Back from injury, Willie Cauley-Stein will learn on the fly

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Warriors center Willie Cauley-Stein is returning from injury ahead of schedule.Originally set to be re-evaluated at this time, Cauley-Stein is expected to play Wednesday against the Phoenix Suns after recovering from a right foot sprain he suffered prior to training camp. It will be his first on-court introduction to the team after signing a two-year, $4.4 million deal in July.“Finally,” Cauley-Stein said of the wait Wednesday. “It was long, but they kept me busy. I was …last_img

Friday Funnies: Evo-Comics

first_imgNot every Darwinian explanation is useless. Some of them can function as entertainment.“Human ancestors had tentacles.” Your great-great-….-grandparents were frond-like Ediacaran creatures, says PhysOrg. “By virtue of the fact that there are tentacles among the two main taxons of bilaterally symmetrical animals, it is logical to assume that the common ancestor also had them,” a Muscovite evolutionist says, displaying her grasp of logic. “It means that the common ancestor of chordate animals, including people, also had tentacles.” And the common ancestor of the Millennium Falcon is Lego blocks, too; no intelligence allowed.“Ocean bottom microbes are our long-lost relatives.” Ever traced your family tree with software? Perhaps you didn’t go back far enough, or a single-celled organism on the sea floor would be in it. New Scientist is raving over the thrill of discovering our long-lost relatives. “SO THAT’S where they’ve been hiding. An entirely new group of organisms discovered at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean are our closest simple-celled relatives ever found.” Some of us look just like them, too: round, and transporting little bubble-like vesicles. Reaction to this “truly remarkable, landmark discovery” varies from mild skepticism to “we were really blown away” by it. Speaking of their brains, that may be true. Giving it a name (“Loki”) might help (BBC News). Even the venerable AAAS crashed this party.“Tortoise approach works best—even for evolution.”  PhysOrg starts this comic with silhouetted figures from the Human March of Progress from ape to man. (Didn’t Henry Gee blow that icon away over a decade ago?—see 12/14/02). Speaking of bacteria again, the article begins, “When it comes to winning evolutionary fitness races, the tortoise once again prevails over the hare.” It’s just about which microbes can migrate faster than others, but the authors justify it with profound promises: “Understanding this effect is important, especially for understanding the evolution of disease, reducing the evolution of antibiotic resistance and predicting how populations respond to climate change.” Maybe that last appeal will bring in more funding.“Researchers discover missing link in the evolution of complex cells.” Ah, the “missing link” meme has not outworn its usefulness, even though orthogenesis is long dead as a mode of evolution. We’re just evolved microbes, the article from Uppsala University begins: “The study provides a new understanding of how, billions of years ago, the complex cell types that comprise plants, fungi, but also animals and humans, evolved from simple microbes.”“‘Dino-chickens’ reveal how the beak was born.” It’s a bird; it’s a dinosaur; it’s dino-chicken! Nature joins all the other news outlets (e.g., PhysOrg) that jumped onto an announcement that evolutionists at the U of Chicago created birds with deformed beaks by altering their genes, claiming the result was a throwback to dinosaur days. Beak air-full. “We’re never going back to the actual dino-chicken or whatever it is,” one of the Darwinians admitted. Whatever it was, Casey Luskin responded to this claim in Evolution News & Views.“Watch: Cave-Climbing Fish Found—Is It Evolution in Action?” A catfish that can climb cave walls for a bit is certainly a novelty, but is it evolution? National Geographic teases readers with that possibility. “Evolution is a process that’s constantly at work,” one Darwinian says. The fish may become adapted to the “dark side” of cave life. “It’s an exciting possibility,” he says. Are you excited? Watch! Let’s see if the fish evolves the ability hammer pitons into the rock.“Lower back pain linked to chimpanzee spine shape.” Your inner chimp is responsible for your back pain, the BBC News claims. Apparently, though, not all of us are fully evolved: “Evolution is not perfect, so over many thousands of years humans have not all adapted in the same way.” No one seems to have asked if the chimpanzees have lower back pain, living with that posture all the time.“Malaria continues to select for sickle cell trait in Central Africa.” Here’s the all-powerful force of natural selection, that brought forth humans from the womb of microbes, at work, according to PNAS: “this study shows that P. falciparum malaria continues to exert strong selective pressure in favor of the sickle cell allele.” Perhaps this is how the FBI exerts strong selective pressure in favor of criminals with no fingerprints.“From James Taylor to Taylor Swift: Music evolves like biological organisms.” You may not (or may) realize it, but music is the product of blind, unguided processes of mutation and selection, according to Science Magazine. “In the early 1990s, rap took over the radio: Songs by Snoop Dogg and Jay Z played everywhere,” John Bohannon writes. “Was this a musical revolution or merely the result of a gradual change in tastes over time? Researchers say they’re now able to answer such questions, thanks to the largest data-driven study of pop music ever undertaken. Applying evolutionary theory to this data set, they say, could settle several debates that have raged over pop music for decades.” Your tax dollars at work. Evolutionists treated “the statistical traits shared among songs like biological traits” and found, surprisingly, that music does not evolve by Darwinian gradualism. Bohannon’s ending paragraph is a classic:“This is rigorous,” says Jean-Baptiste Michel, a data scientist at Harvard University and Palantir Technologies, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, who was lead author of a 2010 Science paper that kicked off the study of culture through massive data sets. “More researchers need to take this approach.” One of the findings that stands out, he says, is that pop music shows a pattern from biological evolution known as punctuated equilibrium, in which periods of gradual change are separated by explosions of complexity. The most famous example in geological history is the Cambrian explosion, a sudden, massive increase in biodiversity in the fossil record 542 million years ago. “There are differences, of course,” he says, “since biological evolution has the direct parent-offspring relationship, and we don’t know the mechanisms even in biology. So we have to be careful.“Senator Tom Coburn, we need you back! (10/29/14)Refresher course: For those who might be laughing at all this, Live Science just walked in like a stern teacher whacking the ruler on the desk, bringing the students to order. “Despite the wealth of evidence from the fossil record, genetics and other fields of science, some people still question its validity,” Ker Than writes, after telling a whale of a tale about whale evolution. Who could these people possibly be? “Some politicians and religious leaders denounce the theory, invoking a higher being as a designer to explain the complex world of living things, especially humans.” Then his capstone argument is that all scientists agree evolution is true. Say—what’s that the teacher drew on the blackboard? Why, of course; it’s the March of Man, exhibit A as proof of evolution. (Visited 445 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Ah, yes. We hope you laughed yourself silly with the Friday Funnies. Notice a few things. (1) If there was ever any doubt that evolutionists teach microbes-to-man evolution, the evidence is right there in the first four examples. (2) Icons of evolution, like the March of Man, never die, even decades after they are exposed as frauds.  (3) Darwinians can stare falsification (like the Cambrian Explosion) in the face and still say, “It evolved.” (4) The most prestigious universities and scientific institutions, like the National Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science are accomplices in this folly.The continued barrage of evolutionary silliness is proof we’re not laughing loud enough. Big Science and Big Media is infected with incompetent, illogical, arrogant Darwinian boobs. Shame would be a good first step in cleaning house.last_img read more

South Africa’s Ubuntu awards: winners

first_img15 February 2016“Today we honour those who hold our beautiful flag high, and who contribute to not only telling, but demonstrating the good story of the Republic of South Africa,” said President Jacob Zuma at the second Annual Ubuntu Awards held on 13 February in Cape Town.“The men and women that have been honoured here today are inspirational examples of this. In their various industries they have truly excelled, thus promoting a positive image of our nation across the globe.”The aim of the awards is to recognise organisations or individuals who have, through excellence, innovation, creativity, inventiveness, social responsibility or patriotism, distinguished themselves as true ambassadors of South Africa.Nkoana-Mashabane: #UbuntuAwards is about I am because you are. The human qualities of compassion and humility. Community above self-interest— carien du plessis (@carienduplessis) February 13, 2016Best lessons are learnt in this word… What are we without one another? #UbuntuAwards— J’Something™ (@jsomethingmusic) February 13, 2016WinnersUbuntu Economic Diplomacy Award: Standard Bank and DiscoveryUbuntu Arts and Cultural Diplomacy Award: DJ Black Coffee and musician Hugh MasekelaUbuntu Social Responsibility Award: Rescue SA and the Motsepe FoundationUbuntu Sport Diplomacy Award: Runner Wayde van NiekerkUbuntu Youth Diplomacy Award: Former Miss Earth, LeadSA executive and Play your Part ambassador Catherine ConstantinidesOR Tambo Lifetime Achievement Award (Minister’s Award): Agnes Msimang and the late Johnny Makhathini for their contribution to the anti-apartheid struggleUbuntu Ambassadorial Excellence Award: Ambassador Bene L M’pokoCongratulations to all the #UbuntuAwards winners. We are because you are! Continue showing Ubuntu – Botho – humanity— DIRCO South Africa (@DIRCO_ZA) February 13, 2016Upon receiving his award, Masekela urged the audience to never forget the late Miriam Makeba, the award-winning songstress and icon. She “made everyone know about South Africa”, he said, when she performed in foreign countries during the days of the struggle.Source: South African Government News Agencylast_img read more

Film tackles Winnie Mandela’s life story

first_img29 January 2014Winnie Mandela, a film about the personal and political life of the activist and ex-wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela, will open in South Africa on 7 March, the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) said in a statement on Monday.Starring Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson in the title role and Terrence Howard as Nelson Mandela, the film tells the story of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s experiences during the turbulent decades of her husband’s imprisonment.The film is “an epic, often heart-wrenching voyage toward understanding one of the world’s most remarkable and enigmatic women”, the NVFVF said in a statement.‘Tragic love story’“I was compelled and moved by the script. Winnie Mandela is a complex and extraordinary woman and I’m honoured to be the actress asked to portray her,” Hudson said of her role. “This is a powerful part of history that should be told.”It was directed by award-winning film maker Darrell Roodt, whose films include Cry, The Beloved Country, Sarafina!, Yesterday. The screenplay, co-written by Roodt and Andre Pieterse, is based on the book Winnie Mandela: A Life, by Anne Marie du Preez Bezdrob, a former journalist.“The story of Winnie Mandela offers a unique perspective on the South African narrative. Most importantly, I want to focus on the beautiful and tragic love story of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, which was crushed by what history did to them,” Roodt said. “It is tragic that a woman who dedicated most of her adult life to him, ended up divorcing him.”The film was shot over 13 weeks on location in Johannesburg, Cape Town, the Transkei (Winnie’s place of birth), and Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in incarceration, before he became South Africa’s first democratically elected president. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Microsoft’s Data Explorer: Picking Up Where Bing Leaves Off

first_img3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Related Posts Interacting with Big Data is daunting enough that, for most people, a search engine query is about as far as one is willing to go. But for those willing to get their hands dirty, Microsoft is quietly working towards fully integrating public data sources into Excel, eventually baking it into a future version.This month, Microsoft shipped a “preview version” of Data Explorer, a tool to integrate all sorts of data sources within Excel. Microsoft’s vision is “self-service business intelligence,” a fancy name to describe you and I  accumulating data and performimg your own analysis on it.Over time, according to Herain Oberoi, a director in Microsoft’s business intelligence division, the goal will be to fully integrate Data Explorer into Excel. A year ago, Data Explorer was a lab project. “When things go from a lab to a preview, it’s a sign that it has legs,” he said.It’s a sign, Oberoi added, that Microsoft intends to ship the product as a long-term offering, “and in this case it would be Excel.”So why is this important?In some cases, the questions we have require data – a lot of data. “How likely is it that I will find a job in Austin, as opposed to San Francisco?” is a question that boils down to, at its most basic, two comparisons: the unemployment rate within both cities. We’ve also been trained by search engines not to even hope for additional data that might make our answer even more valuable: if I’m a nurse, for example, I might like to know how many hospitals, hospices and clinics are in each town, the total number of beds, and even data for each city such as housing prices and the cost of living. You might even wonder where in each city a nurse, with a typical salary, could find the most house for the money. Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Tags:#Excel#Microsoft#Taming Big Data Some of these answers are available. Cities, states and the Federal government compile statistics on unemployment, for example, and this U.S. Department of Labor page presents wage and employment data for nurses.  Real-estate sites compile their own databases, but can also tap into public records and data sources, too.That’s where Data Explorer comes in. Within Excel 2013, downloading the Data Explorer tool allows users to tap into relational, structured and semi-structured data from OData, Hadoop and Azure Marketplace, among other sources. These sources are terrific for corporate data analysis, but perhaps a bit out of reach for consumers.But it also allows Excel to pull data directly from the Web, including public Web pages like Wikipedia – you can even pull data from Facebook. (Microsoft provides a simple, easy-to-follow tutorial on its Web site on how to add a Wikipedia page covering the Euro soccer championship, and extract data from it.) One federally-maintained site that compiles all sorts of statistics is, which was specifically designed to give the public access to high-quality, machine-readable datasets. Excel 2013 can handle millions of rows of data, using the new  xVelocity in-memory engine.Even better, if the maintainer of the data source updates the data, then the spreadsheet can be updated with a single click. Excel 2013 also contains nifty features like Flash Fill, which automatically formats the data if it notices a pattern within the entries. Location data can be plotted against maps, supplied by Bing Maps, of course.At this point, Oberoi said Microsoft feels pretty comfortable with identifying and facilitating the collection of data from public data sources; as well as “shaping” it, where text needs to be changed to numerical notations, columns need to be merged, and so on. It’s the third goal: to take the data, shape it, visualize it, and share it out, where Microsoft needs to continue its work. When that’s done, he said, Data Explorer should be fully integrated into Excel.One of the issues that Microsoft is facing, however, is the continued improvement in natural language search to simply answer those questions. A few years ago, Google said that it would integrate and compare public data, part of a response to the launch of Wolfram Alpha at the time. And Wolfram’s not there yet – asking it to compare the unemployment rate of Austin and San Francisco is within its grasp. Asking it a more nuanced question, such as the scenario above, relies on at least three factors: the availability of data, its ability to parse the query via natural language, and the ability to construct a meaningful solution. (Somewhat surprisingly, Bing presented a more comprehensive picture of the economies of both regions – not because of any inherent advantage in the search engine, but because the ongoing Silicon Valley-Austin employment spat justified the creation of a Web site comparing the two.) Generally, the term “database” is enough to scare off the average joe. What Data Explorer could be, in a polished, final form, is a tool to allow Excel users to begin constructing their own advanced queries when a search engine can’t do the job.Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock. Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… markhachman IT + Project Management: A Love Affairlast_img read more


first_imgAccording to Santner, he has been working more on his According to Santner, he has been working more on his batting as well. “I have been working little hard on my batting initially. I guess my (batting) performances have shown a little bit (of this),” he added. On legendary Kiwi spinner Daniel Vettori, he said, “I was lucky enough to play few games with him (Vettori). He told me about tactical side of bowling. I spoke to him about a month ago about bowling in general.” PTI NRB NP KHS AT BASlast_img