Rivaldinho: “Carrying my father’s name is a burden”

first_imgMany years have passed since you were a star in Spain with the announcement of Cola Cao …It’s true … (laughs) Many, many years. It was a lot of fun to make that announcement and I’m very fond of him. I remember that when I went out with my father, people asked to take pictures with him, of course, but also with me. Mainly the children. I think I was a child minicelebrity in those times …What was it like growing up in Barcelona with a superstar like his father?It was wonderful. I am privileged to have a father who was number one, one of the best in history. And it is also a great padrazo. Growing up in Spain has given me a different view of the world, I have a head and a European mentality. I met different cultures and it was something that helped define my personality, the man I am today.As a child, he came to play in the Barça quarry …Yes. He was the youngest boy in the club, he was about seven years old and trained with the children of nine. Messi, Iniesta, Cesc Fàbregas, Víctor Valdés were older than me but we were training in the same field. Of course, nobody imagined that they would end up becoming what they are, but it is a story that I like to remember, that I have trained with them.Do you remember Messi of those times? Was it already a small show?I do not remember. He was too young. But I do remember people talking about him. That there was this Argentine boy who was a phenomenon.Have you always wanted to be a footballer?When you have a father who is famous, you see people asking for autographs and photos, you want to be like him. So I always wanted to be like my father. Be a footballer I have grown up in large club locker rooms, interacting with great players. It all seemed incredible. He wanted to feel the same sensation as they did when they scored a goal and the stadium shouted his name. And my father always supported me.I guess the thrill of playing next to him will have been indescribable …And it’s not like we’ve only played together. We scored both in the same game and won (for Mogi Mirim against Macaé in the second Brazilian division of 2015). It was the greatest emotion of my career, to be able to play next to my idol. How is it for the career of a football player who is looking for his own space to be his father’s son and bear the weight of his name?More than a help is a burden. It has the positive side, when I do something good, it affects the media because I am Rivaldo’s son. But in the end they always end up comparing you to your father. There is doubt that if you are by plug, by name. But I think I am demonstrating by my merits the quality that I have as a footballer. Something that I am getting by my own effort.An effort that took him to Romania where he is the idol of the Viitorul Constanta, of Hagi, a legend like your father …Hagi here is like Pele. But as a coach he is a close person, a true teacher who teaches you something new every day. Much of my evolution this season is due to Hagi. He bet on my potential. It gave me the opportunity I was looking for and the result is seen in the field.What is the biggest lesson Hagi has taught you?He is a very serious and dedicated guy. It is no accident that he won everything in Romania. His great teaching is the winning mentality. He always says that victory or defeat lasts one day. It’s what my father tells me. That what you did yesterday is no longer worth anything today. Worth what you will do tomorrow. What you evolve and learn after each training, triumph or failure is what remains. So I try to improve something every day.After two years of development in Romania, its name begins to sound for the five major leagues. But we are seeing younger and younger boys, such as Vinicius, Rodrygo and Reinier, making this transition to Europe. How do you see it?It is not ideal because you lose part of the training period. You do not arrive in Europe 100% prepared and when you are in a club like Real Madrid the pressure is tremendous. You have to contribute immediately and that is very difficult when your training is not complete. But Rodrygo is very good and I love Vinicius. The ideal is what Neymar did, endure in Brazil, evolve and come with more filming. But football has changed and I understand that, currently, it is almost impossible.last_img read more