Wilders Wants to Ban Quran in the Netherlands

Rabat – Geert Wilders is not shy when it comes to expressing his anti-Islamic views. In the latest of the far-right Dutch politician’s chronicles, Wilders has called for the banning of Quran in Netherlands, reports Euronews.After calling the Moroccan community “scum” this past February and expressing his wish to close all of Netherland’s mosques if he ever becomes Prime Minister, Wilders now wants to ban the Quran in the Netherlands.“I would prefer not to have the Koran in the Netherlands insofar as we have banned ‘Mein Kampf’,” said Wilders. “This may seem highly symbolic but it would have an important effect. If our country had a tougher immigration policy than other countries, then immigrants would go to other countries.” On Sunday, Muslim groups organized a day against Islamophobia in a mosque in Amsterdam. Wilders’ opponents believe that the current poor economic situation in the country is not due to immigrants or Muslims but to unemployment.In the run-up to the parliamentary elections, which will be convened on March 15, Wilders has continued his anti-Islamic offensive. The deputy of the very populist Freedom Party (PVV) would receive about 15 percent of voting intentions, just behind the current Liberal Democrat Party’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who refuse to establish any kind of alliance in case Wilders wins. read more