JBL Endurance Jump review: Good for a run outside

first_imgAsk any audiophile to pick between a wired and wireless set of headphones and the answer will not surprise you. Wired headphones offer better sound quality and for most parts, they are more reliable than their wireless counterparts. And while most of the times they are convenient to use, fitness enthusiasts may find them a bit uncomfortable especially during rigorous workout sessions. This is where the wireless headphones spin their magic. The latest company to add another device to the growing league of sports headphones is JBL, which has launched a number of earphones including JBL Endurance Jump that stars in this review.Earlier this month, HARMAN International introduced their new line of sports headphones in India. The new line called JBL Endurance headphones consists of four products — JBL Endurance Run, which is priced at Rs 1,599, JBL Endurance Sprint, which is priced at Rs 3,999, JBL Endurance Jump, which is available for Rs 4,799, and JBL Endurance Dive, which is available for Rs 6,999. The company’s new sports headphones are available for purchase at JBL’s e-shop, and at various online and retail stores across the country.As part of this review, I used the Black colour variant of JBL Endurance Jump. It is also available in a few peppy colours such as blue, teal, yellow and red.Endurance Jump is a simple and down-to-earth looking device. While the peppy shades do add a bit of bling to the overall character of the headphones, overall design and colour pattern is subtle and ensures that the product doesn’t look gaudy.advertisementWhen it comes to performance, Endurance Jump headphones are a decent runner and they perform well when used at optimum volume levels. Though they are slightly bent towards the higher frequency range, they come loaded with features like touch-sensitive controls, which are unique in this price range. They also sport a battery saving feature, which ensures that no drop of that juice goes waste. As far as the sound is concerned, it is loud and clear.But there are areas where Endurance Jump could have been better. For example, the music, which sounds pleasant despite being tuned to the highs at optimum volume levels, can sound bit harsh at higher volume levels. More on this in a while.DesignThey say convenience and comfort don’t go hand in hand. But JBL Endurance Jump seems to defy this rule, as it is both comfortable to wear and convenient to use. The design, although bland, is unique enough due to the shape of Endurance Jump ear buds. It ensures the Endurance Jump doesn’t look like tens of other earphones with generic design in this price range. The shell of Endurance Jump is made of a rubbery material, which makes it resistant to light rain and sweat. It also aids in overall comfort of the design. The earpieces are attached to an oar blade-esque structure on both the sides, which houses the battery and the controls on the right side. The oar blade-ish structure extends to an earband on which the earpieces rest when not in use. This structure then connects with the neckband joining the two ends.Most wireless headphones today have a relative long neckband, which allows users to access the controls. This setup despite being common is a pain to use owing to the placement of various controls. Endurance Jump solves this problem with a short neckband, which leaves no room for the neckband to hover around the user’s neck. Instead, it comes with touch sensitive controls, which can be accessed by a simple tap on the right side of the oar blade shaped structure. Tap it once to play or pause the music or answer or end a call. Tap it twice to switch to the next track or cancel a call, and tap it thrice to go back to the previous track.ComfortAs far as the comfort is concerned, for most parts, JBL Endurance Jump headphones are comfortable to wear. You can wear them all day long and listen to your favourite tracks without tiring your ears. The overall design is quite light and you won’t feel a thing even on wearing them for hours together. In fact, they are by far one of the most comfortable earphones in the price range below 5 grand. That said, Endurance Jump is not entirely fault free. I tried taking them out for a brisk walk and a jog. While they worked perfectly most of the times, the earpieces did pop out of the ear occasionally and had to be readjusted.advertisementEndurance Jump is a simple and down-to-earth looking device.Besides this, I found the touch controls to be a bit finicky. While readjusting the earpieces, I inadvertently ended up touching the controls, which are located on the right flap of the headphones. In effect you either play or pause the music or worse, change the track altogether. The same problem persists while using the volume controls, all of which I found a bit annoying.PerformanceAs I mentioned before, Endurance Jump are decent with sound quality. They may not help you win a marathon with the sound quality that they offer but they sure will help you survive a short run. What this means is that while they don’t offer exceptionally great sound but they are good enough, especially when you are out on a run and when you are not likely to focus on subtleties like highs, mids and lows. In my experience, I found Endurance Jump highlighting the highs way more than I would like them to. It got to a point to where I had to reduce the volume below 50 per cent to listen to any song.I tried a variety of songs like Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Alan Walker’s Faded during my early morning jogging sessions and the problem persisted. Punk Rock songs like Avril Lavigne’s Skater Boy and Rock n Roll didn’t sound any better. Take the volume a couple of notches up and even the smoothly flowing Rock Pop song like Christina Perri’s Bang Bang and Blues classic like Robbie William’s Angel seem to be piercing through the ears. In retrospect, the background noise does make the music more bearable.On the other hand, Endurance Jump performed well while handling Rock numbers like Bon Jovi’s You Wanna Make A Memory and Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. Even though the problem persisted at higher volumes, at optimum volume level, the music was slightly more tolerable.When it comes to performance, Endurance Jump headphones are a decent runner.In my experience I also found these headphones to lack clarity and detail. The mids were not clear enough, especially for a pair of headphones that cost over four grand, and even though the bass will likely not disappoint you, its impact is marred by overall character of the sound. The only silver lining you have is this nature of sound, which can sound a bit disturbing in the peaceful indoor surroundings, helps in masking some of the outside noise when you are out walking or jogging.Other than that, in my experience I found the Bluetooth to be a bit finicky at times. The headphones don’t easily connect with the source device automatically on getting disconnected when one of the earpieces comes out and rests on the earband. You need to properly disconnect the headphones and reconnect them again in order to use them.BatteryOne feature that stands out is the battery life. Endurance Jump comes with a good battery life. The battery gives a good eight hours backup when charged completely. And there is a quick charge feature which ensures that the users get up to an hour of playback time when charged for 10 minutes.advertisement Besides this, JBL Endurance Jump also comes with a Power Hook feature. What it does is that it automatically turns the headphone on when the earpieces, which rest on the earband in the off mode, disjoin from the earband. This, in turn, not only makes the headphones easy to use but also help in saving the precious battery life — making it last longer.Should you buy it or not?The answer to this question can be a bit tricky. Endurance Jump headphones are great to use especially if your workout involves spending long hours outside or if you are on the move in general. However, the same cannot be said for listening to music in the quite of your room. The overall character of the sound comes out a bit harsh. While this helps in masking the background noise, it’s not particularly pleasant to hear in peaceful office atmosphere. The battery, though, supports the headphones till the last drop and is definitely one of the plus points of this device.Notably, there are other wireless headphones available in the market costing less than five grand that are worth considering. For example, OnePlus Bullets Wireless that were launched earlier this year offer a better sound quality at a lower cost.JBL Endurance Jump review7/10Good stuffIPX7 waterproof designGood battery lifeBad stuffFinicky touch controlsUnimpressive sound qualitylast_img read more