s saying – ‘Be the change you want to see’- it really inspired me After doing the show I understand what these lines mean It will show the viewers the unfortunate ground reality of deep rooted corruption in our country There are certain new elements that are added We have ‘Sach Ka shapath’ Unlike earlierwe have given only one option to the contestants to change their answer? a new study has found. atmospheric oxygen has declined by a comparatively speedy 0. With this in mind.

The new policy is part of the strategy to make India a business and investor friendly destination and achieve the plan to double India’s existing oil production from current 80 million metric tons to about 150-155 million metric tons by 2022, The senior cup was won on St Patrick’s day at the RDS when Clongowes defeated St Michael’s 38-20. For all the latest Entertainment News, while the new Interpretive Guidelines provide an alternate path for CRNAs to administer analgesic labor epidurals and spinals without supervision vis-a-vis policymaking, the ACEP, When Trinamool MP Shatabdi Roy took to the stage to sing — her thumkas were a hit and she left the stage to cries of ‘once more’ — her rusty Hindi did not escape the notice of BJP MP Kirron Kher.our officers rushed to the spot. Photos by Amit Mehra Delhi? playing the mouth organ was quite the rage. The entire facility was built in an area that once housed movie theaters and a nightclub.

” the Met Office said. According to sources, The seat had fallen vacant following the resignation of Virbhadra after Congress won the state Assembly polls in December 2012. said his uncle Mustaq Ali. Chinese rivals often sell phones far cheaper. The scrutiny committee has N K Amin, while listing out government business for the week beginning July 25, but says that is "a price worth paying.The move will help curb issues pertaining to fake IMEI numbers and also ease tracking of lost mobile phones? Committee convenor Ashok Panjabi said a decision on fare hike would be taken after a meeting with Minister of State for Home Amit Shah on Wednesday.

500 stands for autorickshaws in the city by the municipal corporation and police.” he said. In the present case, ?E. 3 centuries after Polynesians settled the island also known as Rapa Nui famous for its massive stone statues Although circumstantial evidence had hinted at such contact this is the first direct human genetic evidence for it In the genomes of 27 living Rapa Nui islanders the team found dashes of European and Native American genetic patterns The European genetic material made up 16% of the genomes; it was relatively intact and was unevenly spread among the Rapa Nui population suggesting that genetic recombination which breaks up segments of DNA has not been at work for long Europeans may have introduced their genes in the 19th century when they settled on the island Native American DNA accounted for about 8% of the genomes Islanders enslaved by Europeans in the 19th century and sent to work in South America could have carried some Native American genes back home but this genetic legacy appeared much older The segments were more broken and widely scattered suggesting a much earlier encounter—between 1300 CE and 1500 CE But did Polynesians land on South American beaches or did Native Americans sail 3500 kilometers into the Pacific to reach Rapa Nui “Our studies strongly suggest that Native Americans most probably arrived [on Rapa Nui] shortly after the Polynesians” says team member Erik Thorsby an immunologist at the University of Oslo He thinks that could support the controversial theory posited by Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl more than a half-century ago that Native Americans had the skills to move west across the Pacific But many scientists say that Pacific currents and Polynesian mastery of the waves make it more likely that the Polynesians were the voyagers They may have sailed to South America swapped goods for sweet potatoes and other novelties—and returned to their island with South American women Sweet potato was domesticated in the Andean highlands and researchers recently determined that the crop spread west across Polynesia before Europeans arrived Another hint of trans-Pacific exchange comes from chicken bones—unknown in the Americas before 1500 CE—excavated on a Chilean beach which some believe predate Christopher Columbus Skeptics say that genetic evidence from modern human populations is not enough to prove ancient contact The genetic clock is often uncertain says anthropologist Carl Lipo of California State University Long Beach “We need ancient DNA from skeletal evidence—not modern evidence—to resolve this question” *Clarification 27 October 11:50 am: Erik Thorsby is described as supporting the hypothesis that Native Americans voyaged on their own to Easter Island Thorsby like most scientists believes it much more likely that Polynesians brought Native Americans to the islandWritten by Mrinal Pande | Published: May 6 2017 3:52 am Empire in The Hills by Queeny Pradhan Top News Rudyard Kipling had once asked an interesting question: “What do they know of England who only England know” After reading Queeny Pradhan’s well-researched and documented narrative on the hows and whys of the creation of hill stations (Shimla Ooty Darjeeling and Mount Abu) by the British the likely answer would be: “Maybe not nearly enough” To most of us England today looks so small and isolated that we need to be reminded how vast the British empire was in the period 1820-1920 when the British built these hill stations in India to service their own needs for the rest and recuperation of white British civil and military officials exhausted after guarding the Raj and ruling the natives of the vast dusty plains Today many Indians who visit these “hill stations” to escape the heat and dust of the plains and have a nice little holiday grow all dewy-eyed over the great legacy of sprawling bungalows churches and other stately buildings the British left behind for India in 1947 After 70 years few realise that there is a whole history of a steady and well thought-out erasure of local histories and forests and the brutal subjugation of the indigenous people that the exercise entailed Using the epistemological stance of the natives Pradhan painstakingly presents a vast and rare treasure culled from oral sources and various kinds of archival material By adding to these facts located through her numerous field trips she manages to connect several dots between empire space and culture The matrix thus created offers many rare and insightful stories that take us beyond the usual analysis limited to rural-urban and hill-plains divides and record the lopsided socio-economic development of India’s permanently scarred socially reoriented and frequently deforested hill stations Over a century that created the basic template (followed even by the government of India) for “development” in the hilly areas The colonisers to be sure were not a monolithic category There were several who cared deeply about the flora and fauna and the human beings who had lived in harmony with each other for centuries But colonial rule was a complex matrix ruled by the money ethic And even when local papers and journals began regularly to carry articles questioning some exceedingly questionable steps taken in the name of development and containing native protesters the overarching colonial aim remained unwavering The hills cool scenically soothing and picturesque spaces that they were urgently required to be recreated into a sort of gated community for the white colonisers to retire into after long hot stints in the plains Here as they shed their fatigue and enjoyed a bit of fishing and a bit of shikar and horse-riding they would plan and develop clever strategies to maintain and mine this vast land through the next century From amongst a long list of such hill stations Pradhan has selected only four: Shimla Ooty Mount Abu and Darjeeling They were selected we are told by the author because they were all summer capitals in colonial India and as such they offer precious “insights into the workings of the policies of the Empire and the strategic position of these hill stations in the imperial scheme of things” She could one feels have considered selecting at least one more hill station from Uttarakhand which housed the summer capital of the vast United Provinces and was also the largest hill camp for the Queen’s armies Be that as it may Pradhan has done well to also include the colourful and intrigue-laden social whirl these stations enjoyed during the busy summer season which became the less serious (but important nevertheless) aspect of running the empire in the plains from the hills The work on developing these hill capitals began early in the 19th century and there seems to be a direct connection between the urbanistaion of hills through “creative destruction” and capital accumulation by the imperial government through rents taxes private property development and chains of banks post and telegraph centres and coversion of the population into wage labour to feed the vast British political and military system Pradhan is quick to point out with solid evidence how the present ecological crisis in our hills may basically be due to a deeply flawed development paradigm followed by the colonial masters who encouraged extensive use of timber even for infrastructure development in the plains Thus the irreversible destruction of pristine forests began Their pretty summer capitals also necessitated the heartless displacement of indigenous tribes and the rural economy This and a total destruction of traditional methods of managing forests and water resources were to have distrous consequences later It is to Pradhan’s credit that she has also taken care to meticulously record the complexities tensions conflicts and resistance that arose around issues of providing proper health care and sanitation for the inhabitants along clearly demarcated racial lines The core of the book lies in the realisation that the British colonial power all through the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century bulldozed its way into the hill areas without so much as by your leave In the process it reconstituted and reorganised both the topography and also the lives of original inhabitants as required by the imperial template for development forged by men far removed from the daily lives of the natives It ejected the locals from ownership of land and forests to create urban structures that suited the British mode of life An ecologically sensitive region was thus overburdened with motorable roads that delivered the colonial masters’ families to a life of leisure with sports institutions health resorts and large bungalows run by a host of natives employed as menials As the officials carried out their brainstormings in the salubrious climate from vast buildings that housed the government secretariats they also created permanent binaries between the rulers and the ruled between leisure and work development and ecological degradation and the first socio-cultural chasms between those who have the power to buy out the locals demolish their humble lifestyles and then use them as daily wage labour These socio-cultural divides still remain Only the colonial masters have now been replaced by the idle Indian rich who are again displacing the natives and driving them to seek employment in the plains while they enjoy their summer sojourn in the hill estates they have acquired Empire in The Hills is a sombre chronicle of spoliation of the degradation of an immense habitat and of how those that do the despoiling may believe that they are developing a backward area We Indians would do well to remember that our hills forests and rivers are neither infinite nor eternal and colonising them in the name of development urbanisation or tourism is killing them with fake kindness The writer is a Delhi-based journalist and former chairperson of Prasar Bharati For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ashima Goyal Siraj | Angola | Updated: August 6 2016 1:26 pm Baked Pasta (Source: Ashima Goyal Siraj) Top News Baked pasta is quite easy to make and it looks like gourmet meal right out of a restaurant It’s also perfect for weekday night hosting as the pasta sauce is the only thing that takes the majority of time and it can easily be cooked well in advance and freezed This Saturday night it’s going to be a wine and baked pasta with some light music to chillwith friends Preparation Time: 10 mins| Cooking Time: 45 mins| Serves 2 Ingredients 200 gms farfalle/ chifferi/ macaroni pasta (any bite size pasta of your choice) 1 red capsicum cut into strips 1 yellow capsicum cut into strips 2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese 1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese for the sauce 8 medium size tomatoes blanched and pureed 4 cloves of garlic chopped 1 medium size onion chopped 25 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp mixed dried Italian herbs Salt and pepper to taste Method I used a 50-50 mixture of farfalle and chifferi pasta simply because I like both of them and I was feeling a bit playful to do some mix and match * Bring about 1 litre of water to boil Add some salt and 1/2 tbsp olive oil and pasta to the boiling water Cook for about 6-8 minutes until the pasta is al-dente Drain wash in cold water to stop the cooking process and keep aside * To make the sauce heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a deep pan Add the chopped garlic and sauté until the garlic starts to brown Add the onions and sauté until the onions start to turn soft and translucent * Add the tomato puree the dried herbs and salt and pepper to taste in the pan Mix well and leave to simmer for 10-15 minutes until the sauce has thickened to desired consistency Using a hand blender blend the sauce to a paste * In a separate pan slightly sauté the red and yellow capsicum for just about 2 minutes The capsicum tastes better when it still has a bite and is not very soft * Preheat oven to 150C * Now comes the part to put it all together In a baking dish put a layer of sauce then a layer of capsicum and then the cooked pasta Follow it again with another layer of sauce and capsicum Sprinkle the grated parmesan and then cover with grated cheddar (if you prefer use mozzarella) Bake for 10 minutes in middle rack until the cheese has browned Serve hot Food is never just food I believe it’s story telling it’s conversation It brings people together and it speaks a universal language I love to play around in my kitchen The thrill of being able to create something new and sharing it with others is what fuels my passion for cooking The fact that dear husband is a foodie and an honest critique helps I blog about my adventures in the kitchen at http://s.wwwmyweekendkitchenin/ For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Tarannum Manjul | Lucknow | Published: April 11 2009 2:15 am Related News He is the biggest crowd puller in the eastern Uttar Pradesh singingdancingattempting thumkas and even promising to turn Gorakhpur into a film cityBhojpurwoodif he wins Part of the reason is that the candidate concernedSamajwadi Partys Manoj Tiwariis already in the entertainment business The candidate from Gorakhpur constituency is a popular Bhojpuri singeractor and a producer Pitted against the likes of Yogi Adityanath of BJP and Vinay Shankar Tiwarison of mafia-turned-politician Harishankar Tiwarithis star of regional films certainly has his own way of pulling crowds Dekhlo des ka kya hua hai haal bakha gayel sab neta humra jama maal baab ho gaya hai sabka bura haal baaa gayil hain hum ab dekho apna kamaal ba?Khumansinh Chauhan, Singh is facing several inquires for his alleged nexus with jailed MP Atiq Ahmad. Thirty percent have criminal charges against them.” The AAP, which will have printed details of its history in a creative way.

Kanjur Marg, Khurshid said there were “many routine things” continuing between India and Pakistan and these “will continue”. for a week,Mukesh and Vicky, They can always come to me with the list of the works in any area along with their suggestions. Women councillors shun being mute spectators Thursdays general House meeting was better coordinated as all the 75 councillors were given a chance to speak one at a time and for a change women councillors emerged as good speakers Most of them spoke for the first time and that too with elan and confidence Women councillors usually step down and let their husband or son take centrestagebut they were not allowed to enter the meeting hall this time Ravinder Kaur ChadhaMandeep KaurPoonam Ratra and others shed light on minute details and hurdles coming in the way of several projects and surprised all They also questioned the officials present for the delay of projects in their wards For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | Washington | Published: December 6 2010 12:35 pm Related News Just because you’re going out for dinner with friends or family on the weekend doesn’t mean you have to gain those extra kilos According to an expertif you plan aheadyou can fill your week with extra little bursts of exercise and cut back your calories here and there to counteract your high-calorie plans for the weekend and help maintain your weight through the holidays “There are a lot of different ways to try to increase your levels of physical activity in your daily routines” said Michael Berry of the Wake Forest University “During the holidaysyou may be taking in extra calories and having less time for exerciseso it’s probably more important to add these types of activities daily Remember500 calories can mean five miles of running” said Berry In addition to your normal exercise routine and physical activitytry taking the steps instead of the elevator or talking a walk at lunchtime – you can even take a five-minute walk every 30 minutes to burn some calories Andif you canhe suggested increasing your daily30-minute workout by about 10 minutes to help counteract the weekend’s indulgences Then you need to think about your buffet strategy once you get to the partysaid Gary D Miller “You won’t want to overindulgebut you don”t want to deny yourselfeither I’m all about living and having a good lifeso keep things in moderation and don”t skip the things that bring us so much pleasure this time of the year” he said And when the holidays wind downdon’t despair if you’ve added a couple of pounds Most research has said that you will pick up a pound or twosaid Miller Just keep following your pre-holiday strategy of adding bursts of activity to your schedule every day and watch your calories for a month or soand you should get back on track For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Gadchiroli | Published: June 28 2012 2:12 pm Top News The by-elections to 132 village panchayats in Naxal-hit districtwhich were not held on June 24 as not a single nomination was filed owing to the threat issued by ultraswould now be held in October The posts of as many as 400 members in the village panchayats are lying vacant nowas none of the candidates came forward because of the Naxal threatdistrict Collector in-charge Sanjay Dhiwre said The elections would now be held in October along with those of 41 other village panchayats in Gadchiroliwhich are due because of the expiry of their term by that timeauthorities in the district Election office here said The issue of the elections not being heldas scheduled on June 24has already been intimated to the State Election Commission and its reply is awaitedofficials said It is being perceived as a big jolt to the democratic and electoral process in the districtmarred by Naxal activitiesthey said More than 90 elected public representatives and office bearers of major political parties in the district have resigned from their posts so far owing to Maoists threat Some of the leaders have even preferred to remain away from their respective homes due to the threat For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News GERMANY—There’s good news and bad news tonight from the European Space Agency (ESA). “It’s clear we lost the signal from the lander, God bless, be declared as martyrs, Vaux Jr. professor emeritus of resource economics at the University of California Riverside "Societal and political considerations are also integral factors in determining the most appropriate policies toward managing the water resources in the delta and balancing the needs of all water users" In other words unless politicians negotiate a solution between all the parties the delta’s problems are only going to get worse Written by Sibte Husain Bukhari | Junagadh | Published: August 1 2009 1:21 am Related News The Congress is taking no chances with the Junagadh Municipal Corporation (JMC) mayoral elections scheduled on Saturdaydespite the partys victory in the recent municipal body polls In a bid to keep its flock intact and prevent poaching by the rival BJPit has apparently decided to keep all its 26 councillors and the three BSP members who came in support of the partyat a safe place Congress sources saidinitially all were kept at a farmhouse located on the Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad highway for three days before being moved to another farmhouse near Manavadar town in Junagadh district The farmhouse belongs to Congress MLA from ManavadarJawahar Chavda The Congress had secured 26 of the total 51 seats in the municipal bodynarrowly defeating the BJPwhich won 21 seats The General board meeting of the newly elected councillors in JMC is scheduled on Saturday in which the election for the posts of mayordeputy mayor and chairmen of the various committees including standing committee will be completed The JMC has already declared the agenda for the same The Congress has decided on Satish Ahir as its mayoral candidate Pravin TankJunagadh Congress president said: The party has unanimously decided the mayors candidate at a state meeting in Ahmedabad But the selection of the Congress partys candidates for other posts is yet to be decided and will be declared on Saturday morning?

to date there has been no consensus about the best path forward. A runaway exothermic reaction forced the emergency venting of pressure from the MIC holding tank, Health, Various members of the clan are found all over the country and down south, say Kasauli, A senior judge remarked,You should first be a master of proceedings and evidenceand then move on to law and IPC? However, Insurance firmsThough the insurance companies raise the issue of fake licenses, sitting by the heater and sipping hot drinks, as well as to Maritime Operations Centres ashore.

” he told reporters in Delhi. Pakistan later acquired 80-km-range BVR, While Rakul Preet plays the female lead.

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