High School Headmaster in Meknes Illegally Suspends 2nd Year Baccalaureate Students

Meknes – Parents of suspended students protested against the headmaster’s decision at the Al-salam high school in Meknes to refuse giving their children another chance to pursue their education after two consecutive years of failed attempts at Baccalaureate exam.The protests started last Monday, October 19th, when the parents visited the high school to discuss their children’s suspension with the headmaster. As a result of the headmaster’s refusal to reconsider his decision, the parents have been leading protests at the front door of the high school.According to the law and administrative regulations in Morocco students have the right to a third chance. The head master has justified his decision on the basis that third chances are only given to students who are 19 years old or less, who have received at least 8/20 the previous year, and who have never been through any disciplinary council. “None of these students meet the following criteria” said the head master. The parents have also spoken with some officials working as proxies to the Ministry of Education in Meknes, who confirmed the right of their children to have a third chance or a certificate of departure which would allow them to join another high school. The head master has refused the latter option as well.The families of the students intend to keep fighting for their children’s right to study and are contacting other officials in the Ministry of Education so as to take legal actions against the head master of the institution. read more

CSO farming figures show sheep numbers up 7pc potatoes down 131pc

first_imgUpdated 2.50pmTHERE HAS BEEN an increase in the sheep, cattle and pig numbers in Ireland, the final results for the Crops and Livestock Survey from the CSO have revealed.The figures from the Central Statistics Office have shown a significant drop in the land allocated to potatoes, however, which dropped by 13.1 per cent, down from 10.4 hectares in June 2011 to nine hectares in June 2012.The biggest percentage increase, where livestock was concerned, was sheep, whose numbers increased by over 340,000 in the 12-months to June 2012, with numbers now at 5,170,000. Of this increase, non-breeding sheep accounted for 180,000 (7.8 per cent) while breeding sheep increased by 158,100 (6.3 per cent).The second biggest percentage increase was cattle, whose numbers increased by 261,100 (four per cent) to a total of 6,754,000. Of this, 131,200 (14.7 per cent) were male cattle under one year and 96,800 (14.4 per cent) were male cattle aged one to two years.Pig numbers increased by 1.4 per cent, or 21,600, to 1,570,600. During this time, the number of non-breeding pigs increased by 2.3 per cent while the number of breeding pigs decreased by 6.7 per cent.The number of horses and ponies increased by 5,100 (or 4.8 per cent) to 111,100.CerealsThe June 2012 results indicate that the total area under cereals increased by 17,900 hectares (six per cent) to 315,400 hectares.While there was a drop in potatoes, there was an increase in oats of 2,300 hectares (10.7 per cent), barley by 12,100 hectares (6.7 per cent) and the area under wheat by 3,900 hectares (4.1 per cent).Read: Fodder from France due tomorrow for stricken Irish farmers >last_img read more