Valencia: diamond quarry

first_imgIt is said that there are two reasons for being an elite youth academy: nurturing the first team with footballers and / or being a source of income for the club. That of Valencia more than meets both premises. The cash register of the Paterna Academy was opened on June 10, 2000 by Farinós, when he went to Inter for 18 million euros, and Gaizka Mendieta overflowed it a year later after being transferred to Lazio for 48 million. Without them Valencia won two Leagues and one UEFA at the beginning of the 21st century and Paterna has never stopped being a diamond quarry.From 2000 until today, 66 footballers of the subsidiary have debuted in an official match with Valencia. Six of them are part of his current squad (Gayà, Soler, Ferran, Kang-in, Costa and Jaume, although the goalkeeper does not meet the requirements of UEFA to classify him as a youth player) and three are in his branch (Jiménez, Esquerdo and Guillamón). Obviously, there were occasional appearances (13 did it only the time of their debut) and others that ended up being for different reasons more testimonial than the club technicians expected (cases of Libero Parri, Aarón Ñiguez or Isco) or of what has become afterwards (Portu).CHEMA DIAZ & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Silva, Villa and Albiol were proclaimed champions of Europe with Spain.CHEMA DIAZ (DAILY AS) Eight of the 66 players who have debuted since 2000 arrived at the National Team, the door that Ferran calls But there are more that have had a relevant role in the recent history of the club. In addition to the current, 13 youth players who are no longer playing played at least 38 official matches (which would be worth a complete League). Thus, in order of number of matches, we find Raúl Albiol (179), David Silva (168), Pablo Hernández (158), David Navarro (146), Alcacer (124), Guaita (114), Jordi Alba (110), Bernat (74), Xisco (60), Michel (47), Cartabia (46), Lato (43) and graceful (41). Such figures have far exceeded them Gayà (223), the footballer who continued the lineage of international left-backs ‘made in Paterna’: Alba, Bernat and Pedreguer. Ferran and Kang-in they caught the witness of to usually do; how Gayà of the Albiol, Silva, Isco, Sunrise, Bernat or Alcacerheirs of Albelda, Angle, Farinos or Mendieta. The Valencia Academy is the cradle of talent (66 debutants in the 21st century) and source of income for the Mestalla club.center_img The ‘others’ of the ché schoolthe ‘others’ of the ché schoolIn soccer it is difficult to reach the elite but even more to stay in it. Examples, each with their circumstances, we find among the 66 players who since 2000 made their debut with the Valencia first team: All of them, except for the case of Borja Criado by personal decision, managed to make a living from football, although they did so in categories inferiors and his premieres with Valencia were his only contact with the professional and media front line.-Borja Criado played four games for Valencia, one in Mestalla against Barcelona. At the age of 25, after being positive for doping due to a hair growth (the sanction was reduced to a minimum) and negative experiences in Granada, he got fed up with football and became a notary.– Quique made debut at the same time in a match of Champions in Rome to three youth players: Insa (today in the Johor of Malaysia), Romero (retired in the Cullera) and David Córcoles (still plays in the Vilamarxant).-In the Neville era, the Malian Diallo and the French of Ivorian origin Zahibo debuted. Of the first, there is no news of his current location, the second emigrated to the United States. -The same day that Isco and Paco Alcácer debuted with Valencia, so did Iván Rubio, who for a few years has been a member of Conquense, the club in his city.Soccer players have also passed through Paterna in recent years who, without leaving their sports stamp (each one due to circumstances) or economic in Valencia, They have made a career in the elite: Nolito, Camarasa, Roger Martí, Rubén García, Nacho Vidal, Héctor Font, Javi Guerra, Pedro López, Sisi, Montoro or Robert Ibáñez.DEBUTANTS IN THE FIRST TEAM SINCE THE SUBSIDIARY OF VALENCIA SINCE 2000Date (Official Matches with VCF) Coach in his first match25.10.00 / Libero Parri (4) Super19.09.01 / David Navarro (146) Benítez04.10.01 / Javi Garrido (41) Benítez06.11.02 / Borja Criado (4) Benítez11.12.02 / Miguel Albiol (2) Benítez11.12.02 / David Sánchez (1) Benítez12/14/02 / Ximo Enguix (2) Benítez04/19/03 / Gavilán (25) Benítez06/21/03 / Pablo Redondo (1) Benítez06/21/03 / César Soriano (2) Benítez09/24/03 / Raúl Albiol (179) Benítez10/15/03 / Xisco Muñoz (60) Benítez14.05.04 / David Rangel (1) Benítez23.01.05 / Juanlu Hens * (5) Ranieri04.10.05 / Santacruz * (1) A. López05.15.05 / Pallardó (14) A. López05.15.05 / Manuel Ruz (4) A. López23.07.05 / Pedro López (3) Quique05/16/06 / Pablo Hdez. (158) Quique08/09/06 / David Silva (168) Quique10.25.06 / Aaron (3) Quique05.11.06 / David Cerra * (7) Quique05.12.06 / Natxo Insa (2) Quique05.12.06 / Vicente Romero (1) Quique05.12.06 / David Córcoles (2) Quique02/11/07 / Javi Guerra * (2) Quique10/31/07 / Ángel Montoro (6) Óscar F.12/15/07 / David Lombán (5) Koeman02.10.08 / Guaita (114) Emery29.10.08 / Míchel (47) Emery29.10.08 / Ximo Navarro (2) Emery11/12/08 / Arturo Navarro (1) Emery04.12.08 / Jaume Costa (19) Emery08/27/09 / Daniel Olcina (1) Emery08/27/09 / Miku Fedor (7) Emery09/13/09 / Jordi Alba (110) Emery08.03.10 / Joel Johson (1) Emery03/21/10 / Lillo (1) Emery11.11.10 / Isco (7) Emery11.11.10 / Paco Alcácer (124) Emery11.11.10 / Iván Rubio (1) Emery08/27/11 / Juan Bernat (74) Emery30.10.12 / Gayà (223) Pellegrino11/28/12 / Salva Ruiz (1) Pellegrino08/17/13 / Fede Cartabia (46) Djukic02/27/14 / Portu (2) Pizzi08/29/14 / Carles Gil (11) Nuno08/29/14 / Robert Ibáñez (6) Nuno03/20/15 / Carlos Tropi (3) Nuno09.12.15 / J. Domenech * (76) Nuno24.11.15 / Rafa Mir (8) Nuno02.12.15 / Ibrahim Diallo (4) Voro12/16/15 / Fran Villalba (4) Neville12/16/15 / Wilfried Zahibo * (4) Neville02/10/16 / Ibán Salvador * (1) Neville02/25/16 / Lato (43) Neville05/13/16 / Sito Pascual (2) Ayestarán10.12.16 / Carlos Soler (141) Prandelli01.03.17 / Javi Jiménez (2) Voro02/25/17 / Nacho Gil (12) Voro18.08.17 / Nacho Vidal (9) Marcelino11/30/17 / Ferran Torres (88) Marcelino10/30/18 / Kang-in (29) Marcelino30.10.18 / Álex Blanco (2) Marcelino11/30/19 / Esquerdo (3) Celades22.02.20 / Guillamón (1) Celades* They do not meet UEFA squad requirements as they were reinforcements made for the subsidiaryIn bold those who have become internationalSources: AS file, Cyberche and Transfermarkt The profitability of several of the mentioned footballers was also economic and gave the quarry prestige for their destinations (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, PSG, Liverpool, City, Dortmund …). Valencia, whose budget in recent years for the Academy is around 5 million euros, has entered 198 million from the sale of youth squads since 2000 (132 million excluding Farinós and Mendieta, youth workers from the 20th century). The club, therefore, assuming that since 2000 it had always invested five million per year (100 million in total), would have obtained a capital gain of 98 million only from transfers, to which should be added the sports profitability and economics of the matches played by the youth squads.Thus Valencia has made cash, between sales and subsequent income from training rights, for Alcacer (€ 31M), Silva (twenty), Sunrise (14), Albiol (15.4), Bernat (12.5), Isco (7), Pablo Hernández (7), Carles Gil (4.2), Hawk (3), Rafa Mir (two), Michel (0.6) or Miku (0.1). To such transfers must be added the more than 6 million entered by the departure of youth squads who did not even debut with Valencia: Sivera, Gonzalo Villar, Nabil, Antonio Martínez or Pedro Chirivella.last_img read more