Six finalists vie for Broward County public schools teacher of the…

first_imgBroward County Public Schools (BCPS) has announced six exemplary teachers as finalists for Teacher of the Year.Two elementary school teachers, one middle school teacher, two high school teachers and one education center teacher round out the six finalists vying for the coveted 2018 Teacher of the Year award.The finalists are:Deborah Alexander, Kindergarten, Pembroke Pines Elementary School.“Going to work every day, loving what you do, having the ability to impact a child’s life in a positive way, and making a lasting impression is reason enough to teach,” said Deborah Alexander. A dynamic, resourceful and dedicated professional educator for more than 27 years, Alexander is actively involved in all areas of education at her school, including curriculum development, team collaboration and working with parents and administration. She is a caring teacher who values her relationship with each student. Her mantra is “Let’s make a change one child at a time.”Kristin Baltazar, 7th – 12th Grade, Henry D. Perry Education Center.“My ability to reach students in a non-traditional educational setting is what sets me apart from others,” said Kristin Baltazar, who understands and utilizes the challenges of her students to motivate them to achieve their highest potential. Baltazar is a staunch advocate for alternative education and inspires her students to find their own version of success in a non-traditional environment. She is a talented and skilled educational leader with 12 years of experience in motivating learners and positively influencing students and her peers.Pamela Griffin, 9th – 12th Grade, Monarch High School“I teach for the same reason I coach – I love the journey to the win,” said Pamela Griffin, Fitness/Wellness department chair at her school. Griffin has an unrelenting passion for inspiring students to fulfill their career aspirations. Under her leadership, reading is incorporated into all activities and health classes. She also integrated study skills, reading strategies and note taking into these classes to provide a holistic learning experience for the students. Principal James Neer lauds her unique teaching techniques and strategies for motivating and providing students with a rich educational experience.Eleanna Hurst, 3rd Grade, Collins Elementary School. “Sometimes I’m the only person that may encourage students to become anything that they want to become,” said Eleanna Hurst. “Teaching offers the opportunity to be that spark to so many students.” As a third generation educator, Hurst’s says her mission is to develop well-rounded problem-solvers and critical thinkers. “Hurst is a phenomenal teacher and a tremendous asset to our school,” says her principal, Dr. Tracy Jackson.Michele Matias, 8th Grade, Crystal Lake Middle School“As an educator, I am inspired by many facets of education and try my best to mold my inspirations into teachable moments,” says Michele Matias. One of five pilot Global Scholar teachers in Broward County Public Schools, Matias engages her students in international collaborative classrooms. She provides hands-on experiences in student-centered educational projects, motivates her students to meet academic goals, and partners with colleagues to deliver programs that enhance student support services. Matias incorporates community, national and global awareness of scientific issues into her classroom lessons.Jeffrey Rose, 9th – 12th Grade, Cypress Bay High School As an Advanced Placement and honors science teacher, Jeffrey Rose sets high standards and expectations for his students, who meet or exceed them again and again.“The kids want you to believe in them, as much as you want them to believe in you,” said Rose. He enjoys talking about science, describing it as one of his favorite things to do, aiming to inspire others to love the subject. “The best word to describe Jeffrey Rose is dedication,” says Principal Charles Scott Neely. “He always feels he can do better for his students.”BCPS 2018 Teacher of the Year is announced at the annual Caliber Awards, which recognizes all teachers nominated by their schools as Teacher of the Year, on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at 6 p.m. at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center. The Caliber Awards presenting and title sponsor is BrightStar Credit Union. Also supporting the Caliber Awards are platinum sponsor Bank of America; silver sponsors After School Programs and Sunshine Child Programs; and bronze sponsors Broward Principals’ and Assistants’ Association and Herff Jones.last_img read more

Man injured for not cleaning up after dog

first_imgA West Palm Beach resident received two stab wounds during a fight over dog not cleaning up after his dog.Stephen Caplan lives at the Essex House, an apartment building in West Palm Beach.Caplan told police that the building’s maintenance man, Ricardo Garcia Sanchez, approached him, yelling. he said the man pulled an object from his pocket and held him be the neck and attempted to stab him. He said he avoided injury to his neck by putting his left hand in the way.Caplan said Sanchez slashed at him four more times and insisted he had had no altercation with Garcia Sanchez altghough the two had exchanged words in the past.Caplan believes he knows the motive for the attack.“Where this stems over is dog poop,” Caplan said.Caplan has a 5-month-old puppy named Dakota.A few weeks ago, Dakota did her business on the grass right in front of the apartment building.Garcia Sanchez didn’t like it.“He said, ‘Hey, are you going to (expletive) pick that up?’” Caplan said. “I said, ‘I’m not going to (expletive) do anything.’ I don’t live in a world where my maintenance guy jumps me over dog poop.”Caplan said ever since that night, he has always walked Dakota off the building’s property but things have remained very tense with Garcia Sanchez.He still never thought things would escalate to a stabbing.Garcia Sanchez is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He’s being held in lieu of $50,000 bond.last_img read more

Over 160 people killed by police in Jamaica last year

first_imgIn Jamaica, the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) reported 168 people were shot and killed by police last year with most of those killed having been unarmed.Victims weren’t “the dangerous gunman”INDECOM Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, speaking at the Commission’s fourth quarterly media briefing, said “the significant proportion of people killed, neither had a weapon of any sort, or if they did have a weapon, it wasn’t a firearm. Eighty-one of those killed did not have any weapon at all and as such, could not be classified as ‘the dangerous gunman.’”No disciplinary proceedings taken against copsMeanwhile, INDECOM has reiterated its concern that neither the Police Service Commission (PSC) nor the Commissioner of Police has initiated disciplinary proceedings against 20 senior cops cited for wrongdoing.INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams said despite submissions made, dating back to 2013, action is yet to be taken.In a report to Parliament, INDECOM said it had written to the PSC in June last year inquiring why it has not acted on the investigations on the matter in the past two and a half years. It said the PSC had responded by indicating that it does not conduct investigations and that it takes into consideration reports from the Commissioner of Police.INDECOM wrote the PSC again last October and was told that the matter had been sent to the Attorney General for an opinion. The police oversight body said it wrote the PSC in January again seeking answers and despite the absence of a comprehensive response, it may be viewed that the PSC considers itself unable to initiate disciplinary proceedings unless, and until, the Commissioner of Police submits a report.last_img read more

Getting ready for Miami Carnival-2018

first_imgHow did you start D-Junction Mas?It all started when I worked with other masquerade bands: I had sections with one band and was part owner of another but I truly wanted a band of my own. I took the lessons I learned along with what I envisioned for the band, reached out to people I’d worked with over the years for help, and like they say, the rest is history.  How is D-Junction shaping up for this year’s Miami Carnival? While we had a later than normal start this year, the feedback we have received on the theme and designs has been overwhelmingly positive. We love it when all the brainstorming and hard work and planning come together to create something we can be extremely proud of.  How does D-Junction prepare for Miami Carnival each year? What are you doing differently this year?  First, we review the previous year to see the areas where we can improve our overall masquerader experience. We send out a survey a couple weeks after the road presentation to get feedback from our masqueraders. At the end of the day, our masqueraders are who matter the most so if there is a way for us to exceed and surpass their expectations, that’s what we want to do each and every time. This year, we approached our theme selection from a different point of view. We wanted to select a theme that reflected positivity or highlighted a positive event. With all the #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackBoyJoy focus recently, what better way to celebrate the greatness of people of color than through highlighting the time where we shined brighter than ever! The Harlem Renaissance was that moment.The biggest difference this year is that all of our masqueraders will receive 3 days of ALL-INCLUSIVE feting: J’ouvert, Pretty Mas and a cool down beach lime. The best part about this is that we were able to offer this without drastically increasing masquerader cost.Tell me about the making of this year’s theme and the process to making the costumes.I like to refer to the theme as a story, which is what we are telling. On the outside, you might see a section and ask yourself, “what does that have to do with Harlem?” but it’s part of the story that we are telling that represents the theme. Costume production is broken into 3 parts: Backline costumes are decorated by one vendor, Frontline costumes, whole pieces and special requests are handled by the designers of the respective sections where possible, and the feather pieces are prepared by a Miami-based vendor. Also, it’s important to mention that we do not pre-design individual/section leader pieces. We believe these pieces should be what the individual wearing it wants or has envisioned. In those instances, we have them work with the designer of the respective section to produce a design to their liking that best fits their body. What is this year’s theme and how do you come up with it each year? Our theme for Miami-Broward One Carnival 2018 is HARLEM: The Golden Age – a journey through an age of social and artistic explosion in African American culture, manifesting in music, art and literature. We have centered our story on the speakeasy culture and experience of that era. With regards to how we decide on each year’s theme, team members offer their ideas and suggestions. We select the one we feel works best and start tweaking it from there to tell the best story of what we are trying to portray.center_img What can one expect when playing mas with D-Junction? First and foremost, any person playing mas with us will ALWAYS receive the following: exceptional personal care, world-class customer service, beautiful expertly crafted costumes, and VIBES CYAH DONE! To top it all off, we make it our priority to ensure that each masquerader is comfortable. Whether you are playing mas alone or with a group, you will always have the freedom to enjoy yourself as a new member of our extended bacchanal family. How many designers do you use and what does that process look like? This year, we have eight (8) sections in the band: Four (4) owned by D-Junction Mas and the other four (4) owned by individual section leaders. D-Junction used two designers this year. We send the designer the section and overall theme concept along with suggested colors, although colors often change during the design process. From there, a prototype is made and the review process starts from there. last_img read more

Reallocate Some Police Funds To Community Enhancement

first_imgPhoto via The reason for less policing in the suburbs is that most residents are employed with satisfactory living wages, there are good public schools, decent healthcare, parks and other recreational facilities for teenagers, almost no need for people to peddle drugs to make a living, and relatively little stress from the inability to provide for their families. American suburbs are not characterized by police mobile and foot patrol on every street, or frequent incidents of police accosting residents standing in groups or simply walking down a street. The sounds of police sirens are rare, and incidents of police brutality against residents, even rarer.  Indeed, there is a growing call among protesters, and many who support alternatives to policing, to defund the police. This isn’t a new call, but up to now, that call was barely a murmur. Now, it is a howl. Segregated communities were mainly poor, lacking necessary social services, and anger was mutual between police and residents, and policing typically brutal. Unfortunately, it seems some police officers today are socialized to function as if they are policing segregated communities—using brutality as their preferred method of enforcing the law against people living in poor black and brown communities. History recalls during the era of slavery in America, especially in the south, policing was used mainly for controlling slaves, and recapturing those that escaped. After slavery was abolished policing was used to aggressively enforce Jim Crow laws during the bitter era of racial segregation.  The communities where over-policing usually occurs are characterized by large, mostly poor black populations with high unemployment, low income, poor healthcare, domestic violence, sub-par and overcrowded housing, and high incidences of drug use and mental health problems. Contrary to the arguments being made by those opposed to defunding the police, defunding doesn’t mean communities won’t have police services. This is an absurd interpretation. Police are needed to maintain an orderly society, but allowing the police to be the overpowering response to societal issues, much of which they are ill-equipped to handle, often leads to forceful response and brutal police actions against residents.  Like the sociologists, citizens calling for defunding the police force, want to see less city and county budgets going to policing, and larger budgets dedicated to improving the quality of life in these communities. This is proven to serve as a deterrent to crime and would require less policing, similarly to how it works in the suburbs. center_img Better socially served communities also reduce the need for high funding of city and county police forces to hire more police officers, and purchase more police equipment, vehicles, etc. Relentless protests for well over two weeks, in the wake of George Floyd’s death—and even his after his final memorial service on Tuesday—is evidence the movement sparked by his horrendous killing is showing no signs of letting up. Since all the officers were eventually arrested and charged, one with secondary murder and manslaughter, and the others with aiding and abetting in second-degree murder, it was assumed the protests would wane. But what began as a call for the arrest of the officers involved became a demand for changes in policing here in America. For years sociologists have argued that society should focus on, and correct, the issues that spawn crime and create the necessity for building prisons and intense policing in marginalized communities. It is very important that calls for defunding the police not be confused with calls proposing that police forces be disbanded altogether. Defunding doesn’t mean police services will no longer exist. It means police budgets would be reduced, and the funds saved redirected to improving social services in communities, especially in poor, marginalized areas where much of the policing in America occurs. It’s generally accepted that communities with fewer social problems are better equipped to protect themselves with community patrolling and require less formal policing patrols.  This is 2020. Time has changed. There’s no need to apply this intense type of police brutality to control residents in any community. Legislators need to get to work putting funding in communities But there’s an urgent need to improve the quality of social services in several communities. There’s strong reason to believe, and evidence to indicate, that if minority communities have better social services and quality of life for residents, there’ll likely be less need for heavy policing. This outcome would provide justification for reducing, defunding, the budgets of most police departments.last_img read more

FIFAWWC: Road map to France 2019

first_imgThe process for acquiring tickets to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup has already begun in Europe with 35 teams in the running for the eight slots allotted UEFA.The journey began with 46 teams being split according to their coefficient ranking. While the 30 highest-ranked teams were granted a swift passage to the qualifying group stage, the 16 lowest-ranked teams entered the first qualifying round between 6 and 11 April, 2017 from where five emerged to join the elite.Fast forward five months later and the group stage is launched in emphatic fashion between 14 and 19 September with 20 matches amassing 91 goals. Janice Cayman scored four as Belgium enjoyed the biggest win of the opening fixtures in their 12-0 demolition of Moldova. Moldova on the other hand have already shipped in the highest number of goals yet (17) from two matches. The Eastern European country had lost their first game 5-0 to Italy who are (by the way) on top of Group 6 courtesy of two wins from two.In all, there are seven groups of five and the big guns have expectedly set the pace. England are bossing Group 1 following their 6-0 victory over Russia while Switzerland lead Group 2 after securing two victories in two.Reigning UEFA Women’s EURO champions, the Netherlands are yet to taste action in Group 3 but Norway – with no points or goals from this year’s European Championship – grabbed the initiative by beating their first two opponents at home, scoring ten goals and conceding two. When action resumes next month the Netherlands will open their qualification campaign against Norway – the side they beat 1-0 in the opening match of this year’s Women’s EURO – in a clash that is expected to be feisty.In the meantime, it is already looking like Denmark – UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 runners-up – and Sweden are in for a power tussle in Group 4. While Germany might have little or no trouble navigating through Group 5. Only one match was decided in Group 7 and this year’s Women’s EURO surprise package, Austria spanked Serbia 4-0 on the road with Nina Burger scoring a hat-trick.The next set of matches comes up between 19 and 24 October. Matches will be played home and away until 4 September 2018 after which the seven group winners will secure their places in France. Then in October and November 2018, the best four runners-up will have a chance to wrestle for one last European slot in the play-offs which will consist of two rounds of two-legged knockout ties.For other Confederations, continental championships would determine their representatives at the World Cup.In South America (CONMEBOL), their Copa America Femenina is scheduled to run from 4-22 April 2018 in Chile. All ten CONMEBOL member nations are eligible to participate.The winners and runners-up will automatically qualify for France 2019, while the third-placed side gets another chance in a qualifying play-off against the fourth-placed side from CONCACAF.CONCACAF which comprises of North, Central America and Caribbean will see the winners of the Women’s Gold Cup 2018 qualify automatically for France 2019 alongside the runners-up and third-placed side.There are five spots up for grabs in Asia and next year’s AFC Asian Women’s Cup which takes place between 7-22 April 2018 in Jordan, will determine who goes to France.The tournament will see eight teams split into two groups of four. The top two teams in each group qualify for France 2019 while the third-placed sides will go head to head in a play-off to decide fifth place.In Africa, Ghana will host next year’s Women’s Africa Cup of Nations between 17 November and 1 December as eight teams battle for CAF’s three slots which would go to the winners, runners-up and third-placed side. The qualification series for the Women’s AFCON has been set to commence in February.Then there is the OFC Women’s Nation Cup in Oceania which will run from 17 November to 4 December 2018 after which only the winners will book a ticket to France.In all, 24 teams will ‘Dare to Shine’ in France between 7 June and 7 July, 2018 and the countdown has already begun. The United States of America are the FIFA Women’s World Cup defending champions.Relatedlast_img read more

Microgaming revamps two classics for a ‘sweet February’

first_imgShare Delasport elevates online casino offering with Betsoft deal June 3, 2020 Related Articles Gamesys tops list for GambleAware Q1 donations July 10, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Submit Soft2Bet: Why diversification of white label products is essential in complex times May 28, 2020 Industry games developer Microgaming has revamped two of its most popular slots ‘Secret Romance’ and ‘Fruit Vs Candy’, as it gears up for a ‘sweet February’.Ahead of Valentine’s Day (14 February) Microgaming asks players to ‘flirt with fortune’ relaunching 5-reel and 15 payline instant slot ‘Secret Romance’.  Microgaming has boosted the slot by adding additional ‘Scatter Bonuses’ which trigger multiple free spins and a game multiplier feature.Fresh for February, Microgaming has relaunched 5-reel classic ‘Fruit vs Candy’. The 243 payline slot has been revamped with new ‘vibrant graphics’, as Microgaming aims to create a best-in-class fruit and candy themed slot.‘Fruit vs Candy’ gameplay has been enhanced with Microgaming adding ‘random cash prizes’, bonus trigger rounds and a free spins ‘Sugar Rush’ round.The revamped Secret Romance and Fruit Vs Candy will go live on both desktop and mobile on 1st February 2017, with new free games and achievement features.David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming, comments:“February’s new releases focus on love, food and a neon classic! Fruit vs Candy offers players a choice of two game modes, enabling them to pick the features they enjoy most. Whilst Secret Romance brings engaging gameplay features including mystery symbols and an increasing multiplier trail in free spins, which will really heighten the suspense and enjoyment. Rabcat also delivers a fun, vibrant slot in Classic 243, combining a great style of game with a novel free spins feature.”Microgaming will be displaying its full games content at ICE 2017 (7-9 February, ExCeL London, at Stand N5-220.)last_img read more

Tipster Challenge provides an industry hat-trick at Catterick

first_img SBC News has followed up an iGaming Super Show enforced break by inviting two industry guests to take this week’s Tipster Challenge at Catterick.Edward Rycroft, Sportsbook Manager at LeoVegas, and Pinnacle Marketing Director Harry Lang have provided tips for this week’s seven-race meet.Rycroft and Lang will be forming an industry hat-trick with Stephen Harris, the horse racing guru at bettingexpert, who sits second in the competition with a weekly points average of 10.07.____________________________________2:05bettingexpert: Cool BabyRepresents a good stable who rarely have runners at this track.LeoVegas: Reflect AlexanderBest of the bunch – solid result seven days ago.Pinnacle: Reflect Alexander____________________________________2:40bettingexpert: SearangerAt least has a win this season to his name and seems sure to relish conditions at Catterick.LeoVegas: Manatee Bay (Nap of the Day)Sets a high standard for the race if the ground suits.Pinnacle: Manatee Bay____________________________________3:15bettingexpert: ShambraImproved last time and can follow up for his in-form small yard.LeoVegas: FillydelphiaDue a win for a good third in last outing.Pinnacle: Three Duchesses (Nap of the Day)____________________________________3:50bettingexpert: StraighttothepointHas been running consistently well this summer and deserves to get his head in front.LeoVegas: MeshardalGreat recent form; three wins in last five and should give good account here.Pinnacle: Meshardal____________________________________4:20bettingexpert: KhitaamyHas shown promise in stronger maidens than this and can get off the mark at the fourth attempt.LeoVegas: Dandy’s DenouementTough call but gets the nod above Khitaamy.Pinnacle: Khitaamy____________________________________4:55bettingexpert: Wadood (Nap of the Day)A progressive handicapper to follow up the grades and has been found a great opening here to build on his seasonal debut victory.LeoVegas: WadoodWin on last outing and looks to have more to give this time.Pinnacle: Wadood___________________________________5:25bettingexpert: Gabrial The DukeHas a touch of class at this level and can give the weight away after two promising runs this season.LeoVegas: SwanswayGood second in last and should do well if stays.Pinnacle: Miss Tree____________________________________ Share Related Articles Kambi takes full control of LeoVegas sportsbook portfolio August 26, 2020 Share Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 RankTipsterRace WinsPoints Danske Spil calls for esports makeover with Pinnacle Solution August 25, 2020 Submit 1Sarah Shannon – OneBet210.38 2Stephen Harris – bettingexpert210.07 3Alexman – OLBG25.10 4Tim Reynolds – Sun Bets25.00 5Steven Mullington – 888sport24.57 6Ben Cleminson – Square in the Air24.50 7Conall McSorley – Metric Gaming14.00 8Charlie McCann – BetVictor12.25 9Alex Donohue – ODDSbible12.00 10Rupert Adams – William Hill10.50 StumbleUponlast_img read more

Novomatic reach Sportradar betting solutions agreement

first_img Share Share Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Sports betting solutions provider Sportradar is to develop a line of sports betting products and services, as part of a new partnership with Novomatic Gaming Industries (NGI).The agreement is to see Novomatic initially focus upon the development of a turnkey solution for retail and other channels.Detailing that the solution is to be built around Sportradar’s Managed Trading Services (MTS), and includes cash desks, in addition to Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs) with intuitive player environments, that will be first rolled out in the Italian market.Bartholomäus Czapkiewicz, Managing Director at NGI, commented: “It has become clear that sports betting is a growing opportunity that we are making serious inroads into. “We offer a platform with distribution channels that is unrivalled, therefore, we found in Sportradar a company highly established in the sports betting space that complements and supercharges our mutual offering.We look forward to this collaboration in order to provide leading sports betting products and services worldwide.”Carsten Koerl, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sportradar, added: “Today‘s announcement is great news for the betting industry. “Novomatic needs no introduction to anyone with any interest in the betting and gaming space, and the confluence of the group’s hardware, technology and reach, with Sportradar’s credentials in odds, data and risk management should pique the interest of all retail and digital operators around the world. “Our initial focus will be products focused on the Italian market, and we will work tirelessly to support Novomatic in terms of future product development and geographic expansion.” Related Articles Submit Sportradar combats social media abuse with player protection solution August 17, 2020 StumbleUpon David Lampitt, Sportradar: F1 presents betting’s most sizeable opportunity August 14, 2020last_img read more

Fonbet lauds link with “strongest football League in the world”

first_img Submit Betway and Dafabet grow La Liga sponsorship portfolios August 14, 2020 Share Winamax maintains Granada CF sponsorship despite bleak Spanish outlook August 19, 2020 Russian bookmaker Fonbet has become an official partner for Spain’s La Liga on a three year deal, which is set to see “ground-breaking activation’s and brand promotion” begin this year via Project11.Dubbed “unique” for the firm, it marks the time that such a partnership with one of the world’s leading football leagues has been made. Alina Yakirevich, Marketing Director of Fonbet, stated: “It is important for us to become a partner of the strongest football League in the world. Last season’s ratings showed that in Russia, LaLiga is one of the greatest interests to the audience. “This season we have planned several joint activities with the League, including a trip to El Clasico for our clients. Fonbet offers a wide variety of events through the League. We are confident that this will be a long-term and effective partnership with LaLiga.”Under the terms of the partnership, Fonbet is to see its branding appear throughout the games of the country’s leading sides, including current champions Barcelona and Champions League holders Real Madrid.Furthermore, Fonbet details that a number of “exciting activation’s” have been prepared for clients and the wider footballing community, including valuable prize giveaways and online activities.Grégory Bolle, Head of Global Partnerships at LaLiga, commented: “Fonbet is the leading betting brand in Russia, a strategic market for LaLiga in which we have had a presence in Moscow since 2016 through our innovative Global Network program. “The partnership further reinforces the relationship with the Project11 Agency and the best league in the world, LaLiga. Making the possibility to expand and penetrate in new markets a reality. Our goal is always to keep growing in emerging territories and bring LaLiga closer to our fans worldwide.”More detailed information regarding the agreement is to be released in due course, with a press conference featuring both parties scheduled to take place in Russia next month.Scott Taylor, Partner at Project11, added: “A fantastic signing for LaLiga and Fonbet alike. Growing the league’s global fan base and reach year on year, this enhances the timely and close relationship between both LaLiga and Project11. “Working with the Fonbet team and LaLiga’s partnership team is a pleasure, maximising the activation and experience for Fonbet in its chosen region. “Project11 continues its growth in placing partners both with LaLiga and in global sports, complemented by its significant perimeter advertising rights.” David Lampitt, Sportradar: F1 presents betting’s most sizeable opportunity August 14, 2020 StumbleUpon Related Articles Sharelast_img read more