New Highland Village Program Visits Area Schools

first_imgAn innovative school visit program by Nova Scotia’s Highland Village will introduce students to the language, history and culture of Gaelic Nova Scotia. The program called Sgadan is Buntàta or Herring and Potatoes, is named after a well-known food fare in the Maritimes. Herring and Potatoes tells the story of the Gaelic people in Nova Scotia by bringing Highland Village Museum to the classroom. The school visit is a special Gaelic Awareness Month promotion, targeted for schools in the Strait Regional and Cape Breton-Victoria school board districts during the month of May. The program aims to deliver, through costumed animators, artifacts and power point presentation, an educative classroom experience in the history, culture and language of Gaelic Nova Scotia. Designed to accommodate the learning levels of students from Primary to Grade 12, Highland Village will respond to classroom needs with presentations tailored to requested subject areas of information. Formats can include demonstrations of traditional crafts such as cloth production, cultural expressions in the form of dance, singing and storytelling, along with the history and life style of the Gaels in rural Nova Scotia. For more information on the Sgadan is Buntàta in-class visits, contact Highland Village at 902-725-2272, or visit our website at read more