Chinese Official Clarifies China’s Intent for Africa

first_imgAs China-Africa relations move at a peak, an official of the Chinese Communist Government has clarified that his government is interested in economic cooperation and sharing social benefits with Africa, and not in the position to control Africans in doing what China wants them to do.Wang Xiaofeng, who works with the Information Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told 25 African journalists attending a seminar in Beijing that western countries are engaged in giving out only bad information about China, making those who have not been there to view the country negatively.“Although not all Chinese are good, you can attest now that most Chinese are generous and hospitable. This is why we bring you to China to see for yourself, and how we are moving with both infrastructural and human developments so you can write your own stories to dispel or agree with negative propaganda about China,” he said.On the issue of governance, Mr. Xiaofeng said China does not have to be like the West before meeting the human rights needs of its citizens and others living there.According to him, China has its own standard in place in governing its citizens, noting that people in the country are provided facilities including sports and other acceptable social activities from which citizens and millions of people of other nationalities benefit.He told African journalists during his lecture on “Press Release of Government” that the Communist Party system is China’s own standard of governance that allows government to own everything in the country; which according to him, is working well with the Chinese.He said China wants to see self-governance that does not allow another hand to control others, but a situation wherein people will independently do what they feel is good for their survival and growth.He said because western media does not report good things that China does, the government allows Africans to visit or study in China to see how things are done there so they can be in the best position to narrate the story.Mr. Xiaofeng disclosed that China is preparing to host China-Africa Summit to acquaint African leaders with what his country stands for in relationship with Africa.He added that China wants others to know about the Chinese Government and culture; something he said is the reason for which they are engaged in teaching the Chinese Language to Africans and others to establish the link.The “2015 Seminar Course on Information Officers and Journalists for English Speaking African Countries” is designed to provide information on the working of the Chinese Government and China-Africa relations.The program allows the journalists and information officers to also visit historical and other exhibition sites to see and compare development in the country with information propagated about the rising Asian country.One of such sites the journalists have visited is the Zhonguancun Science Park where modern technologies in China are exhibited for tourists to see.Among other things at the exhibition center are modern cyber equipment only in the possessions of China, Japan and USA for now; the first vehicle that uses only electricity; and equipment and materials used to filter and turn sea and sewage waters into useful means of irrigation.Also, there are cell scanning printer and equipment for molecular breeding and gene checking, and information storing equipment and an adjustable electronic window glass.The cell scanning printer detects Cancer in the human cells and exactly sketches where it is located, while the information storing equipment keeps information on human anatomy (frame) for over 30 years.There is also innovative equipment made purposely to transfer heat energy from the human body into electricity, and there will soon come a time when people will charge phones and other smaller electronic devices from shoes they wear.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more