At What Cost?

first_imgThere has always been a a worry in sports concerning concussions.  Until a few years ago, it was mainly in contact football or getting hit in the head with a baseball.  However, today there seem to be as many concussions, or even more, occurring in soccer and basketball.  Just recently two members of the Batesville Bulldog boys team missed several games because of concussions.In football they have improved the helmets and changed some rules to help that sport.  In baseball, battting helmets have taken some of the fear away from being hit with the ball.  In younger teams, players even wear the helmets while on defense.  The question is:  What can be done in soccer and in basketball?No one envisions playing basketball with a restrictive helmet on your head.  The same is true of soccer players.  Soccer has eliminated the use of the head in hitting a soccer ball.  Even in soccer, concussions are still up even with the new head rule.  Science is working overtime trying to figure out ways to prevent these head injuries.  Let us hope they succeed with a solution sooner than later.last_img read more