Air Arabia Gets Subsidies to Link Fez to Tangier and Agadir

Rabat – The Council of the Fez-Meknes region has agreed to pay Air Arabia to open two new routes to Tangier and Agadir.The council met Monday, in the regular July session, to discuss the two partnership projects.The council have studied and adopted a series of projects to improve the Fez-Saiss airport’s links to other regions and improve the living conditions of the rural population through better infrastructure and social services. During this meeting, the council studied a draft convention and partnership with Air Arabia, as well as another similar agreement that will be concluded shortly with the council of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region to open a Fez-Tangier route.The agreements will cost MAD 5.8 million for the Fez-Agadir line and MAD 4.92 million for the Fez-Tangier line. The Agadir council will contribute MAD 2.9 million and the Tangier council MAD 2.46 million.As part of this partnership, the airline will guarantee frequent flights even in the event of an insufficient number of passengers. The company must also provide services to people with special needs, in addition to public transport lines between the airport and the city of Fez. read more