Rick and Morty Stephen Universe and More Come to Quidd

first_imgStay on target Cartoon Network and Adult Swim fans might have a new obsession on the way. At least that’s what digital collecting app Quidd is hoping for with their new deal. What is Quidd? It’s a smartphone app that allows you to collect and unbox messaging stickers, digital collectible cards, and toys. Its users can show off their collections, play with digital toys, trade with each other and geek out over their favorite TV shows. It’s just like collecting physical cards and toys only you don’t have to give up any part of your already limited living space to do it.Quidd, which just raised an impressive $6.75 Million in funding, just signed a deal with Cryptozoic Entertainment, who will digitize their existing series of physical collectibles and games for the app. That means Quidd users will have access to cards, toys, stickers and more from Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Stephen Universe and more Cartoon Network/Adult Swim shows. The app is also making its Android debut, so everyone can start collecting. Unless you have a Windows phone, in which case… congrats on working at Microsoft?With this move, it’s beyond safe to say that digital collecting is A Thing. Old school collectors may scoff at the idea of buying and unboxing things that aren’t “real,” but that’s not an issue for a growing number of people. Be honest, how many Overwatch skins did you collect for characters you never even played? The real fun came from opening the boxes and looking at all your new stuff. That’s the draw of Quidd, only with the added benefit of being able to text Rick Sanchez to a friend.It appears a lot of people are excited to do just that. Quidd says over 100,000,000 digital collectibles have been distributed through the platform. With the addition of Stephen Universe and The Powerpuff Girls, that number is sure to climb even higher.For more Adventure Time goodness visit our mathematical gift guide! You Can Now Pre-Order ‘Dungeons & Dragons Vs. Rick and Morty’ Set‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Returns This November last_img read more