Chile Expands Northern Border Plan to Stop Illegal Drugs from Entering

first_img SANTIAGO — Chile is pushing its Northern Border Plan further into the remote Atacama Desert in an effort to stem the entry of illegal drugs from neighboring Peru and Bolivia. The government said that even though it enacted the plan in 2011, smugglers have simply avoided areas where patrols were increased and detection technology deployed — moving their activities into difficult-to-access and uninhabited sections of the border. “The Northern Border Plan will be implemented in the second half of 2013 in new areas of the country, in order to slow the clandestine entry of drugs, people and merchandise via the cities of northern Chile,” said Alejandro Müller Gutiérrez, a spokesman for Chile’s Ministry of Interior and Public Security. Müller said the decision was based on technical information from the police and Federal Investigative Services (known by the Spanish acronym PDI), which showed that drug traffickers are relocating from well-patrolled areas like Arica, Parinacota, Tarapaca and Antofagasta towards more remote regions. “This is a strategy that links maritime, air and ground operations, the Andean border crossings where people live as well as uninhabited areas, using human resources and technology which allows authorities to observe and control our borders,” he said. Evo Morales is the Pablo Escobar of Bolivia The real problem isn’t the drug that crosses the borders to be micro-marketed, but the one that enters in great volumes through the airport by “paying” big bucks. Technology is useless when corruption is leading. Very convenient and timely decision to strengthen forces in the area!! I hope they stop Peruvians and Colombians from spreading I hope they stop Peruvians and Colombians from spreading the picture does not reflect the border control of Chacalluta, our policemen don’t look like bandits and we the Peruvians, why should we care that the Cain Latin America country fights against drugs as if it were a novelty or discovery; messed up and good for nothing, drugs travel underneath their noses and they don’t realize it, that’s the Chilean police, a bunch of idiots and retards who only observe the rules and nothing else. MORONS. “damaged” Chileans, if you can’t even take care of yourselves, return the sovereignty of Arica and Tarapaca to Peru and Antofagasta to Bolivia. Anyways, it is already impossible to recover those lands usurped and stolen by Chile and its husband, England. It’s funny that you don’t mention the smuggling from Bolivia and Peru from the northern Chilean ports. Regardingdrug trafficking, we should be careful about this being the preparation of a conflict stage by Chile, once the sentence of The Hague is made, which would serve its hindering purposes in the event that justice is made and turns out in favor of Peru, as the civilized world is expecting. Unbelievable! when our Bolivian soldiers crossed the Chilean border, they were detained on the spot by the carabineros (they were on the look-out and a media frenzy started); but the reality is that every day trucks loaded with contraband goods, illegal vehicles and others pass by. What do they do? Nothing, they are accomplices of all that illegal business that’s hurting Bolivia. why do some people generate hate against our country CHILE if our only goal is to be at peace with our neighboring countries, I ask the authorities of these countries to disclose the truth of what happened so many years ago, and from their history books teach their children to look forward and into the future with all due respect and brotherhood among us; today in Chile there are more foreigners than nationals in some of the northern cities and they are all provided with stability and employment, we have received them as any other human being in the world. I lived with several Bolivians in Arica and never had problems with any of them, lately some of them are crossing the line, asking for I don’t know what, history is what it is and if it were about asking for returns then the Germans and the Japanese would also ask for returns, or so many other countries that at some point were defeated during an armed conflict. Kids, let’s be brothers and hold hands, coexist in this world and move forward, our seal is to see the light at the other end of the tunnel, there’s someone there waiting for us there, and he is called God, bye brothers the problem is not Venezuela but Bolivia who once again, as it did before, wants to invite another country to do their war and later leave them on their own as they did with their ally, Peru, who on top of all lost land and human lives for fighting a war that they hadn’t been invited to….regards, the rest is history. By Dialogo July 15, 2013last_img read more