How to Search for Transactions by Date

first_imgSearching and sorting through transactions by date on Mint is easy.Whether you are doing your taxes, searching for a particular charge, or shocked at how much your cell phone bill has spiked since your teenager got a line, here’s a quick tutorial to show you how to search transactions by date.Screenshots show each step of the process.Step 1Start by logging in.In the middle of the navigation bar, click on “Trends.”Step 2In the left column, click “Spending”.Then click on “By Category” or “By Merchant,” depending on your goal.I selected “By Category.”Step 3Then on the right side of your screen, mouse over the field that reads “Custom.”The drop down menu gives you 11 choices, from a specific date range that you can customize, to all time. How epic!If you chose “Custom,” a calendar pops up. You can scroll through the months and select a particular date, or enter a range in the fields below the calendar.When you have selected the time period you want, click the orange “OK” button.Step 4A chart fills in to show your spending trends in the time period you selected.In this case, I selected “By Category,” then picked my dates.Holy cow, I spend a lot of money at restaurants!If you find a significant portion of your spending is uncategorized, mouse over the green uncategorized portion of the chart.Click on the number of transactions, which will open up a list of all your uncategorized transactions during the specified time period.Click on “UNCATEGORIZED” to type in a category.Step 5If you want the spending chart to drill down to specific stores, go back to the left column and under “Spending,” select “By Merchant.”The date period will remain unchanged, so if you want to review charges for a different time period, mouse over the “Custom” field again and select the time period you want.That’s all folks! Now you can spend your money, and have knowledge where it went, too!Julia Scott founded the coupon and savings blog, this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) RelatedHow to Create a Budget in Mint in 6 StepsMarch 12, 2017In “Budgeting”Goal Setting: How to Become A Better SaverSeptember 4, 2019In “Financial Goals”How to Make a Budget Using the 50/20/30 Budgeting RuleJuly 20, 2016In “Saving” Post navigationlast_img

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