The Society of the Irish Motor Industry says motorists an easy target

first_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Dail hears questions over design, funding and operation of Mica redress scheme The Society of the Irish Motor Industry says motorists an easy target PSNI and Gardai urged to investigate Adams’ claims he sheltered on-the-run suspect in Donegal Google+ Pinterest Facebook Twitter By News Highland – December 6, 2011 Pinterest Man arrested in Derry on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences released center_img Motor tax is to go up by an average of 46 euro depending on what band you’re on and the price of petrol and diesel is to increase by 1.4 cent and 1.6 cent a litre from midnight tonight.Gerry Caffrey is President of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry – he says motorists are an easy target – and his members will find getting business even tougher:[podcast][/podcast] WhatsApp Previous articleIncrease in cigarette prices will lead to more smugglingNext articleDeputy Doherty launches scathing attack on budget News Highland Dail to vote later on extending emergency Covid powers Google+ Man arrested on suspicion of drugs and criminal property offences in Derry Facebook HSE warns of ‘widespread cancellations’ of appointments next week WhatsApp Newslast_img read more

CHANNEL 44 NEWS: City Officials Break Ground On The Garfield Commons

first_imgCity Officials Break Ground on the Garfield CommonsIt’s the beginning of an $8 million investment into Jacobsville neighborhood. City officials and project organizers got together for a groundbreaking celebration of Garfield Commons. Garfield Commons is a 44-unit multi-family complex and…FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

Watch Derek Trucks, Eddie Vedder & Bill Murray Jam “The Weight” At World Series After Party

first_img“Life and baseball fandom take you to some strange and awesome places at times…” Tedeschi Trucks Band posts on their Facebook page. Earlier this week, the Cleveland Indians beat the Chicago Cubs in Game 4 of the World Series. After the game, an incredible cast of characters assembled at a Wrigleyville after-party, that saw the talents of Derek Trucks and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder come together for a sing-along of The Band‘s “The Weight” amongst friends and family. Bill Murray, too, was in attendance, when the acoustic jam session went down – officially giving the crew legendary status. Watch a full clip below, courtesy of the Pearl Jam Radio Facebook page.last_img

Vermont Yankee completes refueling

first_imgEntergy Vermont Yankee announced Friday that it had completed refueling of the nuclear power plant in Vernon. During the refueling the plant does not produce electricity. The refueling and maintenance outage began April 28. Vermont Yankee reports the plant is now in a state called demobilization, in which scaffolding and other equipment related to the completed work is being removed. Vermont Yankee states that much of the work has involved upgrades to improve the plant’s long-term reliability, such as the replacement of a reactor feed pump motor, sleeving the plant’s condenser tubes, and completing the third (and final) phase of the cooling tower upgrades, including the safety-related section of the west tower.The refueling of the reactor involved the changeout of 116 spent fuel assemblies for new assemblies and the rearranging of the remaining 252 assemblies in the reactor core. The total number of specialized outage workers needed to refuel the plant was 668 as of last week, down from a high of more than 800.The testing and inspection of major plant components so far this outage has included the reactor internals, the main steam isolation valves and various heat exchangers. Engineers are analyzing the data gathered on the condition of the reactor internals including the reactor vessel and the steam dryer. Of the eight main steam isolation valves leak-rate tested, two were found to need work on their seating surfaces to bring them into very precise specifications. One of the major jobs this outage was the scheduled cleaning of the plant’s torus that contains a back-up supply of cooling water at the base of the reactor building. That work is done approximately every six years and involves very specialized divers with submersible vacuuming equipment.The final stage of the outage will be switching and valving of plant systems from their maintenance mode to their normal operations mode and final tests in preparation for start up.Vermont Yankee also stated that work on the soil remediation from the tritium leak continued through the outage and is on schedule to be completed in the coming weeks.Source: Entergy Vermont Yankee. 5.14.2010last_img read more

As USC works to raise its national profile, fraternities are on the chopping block

first_imgJonathon Xue/Daily Trojan Heavy drinking, in particular, has proven to be one of the most dangerous forms of pledging at USC. For many fraternity members, the exact process USC undertakes to investigate Greek organizations is unclear. This came to a head in October when FSLD instructed Sammy and Phi Sigma Kappa to cancel their social activities while they were placed on interim suspension, according to a previous Daily Trojan report. According to the suit, USC provided no opportunity for Theta Xi to cross examine the witness, who was described by fellow members in the suit as “being very disrespectful towards women” and as having allegedly said “women exist on the planet so [he] can have sex with them.” “During the course of the meeting, which lasted two hours, I was asked many leading questions … I was given no time to give any clarification or tell my side of the story,” the suit read. “It felt as if [Turner] had already made her mind up of what she believed and was only set on forcing the answers that she wanted out of me … I wasn’t offered any water or breaks … the mental and emotional stress that this situation brought on me has caused me to lose sleep, suffer … and seek out on-campus counseling.” In DPS reports obtained by Daily Trojan, officers responded to incidents on Greek Row 216 times in 2018. Most responses resulted in the individuals complying with officers’ requests. However, a dozen of those requests resulted in either a full party shutdown or reports sent to Student Affairs. Carry said the most concerning reports the University has received involve students alleging that substances were slipped into their drinks at fraternity parties. As part of the effort to investigate these claims, the Office of Student Affairs has enlisted the help of SJACS, the Office of Professionalism and Ethics and DPS, according to Carry. All four offices work together to interview members of the organizations and key witnesses. Now, as Carry prepares to leave USC in April, fraternities who have reportedly hazed their members are on the chopping block.   Ackerman said he regretted the implication in the comments and that he did not condone hazing, the Daily Trojan previously reported. Sammy’s suspension was lifted a week later, but the organization was suspended again on Jan. 17. That suspension was lifted on March 12. Even though today it is a crime in 44 states, including California, 73 percent of people in college Greek life are hazed, according to Robbins. Hechinger believes, however, that social media and cell phone videos are able to capture so much more of what happens behind closed doors, that “it’s really in your face, so it’s really hard to deny.” CURRENT ALLEGATIONS Despite the criticism over SJACS’ response to hazing allegations, Carry explained that the administration’s policy values safety over social activities. This means that fraternities are watched more closely than they may like, and the administration will continue to closely monitor their social activities. Tucker Judkins/Daily Trojan “The alumni association of fraternities are big donors,” Hechinger said. “They often put pressure on administrators if they crack down, so unless there’s a lot of public pressure or something really horrific happens, the easiest course is to kind of look the other way.” “Any time we receive an allegation for inappropriate behavior by a fraternity, we take action, we will interim suspend,” Carry said. “It has always been our approach and it has always been our practice.” In the past academic year, Sigma Alpha Mu — widely known as “Sammy” — was placed on interim suspension twice for hazing allegations, according to FSLD. “There would be a few nights here and there where the main two guys who were doing their thing were like, ‘We’re going to let some other people take over, and they’ll do the more conventional hazing,’” he said. “Dark robes, loud music, there’s drinking, that sort of thing.” Carry said when he meets with students individually regarding these allegations, they say the situation is common on campus. The former member, who wished to remain anonymous, said the “hazing” he experienced at Sammy consisted mainly of heavy workouts and philosophical discussions — unusual for many fraternities, which tend to include heavy drinking in their hazing processes. During the pledge process, he said most others in his pledge class did not want to participate in these character development activities and instead wanted the “conventional” hazing experience. It’s pitch black in the basement of a house on 28th Street, where approximately 25 freshman boys stand tightly packed. Amid complete silence, the door slams open and loud music pours in. Two men, silhouettes against the yellow light from the doorway, hold enough alcohol to supply a party. They order the pledges to drink up for the long night ahead. The story made national headlines after reports revealed that Piazza’s fraternity brothers did not transport Piazza to the hospital until 12 hours later, where he was pronounced dead the morning after the party. After fraternities are placed on interim suspension, the University’s next step is to investigate the nature of the allegations, Carry said. “After [he] resigned from Theta Xi, he tried to have Theta Xi removed from USC fraternity row and simultaneously threatened several of the members living in the … fraternity house,” the complaint read. His mother filed a lawsuit against the University claiming that Phi Kappa Psi members forced her son to drink so much that he fell off of a platform and injured his head at a party in October 2016, causing him emotional duress in the months that followed. “Beginning in 2018, the chapter implemented a revamped candidate education program that was reviewed and approved by both the International Headquarters and USC’s [FSLD] Office,” Huston wrote. “We are continuing to cooperate fully with the University and are committed to taking additional actions that help ensure all of our members are supporting a healthy and safe environment.” During the incident, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Monique Allard sent both fraternities a memo citing violations of health and safety codes and hazing regulations. Phi Sigma Kappa released a statement following the incident announcing its plans to potentially sue the University over a lack of transparency. “We are disappointed about the misconduct from Fall 2017 involving our chapter at USC,” Huston wrote. “Since [the Las Vegas incident], we have made substantial changes at the Mu Theta chapter, including completely new chapter leadership.” “I am concerned about the number of random, loosely connected reports that we receive about students having something slipped into their drinks or being roofied at a party or an event,” Carry said. “We will get one report, then we won’t hear anything else in a long time. Then we will get another report.” Hazing at USC fraternities ranges in intensity, encompassing everything from making pledges do menial tasks for active members to forcing them to drink alcohol until they black out. “As long as [fraternities] have a pledge process, inevitably one year or another, it’s going to get out of control, or something terrible is going to happen,” Hechinger said. John Hechinger, a senior editor at Bloomberg News and author of “True Gentlemen: The Broken Pledge of America’s Fraternities,” says, however, that universities traditionally aren’t in any rush to get fraternities in trouble due to the rock-solid alumni ties they often institute. Fraternities codified this system for their pledge programs, and ever since then, hazing has been a way to distinguish the men who are not committed or “weak,” according to Hechinger. The former member was placed on social probation and eventually resigned from the organization after reports that he engaged in sexual misconduct and racist behavior, the suit read. The former member attempted to join another fraternity but was dismissed from that fraternity due to similar sexual misconduct allegations.   “Hazing can be viewed as a means of group survival,” she writes. “People generally want to believe that they are decent citizens who make good decisions. So when they do something stupid or cruel, they feel uncomfortable afterward when they try to reconcile their behavior with their image of themselves.” “The Mu Theta chapter does not condone the events from Fall 2017,” the USC chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu said in a statement to the Daily Trojan. “The current leadership was elected based on an anti-hazing platform.” THE CULTURE OF HAZING Huston confirmed that the leaders involved in the incident are no longer affiliated with the fraternity. That culture is now starting to change, a Daily Trojan investigation has found. Following multiple reports of hazing from different USC fraternities, the University is cracking down on misconduct among Greek organizations. In the past year, five fraternities were investigated for hazing violations, misconduct or drug abuse, according to USC’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development. Three ultimately lost University recognition. “Unfortunately, the University’s standard operating procedure has been to ‘suspend first, provide information later,’” the statement read. “We believe that procedure runs counter to the law, due process and fundamental fairness.” Hechinger explains that many fraternities who claim they have eliminated hazing still have a “pledge program,” which is essentially a cover for continuing the same activities. Another screenshot sent anonymously to the Daily Trojan shows a Las Vegas scavenger hunt list from October 2017 that allegedly instructed Sammy pledges to film an “active shooter conspiracy video” inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, where the largest mass shooting in recent U.S. history had taken place just three weeks prior. SJACS did not confirm whether it investigated this incident. Carry explained that organizations are notified of their conduct violations and are given an opportunity to state their case afterward. When the University comes to a decision, organizations are invited to  make an appeal. “There have been at least six organizations that have been suspended over the past three years, and it’s a five-to-six-year suspension,” Carry said. “What has changed is that more students are reporting these incidents now.” Phi Sigma Kappa was taken off of interim suspension after the University failed to find conclusive evidence for allegations of misconduct in November 2018. “Theta Xi was never provided official notice outlining the specific factual allegations or policies allegedly violated and was only told there were ‘reports of alleged behaviors that may have endangered the University community, including hazing,’” the lawsuit read. Sabrina Chen/Daily Trojan The case echoes the 2017 death of Penn State University student Timothy Piazza, who participated in a pledging ritual called “The Gauntlet” at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. After drinking heavily, Piazza was so inebriated that he fell down a flight of stairs and was knocked unconscious. “We will continue to cooperate with the University administration as they investigate concerns,” Sammy said in a statement to Daily Trojan. “[We are] committed to creating a safe and positive fraternity experience at USC. We will continue our cooperation with SJACS on this matter and hope that a resolution can be reached quickly.” These incidents are the culmination of more than a century of pledging tradition. Hazing, specifically by men, in American higher education dates back to just after the end of the Civil War, when soldiers who had experienced hazing in the military brought it with them to academic institutions. Hazing has become such an integral part of the fraternity experience that college freshmen come to campus with expectations already in place. In an interview with the Daily Trojan, an inactive member of Sammy who joined in Fall 2015 and spent three years as a member of the fraternity said hazing continues because pledges expect and want to be hazed. The suit alleges Theta Xi was placed on interim suspension as a result of the filed complaint, and the organization was never provided with an official notice outlining the allegations. Pledges are told by pledge masters not to discuss hazing outside of the fraternity, according to the former Sammy member. “It’s not a CSI investigation,” Carry said. “People are not in [the fraternity houses] with blue lights and scanning for fingerprints.” Carry said that by having the fraternities suspend social activities and events, the University can ensure that no further harm occurs, if the allegations are proven to be true. Andy Huston, executive director of Sammy’s national chapter, wrote in a statement to the Daily Trojan that the USC chapter has changed its policies since the hazing incidents and is committed to enforcing member safety. Last month, nine brothers from Delta Kappa Epsilon at Louisiana State University were arrested for hazing-related crimes. They allegedly forced pledges to lie in mounds of broken glass while the active members kicked them with steel-toed boots and urinated on them, according to the New York Post.   Carry explained that the University aims to notify the accused party of a decision no more than 15 days after first notifying them of their violations. However, it took approximately 21 days for Phi Sigma Kappa and Sammy to be notified of their decisions. Carry attributes the extended turnaround time to the fact that many fraternity members and pledges do not show up for interviews, which are part of the investigation. JUSTICE AND DUE PROCESS Jordan Carmona, a judicial officer from SJACS, said conclusions to the investigations are not made public. Instead, when an investigation on a house is concluded, the final decision is given to the chapter president, who decides what to do with the information. The first suspension began in October 2018 while the University investigated alleged hazing violations. In addition to the allegations against Sammy, the USC chapter of Theta Xi filed a lawsuit against SJACS Director Donna Budar-Turner and Carry in 2018 after losing University recognition due to a hazing allegation that the fraternity claims is false. The screenshots, which were also sent anonymously to the Daily Trojan, show Ackerman and others supporting a post that encouraged pledges to have sex in a casket during “hell week” — the final, most intense week of pledging for new fraternity members before initiation. According to the suit, a former member of Theta Xi reported concerns of organizational misconduct to SJACS in January 2018. Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards declined to comment on past investigations, though Sammy confirmed it was being investigated by SJACS. According to Vice President for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry, this number is unprecedented. Carry said he believes this increase is due to the University receiving more reports of concerning behavior than ever before through Department of Public Safety calls, the LiveSafe app and anonymous tips. Turner found the complaint against Theta Xi was substantiated and sanctioned the immediate loss of recognition for the fraternity. Lillian Zeng/Daily Trojan The FSLD website lists five Greek organizations that were investigated over the past year: Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi and Theta Xi. For decades, scenes like this one — conveyed to the Daily Trojan by a former fraternity member — have felt familiar to students who go through the process of joining, or “pledging,” a fraternity. To prove their dedication, new fraternity members typically go through an initiation period that lasts several weeks or months, which can involve hazing — harassment or abuse from older members of the house. According to previous Daily Trojan reporting, the members allegedly pressured him not to seek immediate medical attention out of fear that they would get in trouble with the University, even though he exhibited concussion-like symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness and headaches. His mother claims in the lawsuit that fraternity members gave her son cocaine and Adderall so that he could resume his pledge duties. A month later, the Undergraduate Student Government received screenshots from a private Sammy member Facebook group showing pro-hazing comments made in Fall 2017 by current members, including outgoing USG Vice President Blake Ackerman, the Daily Trojan previously reported. “When we receive the reports that we received, out of … taking care of the community, I would prefer to stop a group, then receive a continuation of hazing reports,” Carry said. “If a kid dies, we won’t be having a conversation about why you didn’t let them throw a party.” In her 2019 book “Fraternity: An Inside Look at a Year of College Boys Becoming Men,” investigative journalist Alexandra Robbins writes that fraternity hazing in the United States increased in the late 1800s as a way for upperclassmen to intimidate younger members. These investigations come on the heels of a turbulent year for Greek life on campus. The University deferred the rush process — which traditionally takes place in the first week of fall classes — until the spring for students who do not have a USC GPA, most of whom are incoming freshmen and transfer students. Carry championed this initiative as essential for mental health and academic performance. Carry said the increase in suspensions this year is not because the University’s commitment to ensuring safety has changed but because of the amount of reports and tips that the University has received. Carry said, however, that he urges anyone with information regarding substance abuse, hazing or general concerns to report it, even if the reports are anonymous. In terms of due process, however, Carry said judicial processes for individuals are different than due process for organizations. “But we are not getting these reports of this happening all the time,” Carry said. “We need those reports because those reports eventually give us a pattern. I know people think, ‘Oh, this happened to me and two of my friends, it’s not a big deal, I don’t want to report it or make a big deal out of it’ … We need those reports to identify these patterns.” In April 2017, Alasdair Russell, who was pledging Phi Kappa Psi, died by suicide after withdrawing from USC that January. “What’s missing in that notification is more specifics,” Carry said. “Sometimes, those specific details jeopardize the reporting party.” Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Psi and Theta Xi officially lost University recognition after investigations found evidence of hazing. The suit also includes a report from Theta Xi’s president detailing his experience with Turner during SJACS’ investigation of the fraternity while it was on interim suspension. “Everyone knows hazing is happening, and if you make it into specifics, then it’s a liability,” the former member said. “While we review this allegation, we pause [the fraternities’] activities so that we can [have a] thorough investigation,” Carry said. “During an interim suspension, we’re doing our homework. We interview … and gather information.” “But it often gets into really ugly stuff,” Hechinger said. “Humiliation, and the worst is forced drinking that has killed so many students.” The former member described how pledges would be placed in a room and told to drink a set amount of alcohol — on weeknights or before chapter meetings. last_img read more

Mama mia! Benin shock Nigeria in CHAN

first_imgThe Nigerians return from Benin beaten.Johannesburg, South Africa | AFP |  Benin shocked Nigeria 1-0 Sunday in African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifying to complete a rare weekend of football celebrations for the tiny west coast country.On Saturday, Beninese Steve Mounie scored twice for promoted Huddersfield Town in a 3-0 triumph at Crystal Palace that temporarily put them top of the English Premier League.Seibou Mama was the toast of Cotonou Sunday after tucking away an 89th-minute penalty for the “Squirrels” in a final round first leg.Sixth-ranked Nigeria are 19 places above Benin in Africa and host the return match in northern city Kano next Saturday.The African Nations Championship is restricted to footballers playing in their country of birth and matches carry full international status and ranking points.Niger were another west African country to cause an upset thanks to a late penalty, which delivered a 2-1 victory over the Ivory Coast in Niamey.Seini Imeran put the home team ahead and Fabius Dosso levelled during an exciting climax to the opening half.Halidou Garba scored the winning goal from the spot with six minutes remaining to give the Nigeriens hope of staging another giant-killing act.Niger stunned Nigeria in a 2011 qualifier and went on to reach the quarter-finals in Sudan — their best showing in the biennial competition.Debutants Egypt, notable and unexplained absentees from the previous four editions, had goalkeeper Mohamed Awad to thank for a 1-1 draw with Morocco in Alexandria. He made a string of superb second-half saves, including blocking an Abdelilah Hafidi spot-kick, as the visitors pressed for victory in the Mediterranean city.Egypt, who lacked the unavailable stars of top clubs Al Ahly and Zamalek, made a perfect start with Ahmed el Sheikh converting a third-minute penalty after he was fouled.Badr Banoun equalised early in the second half at the 87,000-seat Borg el Arab Stadium by rising to powerfully head a free-kick into the net.Comoros took a 2-1 lead over Namibia in a clash of countries seeking a first appearance at the Nations Championship, which is scheduled for Kenya next January and February.A Chadouli Mradabi tap-in and a Mohamed Youssef header gave the east coast islanders a two-goal half-time advantage in Moroni that was halved when Hendrik Somaeb converted a penalty.Ethiopia came from behind to draw 1-1 with Sudan in Hawassa and Madagascar extended an unbeaten run in all competitions to 11 matches after a 0-0 stalemate with visiting Angola. Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Anabel Sexton joins board of England Golf Partnership

first_img Strategic marketing consultant Anabel Sexton has joined the board of the England Golf Partnership (EGP) as an independent non-executive director. The EGP brings together the amateur governing body, England Golf, and the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) to grow the game with the support of the Golf Foundation and Sport England National Lottery funding. It aims to increase participation in golf, from grass roots to elite level, and make England the leading golf nation in the world by 2020. Anabel, who has extensive interests in sport, has played golf since childhood and has enjoyed a long career within the golf industry. She said: “This is an exciting time for golf and it’s great to be involved in growing the game. I am very enthusiastic about the work of the EGP and its campaign to inspire more people to Get into golf and I look forward to working with the team.” Bill Bryce, the chairman of the EGP, commented: “I’m delighted Anabel has agreed to join the EGP management board. After an extensive recruitment process, Anabel will be an excellent addition to an already impressive team. Her experience, knowledge and skills are well suited to our needs and we look forward to her contribution well into the future.” Anabel started her career in golf with IMG, working with professionals on the Ladies European Tour, before moving into video production and distribution working, among others, with Ian Woosnam on his instructional video.   She set up her own agency in 1998 and took on the PR contract for TaylorMade adidas golf, along with the Wales bid for the 2010 Ryder Cup.  Her successful work with TaylorMade led to her selling her agency and taking on the role of their European Brand Communications Director, a position which she held until 2001. Since then, Anabel has worked extensively as a non-executive director at board level. She served for four years as a director for the Sport & Recreation Alliance, a year on the board of England Netball, has advised Sport England on the distribution of funds to women’s projects, and has just completed her ninth year as a governor of Millfield School in Somerset where she is now deputy chair and governor for sport. 16 Dec 2013 Anabel Sexton joins board of England Golf Partnership last_img read more


first_img:08 Here’s why you can’t trust “Them”! When Plaxico Buress went to jail for shooting his own leg, “They” said good. Then “They” said his career was over and he would never play again. And then when he got out of jail “They” said no one would touch him with a 10 foot pole. Now “They” are mad because he didn’t sign with the Steelers…C’mon man, “You guys” can’t have it both ways. You know who “you” are!!!:07 It’s Steeler Timer…Let’s get ready to RRRUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE! I guarantee we will be back in the Super Bowl and remember, “Revenge is best served cold!”:06 I don’t know the name of the old worst movie of all time, but the new worst movie of all time is “Cowboys versus Aliens.” You know I keep you posted on what to see. Please, please, please, please, in the name of the late great James Brown (The Godfather of Soul for you suburban readers) do not, I repeat, do not go see this movie! They took pieces from Alien I, II and III, the Magnificent Seven and any James Bond and Star Wars movie, shook it up in a Hollywood bag and threw it at the screen. (No not L.C. Greenwood “Hollywood Bags” you nitwit).:05 I know you all don’t really care, at least you pretend that you don’t, but Hines Ward and Kym Johnson, his Dancing with the Stars partner, are hooked up. She’s been in Pittsburgh way too much. That show’s been over for two months. She’s got the boy driving and drinking. You know that’s love…take it to the bank.):04 Best weekend ever? The Connie Hawkins Middle School Boys Tournament and Championship won by Imani Christian Academy over Pittsburgh Pressure and the Champions! Armon Gilliam Memorial Youth Summer Basketball Camp, over 200 outstanding young people in total. It was fantastic. (Details on both programs coming next week.):03 Next up, The Champions Mixed Doubles Celebrity Tennis Tournament, Labor Day Monday, at the Highland Park Tennis Courts. All combos welcome. Call The Champions to register. 412-628-4856.:02 If it’s First Friday, it’s old school par-tay time at the Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville. This Friday, Aug. 5 (That’s right. It’s August already.) Starring the Diamond Models, The Legendary Truly Yours Models and D.J. MeanGee. And on top of all that, it’s Renea and Foxy Roxy’s birthday. You missed the par-tays all summer. Don’t miss this one. Call Five Starr Corp. for information at 412-628-4856.:01 Pittsburgh Pirates listen to me and listen good. Do not go into a slump when the Steelers get it crackin…These make believe fans will leave you faster than “JLo” left Mark Anthony. How do you cheat on Jennifer Lopez! I don’t get it!?!?DOUBLE OVERTIME:00 Big, Big Shout-out to the Champions crew for this past week of basketball history. Alia Carter and the girls, Alex, Anthony, Coach Warren Wilson, Coach Gene Wilson, Coach Ben, Coach D.J., Coach William Burgess, Coach Mike and huge props to Jay and the fabulous Penn Hills YMCA and their tremendous staff. HOO-RAH!!!GAME OVER BILL NEAL :10 Randy Moss says he’s done. I don’t believe it…I think he’s testing the money waters and staying out of pre-season training camp. But if he does retire, he will be a first-round Hall of Fame lock and will finish as one of the 10 best wide receivers of all time.:09 Speaking of 10 best of all time…and I was, I saw the great Lynn Swann recently. Old school knows him as one of the top ten wide receivers of all time, if not top 5, but young folks know him as the owner of the Pittsburgh Power Arena Football team and “that guy” that ran for governor. Hey young folks, check your virtual history and you’ll find that Swann was, in fact, the greatest Super Bowl receiver of all time and by the looks of him, he could still turn in a Super Bowl performance!! Jerry Rice who?last_img read more

Bombers nail down fifth spot at Pitt Panther Classic

first_imgBy The Nelson Daily SportsThe L.V. Rogers Bombers ran the early-season record to 3-1 after finishing fifth overall at the 12-team Pitt Panthers High School Girl’s Basketball Tournament Saturday in Vernon.Tournament All star Sarah Fuhr poured in a game-high 29 points and Grade 11 power forward Samantha Einarson added 14 to lead the Bombers to a 50-46 victory over the Fulton Maroons in consolation round action at the Vernon Secondary School gymnasium.“This team continues to impress me with its grit and determination to win,” said coach Bruce Fuhr. “We started slow against Fulton but once we started rolling we began making it difficult for the Maroons.”The game was the fourth in five games for LVR, entering the season with only nine players. Fulton jumped to a 9-0 run and led 11-4 late in the quarter before the Bombers started bit of a run to only trail 14-9 at the break.Despite getting behind 24-15 in the second, LVR ended the quarter on a 6-0 run to only trail 24-21 at the half.In the second half a bizarre play occurred to swing the momentum into the Bombers’ favour.After Fulton had been called for a travel violation the referee mistakenly gave the ball to Fulton to inbound. The Maroon player then fired a three-point attempt at the wrong basket that went in.After consultation the officials gave LVR the three points, which tied the contest at 30-30.LVR went on a 16-6 run after to lead 46-36 before holding off the late Fulton charge.“That could have been the difference,” Fuhr said. “I didn’t actually see the play but I was happy we were able to get the points.”Sarah Fuhr scored eight of her 29 points in the fourth period, including a pair of three pointers.However, the key to this game may have been the play of Einarson. After struggling miserably in the morning contest against Princeton, the Grade 11 forward had a bounce back game, scoring most of the points slipping through the Fulton inner defence.“It was nice to see Sammy have such a strong game,” said Fuhr. “She was un-Sammy like against Princeton but played her best game all season when it was needed against Fulton.”Kyndle Doolan, with a strong game defensively, and Melinda Halstead each scored two points for LVR.The Bombers outlasted Princeton 46-44 in the morning contest.Fuhr, finishing with 23 points, sank two free throws with four seconds remaining in the game to snap a 44-44 tie.Kiandra McLaren had six while Doolan added eight, including a six-for-10 average from the charity stripe.LVR opened the 12-team tourney with a 52-42 loss to Kalamalka Lakers of Vernon Friday.Fuhr led the Bombers with 17 points while McLaren chipped in with 10. Doolan added six and Rachel Moulson had four.The Bombers return to action Friday in Cranbrook at the Mount Baker Wild High School Basketball [email protected]last_img read more

Vista Prep Eagles finish season 14-2

first_imgThe Vista Prep Eagles seventh grade boys basketball team just concluded one of its more successful seasons in recent years, finishing 14-2 on the campaign. The Eagles defeated teams from Chico, Paradise, Corning and Cottonwood. Their season finale in Paradise was a 46-45 late-game thriller on Feb. 28. In addition, the boys won the Maywood Tournament in January, one of the highlights of the season. Another great moment was Royce Vaught hitting two free throws with 0.4 seconds left in a win …last_img