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Best prebuilt gaming desktop PCs of 2020 » Gadget Flow

first_imgOne of the advantages of buying a prebuilt gaming PC is that it gives you a great overall setup, fast. So you won’t have to wait for weeks on end to get a high-quality graphics card that you’ll also have to install. Prebuilt PCs from well-known manufacturers already excellent graphics cards and hardware, and you can get one in about 3-4 weeks.So what should you consider when buying your own prebuilt gaming desktop? Well, storage and memory for starters. Solid-state storage devices offer some great advantages when it comes to performance and load times in games. Graphics cards are also important, and a computer like the MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 Gaming PC should have you covered.And, of course, the design is something to think about as well. Whether you want your gaming setup to be the focal point of your living room or prefer a discrete option that blends into the rest of your devices, there’s an aesthetic for you. So check out this list for gaming PCs to get and excellent gaming experience without the hassle.CORSAIR VENGEANCE a4100 Gaming PC- Advertisement – CORSAIR ONE  a100 Compact Gaming PC First up on our roundup of the best prebuilt gaming desktop PCs of 2020 is the CORSAIR VENGEANCE a4100 Gaming PC. This gaming PC offers NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. So no matter how new your game is, this computer gives you incredible details and framerates. Also, the Elgato 4K60 PRO Mk.2 video capture card delivers 4K HDR10 gameplay at 60 frames per second.MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 Gaming PCThe MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 Gaming PC gives you a sci-fi design that looks cool on any desktop. Best of all is this PC’s impressive features. It comes with an NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics card for life-like images. Also, the AI-powered noise cancellation blocks background noise to provide clearer communication between you and other players.MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 gaming PCMSI MEG Aegis Ti5 gaming PC on a gaming setupDell Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop- Advertisement – – Advertisement – CORSAIR ONE  a100 Compact Gaming PCCORSAIR ONE  a100 compact Gaming PC on a white desk HP Omen 25L & 30L Gaming DesktopsAnother of our favorite prebuilt gaming desktop PCs of 2020 is the HP Omen 25L & 30L Gaming Desktops. The computers in this series have a sleek black design and blend in with your other devices. You’ll love the AMD Ryzen processors. For a graphics card, choose between NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon RX 5500.HP Omen Obelisk Powerful Gaming PCWith the HP Omen Obelisk Powerful Gaming PC, you get cutting-edge graphics. That’s because this PC features up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, letting you experience entirely new levels of realism and speed. To amp up the power, you can outfit this gaming PC with up to an Intel Core i7+ or AMD Ryzen 7 processor.HP Omen Obelisk Powerful Gaming PCHP Omen Obelisk powerful gaming PC with a userOrigin Chronos Compact Gaming PCThe Origin Chronos Compact Gaming PC gives you impressive performance in a small form factor. It conforms to the demands of power users and minimalists. Best of all, it supports next-generation processors and full-size graphics cards. So it can handle the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 while maximizing your desk space.Origin Chronos Compact Gaming PC Origin Chronos compact gaming PC next to coffee makers / Image Credit: The VergeZOTAC MEK MINI Portable Gaming PCAnother excellent option on this list of the best prebuilt gaming desktop PCs is the ZOTAC MEK MINI Portable Gaming PC. This compact gaming desktop gives you a powerful, portable gaming option wherever you go. The MEK MINI lets you respond quickly to every action and truly take the lead. It comes with a ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 graphics card and an Intel Core i7-8700 6-core processor.ZOTAC MEK MINI Portable Gaming PCZOTAC MEK MINI portable gaming PC on a deskMSI MEG Trident X Compact Gaming DesktopThe MSI MEG Trident X Compact Gaming Desktop is another great compact gaming desktop. It features a 10 liters volume case and has components typically found in full tower cases. This includes the 10th Generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. Designwise, the MEG’s tempered glass panel displays the RGB lighting.MSI MEG Trident X Compact Gaming DesktopMSI MEG Trident X compact gaming desktop with a userMAINGEAR  VYBE 2020 Affordable Gaming PCThe final computer on our list of the best prebuilt gaming desktop PCs of 2020 is the MAINGEAR VYBE 2020 Affordable Gaming PC. It combines tech, performance, and design all at an affordable price point. Each PC is hand-assembled by one master craftsman in New Jersey. It offers some of the best components available.MAINGEAR  VYBE 2020 Affordable Gaming PCMAINGEAR  VYBE 2020 Affordable Gaming PC close upSo there you have it, our list of the best prebuilt gaming desktop PCs of 2020. Which one do you think you’ll go for? Let us know in the comments.Want more tech news, reviews, and guides from Gadget Flow? Follow us on Google News, Feedly, and Flipboard. If you’re using Flipboard, you should definitely check out our Curated Stories. We publish three new stories every day, so make sure to follow us to stay updated!  Want an excellent gaming experience without the hassle of building your own rig? Then you should have a look at today’s roundup of the best prebuilt gaming desktop PCs of 2020. These gaming PCs offer the full package so that you can get gaming.If you’re looking for a gaming desktop PC but want to spare yourself the trouble of tech-sourcing, part-procuring, and assembling your own rig, you’ll want to look into a prebuilt gaming desktop. And to help you make your decision, today we’re rounding up some of the best prebuilt gaming desktop PCs of 2020.Related: 18 Must-have gadgets for gamers in 2020- Advertisement – The Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop is another great PC on our list of the best prebuilt gaming PCs of 2020. This computer has NVIDIA RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 graphics cards. Best of all, this gaming computer runs on a 10th-generation Intel Core i9 processor. It also gives you 64 gigabytes of storage, along with a two-terabyte hard disk.Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming DesktopDell Alienware Aurora R11 gaming desktop on a deskCORSAIR ONE  a100 Compact Gaming PCThe CORSAIR ONE  a100 Compact Gaming PC saves you desk space. This 12-liter gaming computer has an AMD Ryzen 3000 series processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card. So it’s designed to help you win. You’ll also enjoy smooth framerates and real-time ray tracing technology. Finally, with the X570 mini- ITX motherboard, this computer supports up to 32 gigabytes of VENGEANCE LPX DDR4 memory. CORSAIR ONE  a100 Compact Gaming PC The Gadget Flow Daily Digest highlights and explores the latest intech trends to keep you informed. Want it straight to your inbox?Subscribe ➜ Lauren has been writing and editing since 2008. She loves working with text and helping writers find their voice. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she cooks and travels with her husband and two daughters. last_img read more

Spinach recall renews debate over produce safety

first_imgAug 31, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Metz Fresh, a California spinach grower, recalled 8,000 cartons of fresh spinach this week after finding Salmonella in routine testing, prompting a debate on whether voluntary safety rules recently adopted by the California produce industry are working.Metz Fresh, based in King City in the Salinas Valley, announced Aug 28 it was recalling spinach distributed under its own label in retail and food service packages. No illnesses had been reported in connection with the product, the company said.The recall covers 10- and 16-ounce bags, 4-pound cartons, and cartons containing four 2.5-pound bags, all with the tracking codes 12208114, 12208214, or 12208314. The spinach was distributed in the continental United States and Canada. The company encouraged consumers to discard the packages or return them to the store for a refund.Testing by an independent laboratory detected Salmonella on one of many samples on three packing lines, triggering a recall of the entire field lot of spinach packed that day, the company said. “Through its labeling and numbering system, Metz Fresh has already tracked, located, and put ‘holds’ on the vast majority of cartons of spinach affected,” the firm said in its announcement.Company spokesman Greg Larson said more than 90% of the recalled cartons never reached stores, according to an Aug 30 Associated Press (AP) report. He said the recalled spinach was picked Aug 22, and the company began telling stores and restaurants on Aug 24 not to sell or serve it, after a preliminary test was positive. Further testing confirmed the contamination on Aug 28, prompting the company to notify state and federal officials, according to an Aug 30 report in the Salinas Californian.Metz Fresh has complied with the California Leafy Green Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA), a set of voluntary safety rules set up after a nationwide Escherichia coli O157:H7 outbreak was linked to fresh spinach from California last year, the AP reported. The outbreak involved 205 cases and three deaths.The safety rules were drawn up by the produce industry, but the system is administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Firms that participate in the agreement agree to undergo safety audits and can use an official safety seal on their bills of lading, according to CDFA news releases. About 99% of the leafy greens industry in California participates in the agreement, the CDFA says.Voluntary system assailedCritics of the voluntary safety system said the Metz Fresh recall shows the system doesn’t work, the AP reported. “Eight thousand cartons left the plant for distribution in the U.S. That’s 8,000 too many,” Jean Halloran, a food safety expert with Consumers Union, told the AP. “At this point, we are relying on the leafy green industry to police itself.”California State Sen. Dean Florez, who has pushed unsuccessful legislation for state regulation of produce safety, told the AP, “This in no way should be seen as a success story.” He said Metz Fresh should have found the contamination before any of the spinach reached consumers.But industry sources said the company’s ability to find the bacteria showed that the new testing procedures are working, the AP reported.”I think the test of the industry is how we react to these types of situations,” said Joseph Pezzini, chair of the LGMA board. “No one was harmed by the product, and that’s important.”Scott Horsfall, LGMA chief executive officer, said California inspectors found no problems at Metz Fresh in two plant and field visits earlier this month, according to the AP.”The overall system is working very well,” Horsfall said. “Consumers can have a high degree of confidence in this product, notwithstanding this recent problem.”The AP said the California Department of Public Health and the US Food and Drug Administration were investigating the Metz Fresh processing facility in King City.Dole expands produce testingIn a related development, Dole Food Co., a major produce marketer, said it has increased testing and tracking of produce to prevent disease outbreaks like the spinach-linked E coli episode a year ago, according to an Aug 30 Reuters report.Eric Schwartz, Dole president for worldwide vegetables, said the company is testing samples from every acre of spinach and other vegetables to be sold under the Dole name. If contamination is found, produce from that area will not be sold, he said.The company is also installing an electronic system designed to improve the ability to trace problems, the story said. The goal is to be able to pinpoint where, within 30 feet, any batch of spinach was grown.Schwartz said Dole has absorbed most of the costs related to the new safety measures but has increased the price of spinach by 2 cents a bag, Reuters reported.See also: Aug 28 Metz Fresh recall news release 19 CDFA news release about the California Leafy Greens Handler Marketing Agreement 28 CIDRAP News story “California lawmakers shelve E coli bills”last_img read more

Unpublished Canadian data on seasonal flu shots and H1N1 stir concern

first_imgSep 24, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – Canadian researchers reportedly have found as-yet-unpublished evidence that people who had a seasonal flu shot last year incurred a higher risk of H1N1 infection, but US and World Health Organization (WHO) officials say they are not aware of any similar findings elsewhere.The Canadian Press (CP) reported that a series of studies in British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario seem to suggest that people who received a seasonal flu shot last year were about twice as likely to contract the pandemic H1N1 virus. The findings are spurring an effort by some Canadian public health officials to delay, reduce, or cancel seasonal flu vaccination campaigns this fall.Details of the findings and the methods that led to them have not been released, as the authors have submitted a paper to a journal and therefore are barred from discussing them, according to the story. But many people in public health in Canada have heard about the data.The lead authors are Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and Dr. Gaston de Serres of Laval University in Quebec, the story said.In response to a question at a WHO news briefing today, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, director of the agency’s Initiative for Vaccine Research, said the WHO is looking into the reported findings. The WHO is trying to assemble a group of experts to review the Canadian data, she said.So far, “Investigators in other countries have looked at their own data and whether they could find similar observations, and none of the other countries have been able to find anything like that,” Kieny added. She said the findings could be real or could be the result of a study bias or other methodologic problems.She also said many years of experience with seasonal flu immunizations have yielded no other evidence that they cause this type of problem, but the report warrants investigation.The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it was not aware of any similar observations in this country. “This is unpublished data and most importantly nothing that our scientists have seen in the United States,” CDC spokesman Tom Skinner told CIDRAP News. “We believe it is advantageous for seasonal and 2009 H1N1 vaccines to be taken as soon as available.”According to the CP story, several infectious disease experts said that British and Australian researchers have not seen the phenomenon observed by the Canadian authors, either. One of the experts called the lack of confirmation elsewhere a “red flag.”Skowronski, the co-author, acknowledged that her paper needs the scrutiny of the peer-review process to uncover any methodologic problems, the CP reported. “We need to be assured that every stone was turned over to make sure what we’re reporting is valid,” she was quoted as saying.last_img read more

Iva Bencun is the new president of the Adventure Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

first_imgAs the mandates of the old leadership of the Adventure Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce expired, a new one was elected at the session.Thus, Iva Bencun, a representative of Feral Tours and Zadar Outdoor from Zadar, was elected the new president of ZPT, and her deputy will be the current president Laura Popovac, director of VMD Adventure Travel. New members of the Community Council were also selected according to the regions and adventure activities they deal with.”Adventure tourism is one of the key segments of tourism that contribute to the development before and after the season. All the inputs we get through the work of the Adventure Tourism Community are important to us to identify activities that are important for the development of the Community, and information from the field is extremely important in our negotiations with state institutions to ensure conditions for smooth development of this propulsive form of tourism.”, Said Antonia Urlić, Director of the Tourism Sector of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, opening the plenary and election session of the Association of Adventure Tourism at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.”Thank you for your trust and I hope we will have a good cooperation. It is in my interest, as well as for all of you, to develop adventure tourism in the direction of world trends, according to which this type of tourism is growing at rates of 65%. I am personally convinced that the sector has a great future and further potential. “, said Iva Bencun, the new president of the Adventure Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.Popovac congratulated her successor and pointed out that it is important to be dynamic in the Community and to involve as many people as possible in the work. “A good example is the work on the Law on the provision of services in tourism which defines the conditions for adventure tourism, and on the Law the representatives of the Community in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism have worked intensively since 2012. Our proposals were mostly accepted, which shows the strength of this Community and its members. HGK Community of Adventure Tourism is defined as a kind of holder, given that the list of activities that are considered tourist services of active and adventure tourism in terms of this Act will determine the CCE within the Community of Adventure Tourism and publish on its online spages. The Expert Commission at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, appointed by the Minister, will also determine which certificate is considered appropriate for performing a certain activity. It will also determine special conditions for performing certain activities of active or adventure tourism and for the organization of events that include such activities. In the same Commission, which will consist of seven members, two members will be selected based on the proposal of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.”, Emphasized Popovac, the current president of the Adventure Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.The session also discussed the long-standing trainings conducted by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with HGSS, which were completed this year by over 200 participants, then specialized training held in cooperation with the world’s largest adventure tourism association ATTA, and announced the continuation of promotional tourism activities in 2018. .All members were sent an invitation for an initial expression of interest to exhibit at the stand of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Association of Adventure Tourism at the ITB Berlin from 7 to 11 March 2018, as part of the hall dedicated to the segment of adventure and youth tourism. 25 m is planned2 exhibition space, and the Chamber would participate in co-financing the lease of exhibition space and landscaping in the amount of up to 50 percent of the total cost, while the other 50 percent of the cost is divided by the number of co-exhibiting companies.Related news:ANTONIA URLIĆ NEW DIRECTOR OF THE HGK TOURISM SECTORDANIJELA ČAVLOVIĆ ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE FAMILY TOURISM COMMUNITY AT THE Croatian Chamber of Commercelast_img read more

Increase in the number of passengers, voyages and days of stay of foreign cruise ships

first_imgTraditionally, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the most cruises of foreign ships have been realizedIn the period from January to June 2018, 54 foreign cruise ships sailed into Croatian seaports, making 246 cruises. There were 357 thousand passengers on these ships, who stayed in Croatia for 522 days, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).The largest number of voyages was made by ships flying the flags of the Bahamas and Malta (55 voyages each), while the largest number of passengers arrived by ships flying the flags of Panama (103 thousand passengers) and Italy (91 thousand passengers).Out of a total of 246 cruises, most trips were realized in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (56,5%) and the Split-Dalmatia County (23,6%), which is a total of 80,1%. The remaining 19,9% ​​of trips were realized in the following counties: Istria and Zadar (6,5% each), Šibenik-Knin (4,9%) and Primorje-Gorski Kotar (2,0%).The most visited port is Dubrovnik, followed by the ports of Split and KorculaSource: CBSThe port of Dubrovnik (189 visits) had the most visits of foreign cruise ships, followed by the ports of Split (100 visits) and Korčula (48 visits).Increase in the number of passengers, voyages and days of stay of foreign cruise shipsIn the period from January to June 2018, the number of trips of foreign ships for cruises increased by 4,2%, and the total number of days of stay of ships increased by 0,6% compared to the same period in 2017. In the mentioned period 2018, the number of passengers on these ships is higher by 12,6% compared to the same period in 2017.last_img read more

A joint ticket for 7 protected natural areas of Lika was presented

first_imgBravo for the synergy, so rarely seen in Lijepa naša. In addition, the ticket includes a tour Memorial Center “Nikola Tesla” Smiljan.  By purchasing a ticket to Lika, you have the opportunity entrance to the following protected areas of nature: In addition to joint tickets, there is another synergy and complement to the whole story, LIka Quality system, which has a total of 169 products from the Lika area, and which can be purchased in hotels, restaurants, shops, souvenir shops in Lika, except in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Po a single price of 300,00 kn for adults and 200,00 kn for children (7-18) you can visit 8 entrances in the period from July 15 to October 31, 2019, and the ticket is available at points of sale in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Motivated by the success of last year, the Lika Destination Cluster and protected natural areas in Lika have formed a joint ticket to Lika with the aim of encouraging longer stays in the destination and branding Lika as a protected natural area. Given the fact that Plitvice Lakes National Park is annually visited by 10% of all tourists visiting the Republic of Croatia, the intention with the help of its popular brand in a sustainable way to brand the rest of the destination that is less known to tourists and also rich in natural beauty. This would offer additional quality content for tourists, thus raising the satisfaction of guests, guests would stay longer in Lika, and in the end would increase tourist spending. Win-win for everyone. u Plitvice Lakes National Park entrance to the park, transport by electric boat and panoramic train within the selected sightseeing program and insurance of visitors u National Park Paklenica one day tour of the National Parku Northern Velebit National Park one visit to the House of Velebit and a visit to the Park for three consecutive daysu Velebit Nature Park entrance to a significant landscape – the bay Zavratnicau Grabovača Cave Park a tour of the Samograd cave with an expert guide and a tour of the parku Barać’s caves 60 minutes of tour accompanied by an expert guideand u Croatian Center for Indigenous Fish and Crustacean Species of Karst Waters visit to the center, distribution of the Knowledge Booklet, watching an educational film about the Gacka region, microscopic examination of fish tissue, passing the educational trail of Gacka fauna, touring the Cave, view of the Gacka Valley from the lookout  RELATED NEWS:last_img read more

Euronews announces six tourism trends for 2021.

first_img4. Authentic tourism: immersion in the community Careful tourism refers to creating deeper connections with the places people visit and traveling with the “less is more” attitude, avoiding crowded itineraries with “Top Lists”. Having a bucket list was a way to build social prestige, but as travel as a consumer act falls into disfavor, the more conscious traveler seeks out what more modest trips to less glamorous destinations are. According to the International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism is “responsible travel to natural areas that protect the environment, maintain the well-being of the local population and include education.” After a pandemic, people will think much more carefully about how to travel and look for hotels and companies that do everything to minimize their impact on the planet. We can also expect accreditation to gain in importance, as consumers seek security from legitimate “eco-tourism” and “negative carbon” certifications. 1. Wildlife tourism: celestial escapes In the analysis “What will tourism look like in our new reality?’six key travel trends emerging after 2020 stand out: 3. Eco tourism: “cultivate” In the age of Instagram, authenticity has become an ideal to strive for. As for travel, visitors do not want to visit standard resorts that are unconnected and sterile. They want to dive into destinations and experience something “real”. An important aspect will be working with local communities in a safe and honest way, with tourists eager to learn and make human connections. As far as authentic tourism is concerned, travelers also want to leave a positive mark – to give something back – whether it is direct payments to local businesses or volunteering. In the future, travel “on the go” will be much more frequent, whether it’s unfettered freelancers Gen Za, millennial professionals who can earn a living laptop or retirees without responsibility. Health care also motivates more and more people, so it is predicted that there will be an increased demand to buy cars as a substitute for public transport – although they have a great awareness of caring for the environment, this will give way to a boom in travel. 6. Careful tourism: collaborative camps 2. Nomadic tourism: camping trips In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, the quest to improve health and immunity will be a strong motivation for world tourists. in 2021 and later we can expect beach visitors to replace the sun and pina-colade with shade and coconut water. Even if visitors don’t travel explicitlyA detox or bootcamp experience, you will want to book trips that make you feel better than before you return home. Some will also be willinggo to the extremes of radical physical “overhaul”. After months of staying in their homes, there is a universal hunger for more open spaces. For example, in the U.S., national parks have experienced a huge influx of visitors after locking, and the trend will continue into 2021 as time spent in the wild is considered an antidote to modern urban life. 5. Wellness tourism: retreats for longevity Euronews has published its report on travel and tourism trends’ Travel after 2020. With the constant “noise” from our cities, as well as news and social networks, the search for silence will be a top priority. As expected, the traveler of tomorrow will increasingly want to live as a local, immersed deeply in different cultures and customs. They will want to escape from busy urban centers and enter the wilderness of less populated, rural areas, which could bring wealth to these local communities. Full report “Travel after 2020 what will tourism look like in our new reality?”Look HERElast_img read more