Bad Hair Days Could Be Explained By Science

first_imgStay on target If you’re the type of person to have a bad hair day multiple days in a row, you’re certainly not alone. It may not even be your fault that your hair’s misbehaving. It turns out, like many other things in this world, it could be attributed to science.Scientists have localized three genes that can be blamed for an untamable coif, and they’re the ones that cause “uncombable hair syndrome,” or the reason that some people have dry, frizzy, and pale hair that just refuses to be combed flat. There’s even a diagnostics process that goes along with diagnosing this condition, which involves taking strands of hair, splitting them in half, and studying them via electron microscopes.Uncombable hair appears under the microscope as a triangular or heart-shaped strand of hair as opposed to straight ones, making it very easy to distinguish from normal hair. It’s also grooved from root to tip. The genes PADI3, TGM3, and TCHH are the troublemakers in question, and if only one of these genes malfunctions, it can affect the hair.Weirdly enough, despite all of the terrible hair days out there, only 100 legitimate cases have ever been reported. Of course, this could all be because people hardly ever visit the doctor just because their hair won’t settle down. This undeniably leads to fewer people being diagnosed, because it seems pretty ludicrous.But if you continually find yourself trying to figure out what to do with your hair because it just won’t do what you want it to, it might be in your best interest to let someone know about it. You might be one of the unfortunate few suffering from this condition. In the meantime, there are some super choice hairstyles you can do with hair that’s more textured than others! Look, But Don’t Touch, in Hair NahSalonLabs’ Three-Part Hair System Wants To Give You Lustrous, Beautiful Loc last_img read more