Quantum Break requires an Internet connection to watch liveaction scenes

first_imgOn April 5th, we’ll be able to go out and purchase Remedy Entertainment’s highly anticipated third-person shooter Quantum Break either on Xbox One or Windows PCs. However, what you won’t be able to do is play the game without having your platform of choice hooked up to the Internet.Before you get too upset about this fact, the reason an Internet connection is required isn’t to do with DRM, it’s all about the live-action sequences. Quantum Break is a mix of gameplay and live-action scenes. You play through an act of the game, then watch an action sequence lasting up to 20 minutes.The problem with these action sequences is they vary depending on how you are playing the game. In total, Remedy has created 40 of them, meaning the total length of the video for the game could reach 800 minutes. That’s way too much to fit on a Blu-ray, so Remedy and Microsoft decided to stream them instead. Hence, you need an Internet connection to play the game.This isn’t great news for anyone looking forward to playing the game away from the Internet, or worse, who does not currently have a connection fast enough to allow for video streaming. For them, the game is completely off limits. Remedy has said that Xbox One owners (not PC owners) will be given the option to download all the video to their hard drives, but that’s going to take up a lot of space.Many gamers will just accept that the video will be streamed, but there is another issue related to such a setup. How long will Microsoft be willing to host the video files on its servers and make them available for streaming? A year? Maybe two years? After that, the game could error out when it tries to stream, or just not play the videos. Seeing as these video streams are an integral part of the experience, the game will be effectively broken when that happens.last_img read more