Yum: a new South African cuisine

first_img24 January 2006Two dances of the sea, four guises of salmon, iced peanut butter and kassler soup, chocolate risotto . yum, yum and yum again.And these are just the starters.These intriguing and tantalising dishes are available at Yum, South Africa’s 2005 Eat Out Johnnie Walker Restaurant of the Year, announced in November.“I am very flattered, it is very generous of them to give it to us. It is a lovely accolade – we will continue doing what we’re doing,” says owner Dario de Angeli modestly.He means it. De Angeli is a no-nonsense person who doesn’t let awards and such stuff go to his head – because his head is too busy coming up with more great creations.Sam Woulidge, the editor of Eat Out, says of De Angeli: “Since winning his first of five Top 10 awards (at Soho Square Cafe), Dario de Angeli has emerged as the undisputed trendsetter of his generation, although fame hasn’t cost Dario his passion.“His creativity has blossomed because talent learns from itself as well as from others and he is the creator of both intense flavours and beautiful presentation.”Eat Out: The Restaurant Guide of South Africa is an annual listings guide featuring independent critics’ reviews of more than 800 restaurants across the country. These critics visit restaurants unannounced and always pay for their meals.Together with a staff of seven chefs, De Angeli is going to change his menu every week this year, he says, in an effort to keep his dishes exciting and innovative. So if you fancy the soup or risotto and any of the other wonderful things on the menu this week, you had better get there quickly.Yum has been in the top 10 restaurant list five times previously, and De Angeli, 33, won the chef of the year award in 2003.No formal trainingHe has been in the industry for 16 years and dishes up his talent with no formal training. While at school he worked in a coffee shop in Hillbrow, then at a pizzeria, always in the front while angling to be in the kitchen. De Angeli then applied for a job as head chef. “It was out of my league,” he says. But he got the job, and thought, “Now I’m in trouble.”He rushed out and bought 10 recipe books, and read them from cover to cover. He also read about the world’s famous chefs and their styles and cultures of cooking. He still actively researches them, usually via the internet, enhancing his knowledge, like any good artist.But there’s also lots of at-the-table learning going on. When he goes on holiday he has lunch and dinner at different restaurants every day, tasting and observing food and its presentation.De Angeli’s menu consists of only six items per course. But that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier to choose – they all sound delectable. He is unimpressed with the American-style restaurants in South Africa that offer huge menus with repetitive food, in most cases simply adding another ingredient, for instance, to the long list of pizzas on offer.He takes the same principle through to the decor of his restaurant; the tables are simply decorated with classic white tablecloths, white serviettes, white crockery and white chairs. A single fresh sunflower decorates each table. Although he can cater for more than 80 people, he limits it to that number.“I want to focus on people, then food,” he says.Favourite chefs and restaurantsChef Charlie Trotter of Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, in the US, which is regarded as the world’s best restaurant, is one of De Angeli’s role models.“He is just clever,” says De Angeli, “he takes traditional dishes and alters them slightly, but always retains their intrinsic goodness.”Spaniard Ferran Adria, described as the “world’s most experimental chef”, is next on the list. Then it is Heston Blumenthal, whose restaurant Fat Duck in England is the winner of three Michelin awards, one of the industry’s most prestigious awards.All take cooking one or two degrees beyond the norm – experimenting and setting trends. This is something De Angeli likes to do too, like his vegetarian bunny chow with atchar and mango sorbet, or his seafood trifle, with layers of champagne jelly, steamed mussels, white fish, caviar, prawn tempura and tuna steak with saffron ice cream.Locally he lists his favourite chefs as Bruce Robinson, formerly of one.waterfront in Cape Town; Richard Carstens of Lynton Hall in KwaZulu-Natal (the 2005 Eat Out Chef of the Year); and Mike Basset of Ginja in Cape Town.His favourite Joburg restaurant is Lucio’s in Blackheath. “It serves nothing adventurous, just good, good food.”Others include Versace, in Illovo – “natural flavours, stunning food”; Auberge Michel, in Sandton (in the 2005 Eat Out Restaurant of the Year top 10); and Pigalle, in Sandton.Food conceptualisingSo, De Angeli will be getting down in 2006 with his two head chefs every week for some serious “food conceptualising”, to compile the following week’s menu. “I want out of the box thinking and the fun of trying new dishes.”He describes Yum restaurant as presenting “new South African cuisine”, which is “our interpretation of global food from South Africa – world food by South African people”.In two years when the lease on the restaurant expires, he won’t renew it, De Angeli says. He’ll close down – and doesn’t know what he’ll do next. Ultimately, however, he wants to move to Hermanus and open a small restaurant, with 20 seats, “for fun”.In the meantime, he returns to his kitchen, pops a finger into a pot, savours the mixture and says to one of his chefs: “Too sweet.” Then turns to the next pot while reaching for a checklist of ingredients, ticking them off, getting ready for the midday rush.Source: City of Johannesburglast_img read more

What makes you a true South African?

first_img28 June 2012What does it mean to be a South African? Brand South Africa, together with the Department of Arts and Culture, is trying to find the answer.In a world first, the search is on for the Formula of a South African (FormulaSA), a unique equation that looks at the country’s progress since the inception of democracy and into a future that all would be proud of, based on the values, beliefs and wishes of its citizens.Brand South Africa and Arts and Culture have enlisted the help of Bluprints, a company that specialises in discovering the DNA of organisations.In 2011, Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile launched a national conversation to discover South Africa’s collective value system.Over the past few months, the Bluprints team has been assessing what it is that – despite many differences – makes the people of this country South African. A progress report was presented in Johannesburg on Wednesday by Brand South Africa’s marketing and communications director Nomsa Mazibuko and Bluprints’ Barbara Holtmann and Guy Martin.“This process is not about what government does,” Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola said in a statement. “It’s about what we are all going to do, and there’s a clear path we need to follow to co-create the country we want to be part of.”“South Africans are being asked to engage in what is possibly the most comprehensive cultural development initiative in our history. We really have the opportunity to inspire new ways in the world,” Mazibuko said.More than 65 000 South Africans shared their opinions via an online campaign on what citizens need to do more of, and less of, to succeed. A further 11 400 responded to a campaign by the Department of Arts and Culture – South African at Heart – what values the nation should subscribe to.What emerged was that South Africans have more in common than was suspected.“We have got opinions from every corner of South Africa and are amazed at the similarities in responses. We share much more than what divides us,” Matola noted.What the formula entailsFormulaSA seeks to understand what individuals need to do to make the country a better place for all to live in.There are four phases to the formula: intuitive opinions; elections; art production and scoring.Phase one has just been completed. Under this intuitive opinions phase, South Africans identified 21 top line (do more of) and 19 bottom line (do less of) characteristics. The top line included virtues such as accountability, mutual respect, innovation, environmental responsibility, as well as pride and passion.In the bottom line were crime, laziness, racism, poor communication and resistance to change.The election processThe second phase, the election process, runs until 12 July, and involves narrowing down the characteristics.Members of the public can vote online at www.formulasa.co.za, www.facebook.com/FormulaSouthAfrica, or via their mobile phones at wap.formulasa.co.za. Those without access to the internet will be approached via various NGOs to complete a questionnaire.Another one-million people will be able to vote via SMS, in response to a system-generated message that will be sent to them. This group has been selected on the basis of age, race, gender and geography by virtual prepaid token distribution company Bluelabel Telecoms.The final formula, which will be determined by the election results, will be expressed in an array of art forms reflecting the cultural diversity of our nation.The department will select and coordinate artists to convey the message of the formula, which will be unveiled in its final form before the end of 2012.In the spirit of consistency, an annual scoring process will be developed by Brand South Africa and the formula will be measured for improvement. The goal is to create a more successful society. Every year, citizens will be asked to rate how they believe each behaviour in the formula is being lived.Whose view does FormulaSA express?The process is a civil society initiative and the objective is to carry out the survey every year, irrespective of the government of the day. It is not about what government does but rather about what citizens do to ensure they live in a society they want.“We’re a complex bunch and that notion of ourselves as diverse and multicultural sometimes translates as a handicap,” Holtmann said.“There is an abiding fear of the other; that our most narrowly defined definitions make it impossible for us to understand one another. We want different things for ourselves and for our children cause we are different.”Holtmann added that the initiative has the potential to shift this perception and bring us much closer.“Rural, urban, rich, poor, old and young, men and women have had their say and what emerges is not the differences, but the similarities of our hopes, dreams and aspirations of who we might be if we do more of the positive and less of the negative things that define us.”First published by MediaClubSouthAfrica.com – get free high-resolution photos and professional feature articles from Brand South Africa’s media service.last_img read more

A 1 000 SA voices against gender violence

first_imgBrand South Africa attended the A Thousand Voices Against Abuse conference held at Emperor’s Palace in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, on Friday, 18 October. The day embraced South African women, who have played an essential role in the country’s democracy.The almost 1 000-strong audience, mostly women with a few men, came from across the country, and dancing, singing, clapping, ululations, and poignant reflections were the order of the day as emotions ran high at the event.As the conference celebrated the feminine and acknowledged mothers and gogos, sisters and aunties, wives, girlfriends and daughters, the prominent message was that South Africa needs drastic change to stop violence against women and children.ORDINARY SOUTH AFRICANSBrand South Africa’s Brand Manager Sithembile Ntombela believes that South Africans need to work together to deal with the crux of society’s issues The conference saw ordinary South Africans, academics and representatives from the Department of Public Service and Administration and NGOs attend.“In 1994 there was a powerful, positive shift in South Africa and the country embraced freedom. Twenty years on society is encouraged to reflect on the present; to shape conversations; to commit to dialogue and raise its voice. It needs to bring ubuntu and humanity back into South African culture,” says Khumo Mohlamme, co-founder of A Thousand Voices.“It is a conversation that we have started as South Africans to make sure that we celebrate women that have contributed to our democracy for the past 20 years. We also are increasing the awareness on the plight of gender violence.”Brand South Africa’s brand manager, Sithembile Ntombela, insists that South Africans need to work together to fight crime and deal with the root of the society’s problems.“We need to encourage the importance of social cohesion in nation building. We see it in sport, the feeling of ubuntu and togetherness. We need to adopt this same attitude into society.”She adds, “We must stay true to our identity. SA is inspiring new, creative ways through our values. We need to stand strong by our pillars; these define our fortress, our pillars of ubuntu, creating innovation, sustainability, diversity and possibility. We are a proud nation and we need to all play our part.”CHANNELS OF ENGAGEMENTThe A Thousand Voices movement aims to open the channels of engagement between government, academics, the private and public sectors, faith-based organisations and citizens from all walks of life, to profile and eradicate gender-based violence. It is an initiative by the South African envoy to the Open Government Partnership (OGP), which aims to secure commitments from governments to promote transparency and empower citizens.Mohlamme says the main issue is that the justice system is not doing enough to implement government policies as far as women abuse is concerned. She says that there are great policies; however government needs a partner to make sure that people on the ground speak up against abuse.“Last year we had 64 515 cases reported cases of rape and of course statistics do show that only one out of nine cases are actually reported, because there’s a lot of stigma that is associated with rape. There’s a lot of fear and intimidation. So we have not seen great progress, the stats are going higher and we have polices and we have talked about it but it is time we do more than talk,” Women Against Rape director, Pearl Kupe said.Ayanda Dlodlo, Deputy Minister for Public Service and Administration calls for activism to never end (Images: Melissa Jane Cook)She says that the country has been sweeping woman abuse under the table, and even though there has been more discussion about it, there doesn’t seem to be any progress.“We have lovely polices and I think if you were to interrogate you [would] find that we have lovely strategies on national crime prevention and everything but we are not seeing the benefits of it translate. So we need to interrogate those strategies, we need to see if they have been implemented. If they have not been implemented we need to ask why,” Kupe said, adding that South Africans need to pick themselves up and redefine themselves.EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITYOutcomes from the conference were that South Africans need to ask themselves how they can stem the tide of abuse and to step up, as it’s all South Africans’ responsibility.Brand South Africa also said that the widespread abuse hampered the country’s reputation abroad.Ayanda Dlodlo, deputy minister for Public Service and Administration proudly said: “This is a momentous occasion as this open partnership with government is encouraging power back to the people. We need to make sure that activism never ends. People and government must have a relationship of value, not politicking, but one of value. We need openness, transparency and good governance. Let’s not walk in the dark, let’s become beacons of hope and make it a priority to meet the basic needs of people.”Ntombela believes that, together, the country can build pride and patriotism, drive mass mobilisation, lift the spirit of the nation and achieve widespread support. She believes that united, SA must incite a strong call to action.Brand SA’s main aim is to inspire, and believes that South Africans can work together to promote optimism and never lose sight of hope.First published by MediaClubSouthAfrica.com – get free high-resolution photos and professional feature articles from Brand South Africa’s media service.last_img read more

Zoho Goes Beyond Google Apps With Unified Search

first_imgIT + Project Management: A Love Affair 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Tags:#enterprise#news#saas Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Zoho offers a full suite of services that in some respects mirrors Google Apps. Zoho also offers business apps for CRM; project management; online reporting and business intelligence; invoicing and additional services.You can see, then, how Zoho search unifies queries, but also the applications. That’s compelling for growing businesses and companies with multiple business units.For example, a query can check:CRM for contact informationAn email system to view the emails you exchanged with the customerDocument system to view agreements you have with the customerOthers systems to get other pieces of data. Zoho is not alone in offering unified search. There are a number of SaaS services, such as Sharepoint and Box.net that offer in-depth enterprise search capability. Zoho has a history of offering services that mirrors Google Apps. Zoho is a partner with Google in the Google Apps Marketplace. They see their service as complimentary to some degree. But they also offer a suite of services that put them more into the SaaS world of enterprise applications.Google will most likely offer a similar search capability. But this does give Zoho the opportunity to reach into a deeper market and serve existing customer with a service that makes it easier to connect and find the information they need to make fast decisions. Related Posts Zoho is launching unified search today across all of its applications. Previously, Zoho had search on individual apps. The new capability means that people may search across all applications in one search query. The search service makes Zoho one of the few services that can offer a search that spans multiple applications. For instance, Google offers search for individual applications but not across the entirety of its services.In some respects the news puts Zoho into a much larger market. It provides potential customers with further incentive to use a SaaS for productivity purposes. It also further distinguishes itself with Google Apps. alex williamslast_img read more

Please Stop Doing This Right Now

first_imgI had just turned off the freeway and on to the four lane road that leads to my neighborhood. It was a little before 5:00 PM, and there is always a good bit of traffic at this intersection. As soon as I turned, I stopped my car behind the line of cars built up behind the traffic light.Because I was looking ahead at the traffic, I didn’t see the car in my rearview mirror. I didn’t hear the tires squeal because the driver didn’t hit the brakes. Instead, he plowed straight into the back of my car. He probably hit me at 25 or 30 miles an hour. I had my foot solidly on the brake, and my car still lurched forward enough that I was afraid I was going to hit the car in front of me.When I looked in my rearview mirror, the driver had his phone in his hand. I believe he had been sending a text message.The driver is 70 years old, and he drives for a company professionally. He begged me not to call the police, pleading with me that the police report would cost him his job. I believed him. The driver’s nephew owns a chain of body shops, and he promised me that he would take care of all the car repairs. His nephew immediately drove to the parking lot where we moved our cars.I am uninjured. The driver of the car that hit me is also uninjured, even if he is a little shaken up. My airbag wasn’t deployed, but the safety mechanism in my headrests were activated (and I have no idea how to reset them). My car is damaged, and a number of parts are going to need to be replaced. I have no idea if there is any structural damage to the frame.But it could have been much, much worse.If you are driving, please don’t send text messages. There is no message so important that you can’t wait until you stop to send it.In life, it is good to be reminded of things like this before you are reminded in another, more serious, more permanent way. You’ve just been reminded. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Rafael Nadal tumbles out of Mexican Open, falling to Nick Kyrgios

first_imgIn women’s play, two-time Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka routed Tatjana Maria 6-2, 6-1 to set up a quarterfinal against fifth-seeded Sofia Kenin. Kenin led 6-4, 4-1 when Katie Boulter retired.Third-seeded Donna Vekic advanced with a 6-4, 7-5 victory over Christina McHale; Bianca Andreescu topped fourth-seeded Mihaela Buzarnescu 6-2, 7-5; seventh-seeded Saisai Zheng edged Timea Babos 4-6, 6-4, 6-3; and eighth-seeded Johanna Konta beat Varvara Flink 6-4, 6-1.In the quarterfinals, Vekic will play Konta, and Zheng will meet Andreescu.Lesia Tsurenko, the women’s winner the last two years, is skipping the event.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next PDEA chief backs Robredo in revealing ‘discoveries’ on drug war MOST READ Haddad Maia will face Wang Yafan in the quarterfinals. Wang led Monica Puig 4-1 when Puig retired because of an injury.In men’s play, second-seeded Alexander Zverev beat David Ferrer 7-6 (0), 6-1 in the late match. He will play fifth-seeded Alex de Minaur, a winner over Feliciano Lopez in a walkover.Third-seeded John Isner beat fellow American Sam Querrey 6-4, 6-4 to set up a quarterfinal match against eighth-seeded John Millman. Millman beat Peter Gojowczyk 6-0, 6-2.Cameron Norrie beat fourth-seeded Diego Schwartzman 7-6 (5), 4-6, 6-3. Norrie will face Mackenzie McDonald, a 6-7 (7), 7-5, 6-3 winner over sixth-seeded Frances Tiafoe.Defending champion Juan Martin del Potro is sidelined by a knee injury.ADVERTISEMENT Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Grace Poe files bill to protect govt teachers from malicious accusations Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss US judge bars Trump’s health insurance rule for immigrants ‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woescenter_img View comments Urgent reply from Philippine ‍football chief Don’t expect to puff away at Tokyo Olympics 2020 Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES Spain’s Rafael Nadal plays the ball during his Mexican Tennis Open round 2 match against Australia’s Nick Kyrgios, in Acapulco, Mexico, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)ACAPULCO, Mexico — Rafael Nadal tumbled out of the Mexican Open on Wednesday night, squandering three match points in a 3-6, 7-6 (2), 7-6 (6) loss to Australia’s Nick Kyrgios.Playing his first event since losing to Novak Djokovic in late January in the Australian Open final, the top-seeded Nadal dropped the first two match points on Kyrgios’ serve and the last one on his own first serve.ADVERTISEMENT SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Nadal won in Acapulco in 2005 and 2013. On Tuesday night, the second-ranked Spanish star opened play with a 6-3, 6-3 victory over Mischa Zverev.Kyrgios set up a quarterfinal match against Stan Wawrinka, a 7-6 (5), 6-4 winner over seventh-seeded Steve Johnson in the hardcourt event at The Princess Mundo Imperial.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesThe top seed also fell in the women’s event, with Brazilian qualifier Beatriz Haddad Maia beating Sloane Stephens 6-3, 6-3 for her first victory in seven career matches against players ranked in the top 10. The fourth-ranked Stephens, the 2017 U.S. Open, was making her first appearance in the event since winning the 2016 title.“It was just a tough match, obviously she played well,” Stephens said. “A tough day. But I’m not too sad about it. I’m just going to go back and work some more, practice some more and get ready for Indian Wells.”last_img read more